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freesurfer mri_watershed error Schell City, Missouri

For versions prior to 5.0, you can use mri_annotation2label to break the labels apart, then use mri_mergelabels to combine the individual labels into lobe labels, then use mris_label2annot to create a Creates surf/?h.sphere.reg. LOG AND STATUS FILES By default, log and status files are created in subjid/scripts. Creates ?h.jacobian_white (a curv formatted file).

Cerebral Cortex January 2004; 14:11-22. [10] Fischl B, Salat DH, van der Kouwe AJW, Makris N, S?gonne F, Dale AM. Depending on your video card you should disable the DRI using the option NoDRI in the Device section of your X configuration file. This surface is chosen so that the "mean" of all these displacements is zero. It then exited without compiling brainmask.mgz file.

Ipsilateral Surface Registation (Spherical Morph) (-surfreg) Registers the orig surface to the spherical atlas through surf/?h.sphere. How can I change this? How can I reduce the time of recon-all in a group of patients? Q.

Are there suggested scan sequences which you recommend I use with Freesurfer? Run times are approximate for an AMD Opteron 64bit 2.5GHz processor: -motioncor < 5 min -nuintensitycor 3 min -talairach 4 min -normalization 3 min -skullstrip 1 min -gcareg 8 min -canorm The number of cores is roughly the number of studies you can process simultaneously. A: Include the '-qcache -measure thickness' flags in your recon-all command for each subject.

We have tried adding volumes of individual subcortical areas but the total does not equal the subcortical volume provided by aseg. Hydration levels affect the image and e.g. If it does, then yes, however you will have to run the data a bit differently. The .lta and .xfm are linear transforms to a Talairach coordinate system.

intrinsic curvature index. Calls mris_ca_label. -cortparc creates label/?h.aparc.annot, -cortparc2 creates /label/?h.aparc.a2009s.annot, and -cortparc3 creates /label/?h.aparc.DKTatlas40.annot. How do I transform coordinates in one space to those in another space (eg, a point on the surface to MNI305 space or to the col, row, slice of a functional Is it recommended that people use memprage?

While it is possible to do everything in one shot (using the -all flag), there can be some benefits to customizing the stream. CA Register (-careg) Computes a nonlinear transform to align with GCA atlas. I am using QDEC to examine the anatomical differences between two groups of subjects. Q: How can I get measurements of the lobes (parietal, temporal, frontal, & occipital)?

Q. First, you will want to check the talairach transform to make sure it looks okay. Q. This is used to help identify the left hemisphere.

Where can I find V1 labels? What should I do? If the e-mail was sent to you in error but does not contain patient information, please contact the sender and properly dispose of the e-mail. A: You can try recon-all -make all -s subject Also, depending on your version, there might be a file in the scripts directory called "IsRunning".

It should only be specified if there is a cut failure. Q. Manual checking and editing can fix some of that, but not all. Uses intensity, neighborhood, and smoothness constraints.

Q. How would I do this? Could I run multiple instances of Freesurfer (on my virtual box)? Is the subcortical volume calculation accurate?

What does this mean? Small changes can accumulate. For -parcstats, the file is saved in stats/?h.aparc.stats. Note that to take benefit of a multi-core environment you need to use a SMP kernel in your OS.

SPECIFYING DIRECTIVES Directives instruct recon-all which part(s) of the reconstruction stream to run. Instead, initialize using the longbase aseg.mgz. -addtp If a new timepoint needs to be added to a longitudinal run where a base subject has already been created (from prior timepoints), then