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gentoo emerge error Wolf Island, Missouri

LICENSE The LICENSE variable in an ebuild file can be used to mask packages based on licensing restrictions. I know what :0/0= means, now. > libpng:0/0 is libpng SLOT 0 which has been around since EAPI1 and > SUBSLOT 0 which is new. > Take cairo which is one Index NAME SYNOPSIS DESCRIPTION EBUILDS, TBZ2S, SETS AND ATOMS ACTIONS OPTIONS ENVIRONMENT OPTIONS OUTPUT NOTES MASKED PACKAGES CONFIGURATION FILES REPORTING BUGS AUTHORS FILES SEE ALSO This document was created by man2html, Help me understand this emerge error, please. [In reply to] Am Samstag, 22.02.2014 um 21:15 schrieb Alan Mackenzie <acm [at] muc>: > Hi, Gentoo. > > I've just tried an emerge

Some options, such as --update, imply --selective. Maybe I missed something, but I think that suggestion has not been implemented so far. > > >> emerge stuff1 stuff2 stuff3 >> >> emerge says "the following packages will be selected encompasses both the selected-packages and selected-sets sets, while world encompasses the selected, system and profile sets. (See FILES below for more information.) Other sets can exist depending on the current Since emerge is a somewhat well-behaved program, it if fails it will exit with a non-zero exit code.

Thanks for the pointer. -- "If there's one thing we've established over the years, it's that the vast majority of our users don't have the slightest clue what's best for them Where is this format documented? wrote: > > Hmm.. emerge can also update the portage tree, making new and updated packages available.

UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. If you use emerge -auAD world, emerge will courteously point out when it has finished calculating the graph. --alert may be 'y' or 'n'. 'true' and 'false' mean the same thing. Also, soname dependencies will be automatically ignored for dependency calculations that can pull unbuilt ebuilds into the dependency graph, since unbuilt ebuilds do not have any soname dependency metadata, making it Possible choices now are tar and rpm or their combinations. --prefix=DIR Set the EPREFIX environment variable. --pretend (-p) Instead of actually performing the merge, simply display what *would* have been installed

Gentoo is a trademark of the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Appease Your Google Overlords: Draw the "G" Logo Why can't we use the toilet when the train isn't moving? into the dependency graph, resulting in a slot conflict: > > , etc. > > To simplify the problem, I tried to emerge an individual package > > identified in that A USE flag was turned off for a package.

The purpose of this feature is to prevent new package installs from clobbering existing configuration files. If a build failure occurs for a single package, the build log will be automatically displayed on stdout (unless the --quiet-fail option is enabled). In general, it's best for a program to bail out if it discovers it can't do everything you asked, and not do it "half-way". Note that you need to use the --usepkg option if you want to install a tbz2.

With that knowledge in hand it's easy to have your shell restart things. wrote: > > > I've also attached a longer system update script that I use, for > > > reference. > > > > I've been taking a look at the Help me understand this emerge error, please. [In reply to] On 23/02/2014 14:13, Alan Mackenzie wrote: >> - are you sure that's an emerge failure and not just a convoluted info It is primarily used for installing packages, and emerge can automatically handle any dependencies that the desired package has.

I got the same message, with this: ############################################################################### !!! What does > > > this portion of the message mean: > > > > media-libs/libpng:0/0= > > > ^^^^^ > > > > ? If FEATURES="preserve-libs" is enabled in make.conf(5), and preserve-libs is not restricted for any of the packages selected for removal, then this option is ignored because any libraries that have consumers will share|improve this answer answered Apr 25 '15 at 7:14 Mat 29.9k591114 This worked.

wrote: > > I've been taking a look at the script. Attachments: smime.p7s (3.80 KB) bss03 at volumehost Jan14,2007,6:36PM Post #8 of 14 (3509 views) Permalink Re: Telling emerge to continue when something goes wrong [In reply to] On Sunday 14 January 2007 19:08, Attachments: signature.asc (0.19 KB) TomWij at gentoo Mar21,2014,6:50AM Post #17 of 18 (2994 views) Permalink Re: "Multiple package instances ....". Where is this format documented?

This new emaint sync module has greater functionality and flexibility. I want the information returned by eix after the script completes to take into account the package updates that may occur during the portage or world updates. The app-portage/gentoolkit package contains useful scripts such as equery (a package query tool). This leads to unsatisfied dependencies if no other solution exists. --autounmask-write [ y | n ] If --autounmask is enabled, changes are written to config files, respecting CONFIG_PROTECT and --ask.

External resources Underestimated or underused: Portage (e)logging on (Sven Vermeulen's blog) Retrieved from "" Category: Portage This page was last modified on 5 August 2016, at 00:40. WARNING: The implementation of emerge /path/to/ebuild is broken and so this syntax shouldn't be used. eix always looks in the vdb so whether you run update-eix before or after an upgrade is irrelevant.. -- Bo Andresen bss03 at volumehost Jan15,2007,5:56AM Post #12 of 14 (3503 views) Permalink Re: USE and license changes always use the latter behavior. --autounmask-keep-masks [ y | n ] If --autounmask is enabled, no package.unmask or ** keyword changes will be created.

When you attempt to emerge the package, if the sources are not found, then portage will halt and you will be provided with instructions on how to download the required files. The internal emerge help documentation is updated more frequently than this man page; check it out if you are having problems that this man page does not help resolve. --info Produces This would also save the OP bumping his post in case it became lost in the thread. -- Regards, Mick Attachments: signature.asc (0.48 KB) tanstaafl at libertytrek Feb23,2014,9:50AM Post #13 of 18 (3143 USE variables may be specified on the command line to override those specified in the default locations, letting you avoid using some dependencies you may not want to have.

Why (in universe) are blade runners called blade runners? Use --prune together with --verbose to show reverse dependencies or with --nodeps to ignore all dependencies.