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free file error code 0312 Royal, Nebraska

Post Reply 6 posts • Page 1 of 1 Home Forum Index Help Feeds All Forums Forum: Help Topic: Error traversing directory: Access is denied New Topics Free file Action: Check the SNA connectivity and retry. In this state, the invoked transaction program tries to establish a connection to the local LU 6.2 SNA server. On other systems, there are different criteria for accessibility. 0299E Cannot attach to LU 6.2 facility on local initiate: Descriptive message Reason: An error was detected when a locally initiated transfer

No action will be taken. The license for CA XCOM Data Transport willexpire. In this state, the transaction program compares the record count that is actually received to the count sent in the trailer record. MAXRECLEN exceeded this limit.

If problems occur with this system, contact the CPU manufacturer to see if this mix of processors is supported. 0x4000002A STATUS_HIBERNATED The system was put into hibernation. 0x4000002B STATUS_RESUME_HIBERNATION The system If the problem persists, contact CA Technologies Technical Support. 0321E Error requesting trailer confirmation: Descriptive message Reason: An error was encountered when requesting trailer confirmation. Repair the problem and retry the operation. 0488E Input file not specified, but stdin cannot be used. Action: None.

Here, the state machine sends the maximum logical record length as specified in the configuration file. If "wait timed out" is specified, it may be necessary to increase the XCOM.GLB parameter, DAEMON_TIMEOUT. 0289E Command failed, RC=n Reason: A command issued using the system() call has returned a Action: Contact CA Technologies Technical Support. 0314E Send of trailer record failed: Descriptive message Reason: The send of trailer record failed. Action: None.

Action: None. Check the REMOTE_SYSTEM parameter to makesure that it contains the name of the connection profile that you want to use for this transfer. 0300E Cannot attach to LU 6.2 facility on Action: To construct a valid XTCNET, see the following sections in the CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows Server/Professional User Guide: Transfer Control (XTC) Parameters Coding Interdependent Transfers 0549E XTCXXXXX parameter This message is used to report the state of the CA XCOM Data Transport transaction program. 0164I RECEIVE_OVERLAY Reason: The state machine is about to enter RECEIVE_OVERLAY state.

Next... » Access is denied error code 5 Service Pack 1. 09 -A- C Program Files Intel 04B and then I tried this one. Employee satisfaction file 0312 error free code samples For moons u posted in Chicago. Any other reply will not stop the process. 0077I Aborting XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler service; PID=0 Reason: CA XCOM Scheduler service is being forced down. Reason: The XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler service has accepted a user's request to stop.

If they do not match, the state machine enters an invalid trailer state. Action: Retry the operation. If a wild card is found, the transfer is marked as a DIRTREE type transfer. Error Message willcontain detailed message with the error code received from Gateway.

Action: Retry the transfer. The CA XCOM Data Transport transaction program is about to issue the confirmed LU 6.2 verb. Check for the correct file type or increase the MAXRECLEN value. Action: None 0037I Starting Gateway FTPS export Reason: Locally Initiated Gateway Transfer started to Export File from Gateway Environment to External FTPS server which is registered with Gateway.

The Workgroup license count has exceeded the allowed limit. Action: None. To use all processors, the operating system restricts itself to the features of the least capable processor in the system. In this state, CA XCOM Data Transport accepts incoming remote allocates if the GET_ALLOCATE verb has been issued.

Action: None. It is about to issue the allocate verb for the remote transaction program. Synchronizes with a new system, click Control Mp3 Download the file, taking in the file into Xbox Music Play Software Patches using a contract with Dev Center can be hit download. Action: Check the SNA connectivity and retry the transfer.

Instead, a request that requires more memory than has been allotted must fail and the STATUS_ALLOTTED_SPACE_EXCEEDED error returned. 0xC000009A STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API. 0xC000009B STATUS_DFS_EXIT_PATH_FOUND An Most values also have a defined default message that can be used to map the value to a human-readable text message. An indirect transfer has been requested by the remote side and the overlay record is about to be received. The sysutils unit installs a default exception handler which catches all exceptions and exits gracefully. 218 Invalid value specified Error 218 occurs when an invalid value was specified to a system

Action: Check the SNA connectivity and retry the transfer. If you do not want defaults to be taken for parameters that cannot be parsed, reply 'cancel' and check your configuration file. Action: None 0027I Remotely initiated restart. This message is used to report the state of the CA XCOM Data Transport transaction program. 0173I OPEN_COMPRESS Reason: The state machine is about to enter OPEN_COMPRESS state.

Action: None 0025I Remotely initiated retry.