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fatal error in gc suspendthread Leigh, Nebraska

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Register Forum Gameplay Bug Reports Error "Fatal error in gc - getthreadcontext failed" Error "Fatal error in gc - getthreadcontext failed" If this is your first visit, be sure to check This has been rather sudden as ...forum.unity3d.com/threads/fatal-erro... Volatile m_dwForbidSuspendThread; public: static void IncForbidSuspendThread() { CONTRACTL { NOTHROW; GC_NOTRIGGER; SO_TOLERANT; MODE_ANY; SUPPORTS_DAC; } CONTRACTL_END; #ifndef DACCESS_COMPILE Thread * pThread = GetThreadNULLOk(); if (pThread) { _ASSERTE (pThread->m_dwForbidSuspendThread != (LONG)MAXLONG); #ifdef Havent found nothing on foruns.

BOOL RegisterRCWNoThrow(RCW *pRCW) { CONTRACTL { NOTHROW; GC_NOTRIGGER; MODE_ANY; PRECONDITION(CheckPointer(pRCW, NULL_OK)); } CONTRACTL_END; return m_pRCWStack->Push(pRCW); } RCW *UnregisterRCW(INDEBUG(SyncBlock *pSB)) { CONTRACTL { NOTHROW; GC_NOTRIGGER; MODE_ANY; PRECONDITION(CheckPointer(pSB)); } CONTRACTL_END; RCW* pPoppedRCW = TS_FailStarted = 0x40000000, // The thread fails during startup. Cooperative mode is defined as the mode the thread is in when the field // code:Thread.m_fPreemptiveGCDisabled is non-zero. TSNC_DisableOleaut32Check = 0x00040000, // Disable oleaut32 delay load check.

This avoids // the deadlock problem mentioned earlier, because threads that are running unmanaged code are allowed to // run. I suggest Googling it yourself and trying some of the fixes the public has come up with. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. The // optimized helper for this is code:GetAppDomain (we emit assembly code on the fly for this one // too). // // Initially these TLS slots are empty (when the OS

PC: Intel Core i7-4790K, 16Gb Ram, EVGA GTX 980 Back to top #6 eRe4s3r Posted 06 April 2015 - 02:11 PM eRe4s3r (2) Evoker Members 72 posts So did you guys monoforandroid生成APK出现错误fatalerroringc解决方案 - 博客园关键词:monoforandroid 生成 apk 出现 错误 fatalerroringc 解决方案 laxknight 标签: mono for android,fatal error in gc mono for android生成apk出现这个错误...www.makaidong.com/博客园排行/37...shtml 坦克大战Fatal error in gc解决方案 -5068QQ游戏网在近期坦克大战的游戏中,有较多的玩家反映,遇到了诸如系统Fatal error in gc或GC致命错误,获取线程的上下文失败等等问题。那么,在碰到这种情况,应该如何解决呢?下面...xx.5068.com/all/1609...html 12345678910下一页 相关搜索fatal error TSNC_DisableOleaut32Check = 0x00040000, // Disable oleaut32 delay load check. Hopefully the method quickly returns, and hits our hijack, and we are now at a // GC-safe location (all call sites are GC-safe).

For GetThreadContext to fail, the thread in question would have to be not suspended, which suggests a logic error in the garbage collector (something definitely built into Unity or even whatever It almost sounds like this is timing-related. Havent found nothing on foruns. Started task manager and killed EVERYTHING non-essential to the OS...

Glad you found a solution. This can be moved to TSNC TS_CompletionPortThread = 0x08000000, // Completion port thread TS_AbortInitiated = 0x10000000, // set when abort is begun TS_Finalized = 0x20000000, // The associated managed Thread object sorry for bad english. When the thread is in // preemptive mode (when code:Thread.m_fPreemptiveGCDisabled is zero), the thread guarantees two things // // * That it not currently running code that manipulates GC references. //

they are only // manipulated by the owning thread) and move them off to a different DWORD. static BOOL Debug_AllowCallout() { LIMITED_METHOD_CONTRACT; Thread * pThread = GetThreadNULLOk(); return ((pThread == NULL) || (pThread->dbg_m_cSuspendedThreads == pThread->dbg_m_cSuspendedThreadsWithoutOSLock)); } // Returns number of threads that are currently suspended by the current enum ThreadTasks { TT_CleanupSyncBlock = 0x00000001, // The synch block needs to be cleaned up. #ifdef FEATURE_COMINTEROP_APARTMENT_SUPPORT TT_CallCoInitialize = 0x00000002, // CoInitialize needs to be called. #endif // FEATURE_COMINTEROP_APARTMENT_SUPPORT }; // typedef StateHolder ForbidSuspendThreadHolder; static BYTE GetOffsetOfCurrentFrame() { LIMITED_METHOD_CONTRACT; size_t ofs = Thread_m_pFrame; _ASSERTE(FitsInI1(ofs)); return (BYTE)ofs; } static BYTE GetOffsetOfGCFlag() { LIMITED_METHOD_CONTRACT; size_t ofs = Thread_m_fPreemptiveGCDisabled; _ASSERTE(FitsInI1(ofs)); return (BYTE)ofs; }

These code:Thread objects live in the // code:ThreadStore. // // * The other slot holds the current code:AppDomain (a managed equivalent of a process). Volatile m_State; // Bits for the state of the thread // If TRUE, GC is scheduled cooperatively with this thread. // NOTE: This "byte" is actually a boolean - we don't Same here Back to top #5 Koth Posted 06 April 2015 - 01:43 PM Koth Arch Prelate of the Obsidian Order Members 103 posts Location:Melbourne, Australia I get this consistently every If host returns // SO during wait, we will either spin or make GC wait.

Certain applications can make Unity throw up this error, including for that matter certain applications (not AV) you think are completely harmless. it isn't an // unstarted System.Thread), then this instance can be found in the TLS // of that physical thread. // FEATURE_MULTIREG_RETURN is set for platforms where a struct return value StackingAllocator m_MarshalAlloc; // Flags used to indicate tasks the thread has to do. Thanks.\nException: "); switch (ExceptionInfo->ExceptionRecord->ExceptionCode) { case EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: jl_safe_printf("EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"); break; case EXCEPTION_ARRAY_BOUNDS_EXCEEDED: jl_safe_printf("EXCEPTION_ARRAY_BOUNDS_EXCEEDED"); break; case EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT: jl_safe_printf("EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT"); break; case EXCEPTION_DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT: jl_safe_printf("EXCEPTION_DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT"); break; case EXCEPTION_FLT_DENORMAL_OPERAND: jl_safe_printf("EXCEPTION_FLT_DENORMAL_OPERAND"); break; case EXCEPTION_FLT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO: jl_safe_printf("EXCEPTION_FLT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO"); break; case EXCEPTION_FLT_INEXACT_RESULT:

This is the job of code:Thread.SuspendRuntime. Ps.: Any Unity engine game by the way should have that particular FAQ entry. It should also help to update your graphics drivers and/or Video BIOS. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates,

The trouble is, everyone's vision is different." - Ringabel Reply With Quote 03-20-2013,12:23 AM #5 qaz92zaq View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Senior Member Join We have special modes (see // code:EEConfig.GetGCStressLevel) called GCStress to help find such issues. // // In order to find all GC references on the stacks we need insure that no When a thread // has orphaned lock, we will apply this. It is there for speed (one less pointer indirection).

See if E-set or Kaspersky Security is blocking one of the Unity modules. TSNC_OSAlertableWait = 0x00001000, // Preparing abort. Oleaut32 has // been loaded TSNC_CannotRecycle = 0x00080000, // A host can not recycle this Thread object.