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fix 404 error page Milligan, Nebraska

On the right you'll see which pages have Linked From the error page. You can read more about this technique in this blog post titled - How To Check For Broken Links Using a Free WordPress Plugin and Why Its Crucial To Fix Them. Lets now take a look at a video showing real 404 page not found URL and fix it quickly and easily using Webmaster Tools. Here's the URL we'll check: This is an old URL which comes with a new installation of WordPress which i deleted after i installed this WordPress site.

You'll find this is the case with some of your Not Found errors in Webmaster Tools. Other Solutions Other ways to check and fix 404 page not found crawl errors is to install a free WordPress plugin named Broken Link Checker. No need for any action. You'll need to have created an account with Google Webmaster Tools before we can proceed.

Click the number underneath the Linked From Column which will produce a list of page URL's linking to the error page. You'll find some pages which produce 404 errors will drop off the reports after a while as the data is historic and all the links may have already been removed. There are many ways to check for broken links, some of which i have written about previously. Its linked from 2 pages so i'll click on the 2 pages link and see which pages need to be looked at.

On the left you'll find a list of the URL's which are producing crawl errors. Rather than create a temporary fix, its better to fix them permanently and Google Webmaster Tools provides one of the best solutions. If you have too many 404 errors your site visitors will suffer a poor experience and the search engines may penalize you as well. Includes support for members.

If you get stuck and still have problems trying to fix your crawl errors i suggest you create a post in the Google Webmaster Help Forums or Check out the Official Google That's the reason its producing a 404 page not found error. On the next page displaying the Linked From URL's, you can click on the URL's, locate the link to the error page and either delete it or change it to the Skip links Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar WP SITES1989 Genesis Tutorials & 4000+ Code SnippetsHeader RightSign Up

Finding Broken Links Using Xenu’s Desktop App More Posts Which Include 404 Page Solutions Redirect 404 Page Not Found To Any URL Plugin To Search Find & Replace Broken Links in Email Address In this example, we'll look at the 3rd URL from the screenshot above and find out why its returning a not found error. Login to your Webmaster Tools account and navigate to Crawl Errors Click the errors you want to fix for example: Not Found You'll now arrive at a page listing all your

The 2 pages that are linking to the 404 error page are also not found so the URL's producing the errors will eventually drop off the report once the data in