generic server error message arcgis Wyaconda Missouri

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generic server error message arcgis Wyaconda, Missouri

DescriptionThis is a generic error for which the cause does not have a specific error ID.SolutionFor some error cases, additional messages may accompany the 999999 error. ArcMap cannot determine scale ranges for WMS layers and can only provide the information given to it by the WMS service. See Also:Constant Field Values MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SSL_PEER_CERTIFICATE static final int MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SSL_PEER_CERTIFICATE The remote server's SSL certificate was deemed not OK. Without knowing more specific details about the model you are working with it's difficult to debug further.

This is because the default option, , may not work as you expect. See Also:Constant Field Values MESSAGESUPPORT_E_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED static final int MESSAGESUPPORT_E_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED The request method (GET, POST, etc.) was not allowed for this particular resource. When the image received for a layer in a WMS service exceeds this limit, no legend is displayed for the layer. Wire-up the Initilized Event to display information about the layer in a TextBox.-->