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ford diagnostic error codes Pilger, Nebraska

P1001 Error Description KOER Not Able To Complete, KOER Aborted This Non-MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) code will be set when Key On Engine Running (KOER) Self-Test does not complete in the Ignition system Fuel injectors Running out of fuel EVAP canister purge valve Fuel pressure Evaporative emission system Base engine The MIL will blink once per second when a misfire is detected EEC-IV Continuous Memory 1. A 2-second pause occurs between digits in a code.

MAF sensor. Refer to the Workshop Manual Section 413-01 for diagnostics. The Fuel, Heated Oxygen Sensor, Catalyst and Misfire monitors have not completed. EGR Vacuum Regulator circuit malfunction P1409?

VPWR circuit open EVAP canister purge valve circuit shorted to GND Damaged EVAP canister purge valve EVAP canister purge valve circuit open EVAP canister purge valve circuit shorted to VPWR Damaged Recommended Resources: - - If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to post a message in the forums. is not responsible for any actions you take on any vehicles. While accessing the MAF V PID on the scan tool, lightly tap on the MAF sensor or wiggle the MAF sensor connector and harness.

P0505 Error Description Idle Air Control System Malfunction The PCM attempts to control engine speed during KOER self-test. Recent Ford OBD-II forum topics1998 ford ranger code p1740 & p17412006 Ford Focus Code P2258 air pump, P0202Ford ranger 2.2 6 speed U0418 and U0001What is code P1506 on a 98 P0721 Error Description Noise interference on Output Shaft Speed sensor signal The output shaft speed sensor signal is very sensitive to noise. Open or short in BPP circuit Open or short in stoplamp circuits Damaged PCM Malfunction in module(s) connected to BPP circuit. (Rear Electronic Module [REM] Windstar and LS6/LS8 or Lighting Control

DTC P0116 is set when all of the following conditions are met: Engine coolant temperature at engine start exceeds IAT at engine start by more than a calibrated value, typically 30°F Use the Analog voltmeter or Test light method, not both. Unlatch push button on Super Star II Tester as soon as first diagnostic trouble code is received. 3. Possible Faults Slow responding BARO sensor Electrical circuit failure Damaged BARO sensor Damaged PCM VREF voltage should be between 4.0 and 6.0 volts PID reading is in frequency P0107 Error Description

Remove jumper wire and reconnect DTC. Under normal closed loop fuel conditions, high efficiency catalysts have oxygen storage which makes the switching frequency of the downstream HO2S very slow and reduces the amplitude of those switches as P0193 Error Description Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input (FRP) The comprehensive component monitor (CCM) monitors the FRP sensor circuit to the PCM for high voltage. A FRP PID value during KOER or KOEO less than 0.3 volts for gasoline or 0.5 volts for natural gas vehicles (NG) would indicate a hard fault. ==P0201== through P0212 Error

e. DTC P1127 will be present if the exhaust is not hot. Disconnect battery ground cable, DTCs will be erased from back-up memory after 24 hours. If the engine rpm is above the torque converter stall speed (automatic transmission) and engine load is high, it can be inferred that the vehicle must be moving.

Monitor CHT PID for overheat condition. Possible Faults VREF shorted to VWPR BARO/MAP signal shorted to VPWR Damaged BARO/MAP sensor Damaged PCM VREF should be less than 6.0 volts. Damaged PCM. DTC 99 indicates a fault in the E4OD transmission Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) circuit.

Centech Digital Multimeter automotive multimeter measures volts, amps, ohms, frequency, temperatures SmartSpec Diagnostic Specifications Cd complete obd diagnostic specifications for Ford 1990-2003 Code Fuel Delivery Type Description ========================================================== 11 Injected Access HO2S test results from the Generic OBD-II menu to verify DTC. This condition will cause the boost from the supercharger to be bypassed to avoid potential engine damage. Refer to diagnostic aids for P0500.

EEGR valve stuck open or closed Connector to EEGR not seated EEGR motor windings shorted or open circuited No power to EEGR Harness open or shorted to power or ground Vacuum CMP circuit open CMP circuit short to GND CMP circuit short to PWR SIG RTN open (VR sensor) CMP GND open (Hall effect sensor) CMP misinstalled (Hall effect sensor) Damaged CMP The DTC indicates a Secondary Air injection system AIR circuit fault. We have a large number of resources to help you repair the problem.

If the MAF V PID suddenly changes below 0.23 volt or above 4.60 volts, an intermittent fault is indicated. Test lamp always on - SCB signal short in harness or PCM. P1116 Error Description Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Out of Self-Test Range Indicates the ECT sensor is out of Self-Test range. Typical CHT temperature should be close to cooling system thermostat opening specification.

Open or short in harness. Very high engine rpm for extended period of time. During KOEO self-test, the PCM will command the fuel pump ON so this test can be performed. Fuel pressure regulator P1183 Error Description Engine Oil Temperature (EOT) Sensor Circuit Malfunction Indicates EOT circuit became intermittently open or shorted while engine was running.

Connect test lamp to SCB solenoid harness connector.