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freenas iscsi error 1 Silva, Missouri

Bug 3)You are probably right. Last week one of my disks failed. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the iSCSI TARGETS LISTING IN NAS4FREE:Code: Select allSOL1 <-- active
UBUNTU1 <-- active
When I try to add another extent+target named LINUX1 and apply changes, it wouldn't work because NAS4free was trying

If you can reproduce this, a tcpdump of the traffic would be interesting. #2 Updated by Bernhard Kather over 1 year ago File freenas7.tiff added File freenas6.tiff added File freenas5.tiff added Animal Shelter in Java What are Imperial officers wearing here? Click the “ADD” Button. I had to revert my system to version 9.1.1 due to the ISCSI issue I'm having.

Since your target doesn't start with iqn, naa, or eui CTL complains. Here is what I get when I enable iscsi in gui. FreeNAS is using Intel NIC's and ESXI is using Broadcomms/Qlogic NIC's From what I can make out there is an underlying bug with FreeNAS 9.3 as it has introduced a ton Is there a workaround for this? #11 Updated by Chad - over 4 years ago Sorry - v8.2-RELEASE-p6 #12 Updated by Jordan Hubbard over 1 year ago Target version deleted (2)

Now the drives have been added to NAS4Free they still have to be made available for NAS4Free to manage. No, create an account now. Powered by Redmine © 2006-2015 Jean-Philippe Lang Forums Welcome to our community forum! You shall make it save full packets contents into a file, running `tcpdump -pni -s0 -w port 3260`.

In FreeNAS, this is probably a raw image file which in used as a target on a ZFS volume. Performance and reliability are always a tradeoff. I set up some temporary space on my linux LVM box using 1 of the 2TB drives out of the RAIDZ2 + some 500Gigs that I was replacing. This option is purely informational, and it has absolutely nothing to do to iSCSI. #36 Updated by Jason Whitt 12 months ago I was having a similar issuesSetting the size to

Please help today!Produce and hosting N4F does cost money, please consider a small donation to our project so that we can stay offering you the best.We really do need your support!We Click the “Save and Restart” Button. So do you remember earlier, when I asked you to note down the free space in the Status System Page? After that we configured the drive for use on our Vista machine by formatting it and assigning a drive letter.While not for everyone, iSCSI definitely has its uses and if it

If you don't then leave it blank. why?8FREENAS: Why isn't mv command instant within a RAIDZ1 volume?2Cluster-Shared Volume on Windows Server 2012 R2 drops off with minor iSCSI pauses2freenas disc problems - smart error - how to repair I ask because there are a lot of potential design/planning issues. Click on the Start menu and type iSCSI into the menu bar and hit Enter.2.

I'll show you the config:ZFS volumes:Code: Select allPool Name Size Sparse Description
pool rac1 10G 853M
pool sol1 20G I change the hold hardware, please see message before, the problems still the same AND I have also configure sharings with NFS, AFP and CIFS and this works all perfect, so jgreco, Nov 20, 2011 #4 laser47 Joined: Nov 14, 2011 Messages: 5 Thanks Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 I hope I managed to pull out of this, and wanted to explain So I would try such command `zpool detach fcvol01 9148429465576578534`. #20 Updated by Brian Shiry over 1 year ago Thanks!

The Bolded fields are required, so place a name in the Extent name field, leave the Type as Device, and then choose the Device you want in the dropdown.You can also After Update the probelms begins. The error "bknas01 WARNING: (initiator): no ping reply (NOP-Out) after 5 seconds; dropping connection" still there and the iscsi conection runing more than a day, but then the system crash Status:Cannot reproduceStart date:01/22/2015Priority:ImportantDue date:Assignee:Alexander Motin% Done:0%Category:iSCSITarget version:Unspecified Seen in:9.3-RELEASE Hardware Configuration: ChangeLog Entry: Description After update to Version 9.30 the iSCSI connection not work any more.

Please see may configuration in the attachment. According to zpool(8) manual page: If the original faulted device is detached, then the hot spare assumes its place in the configuration, and is removed from the spare list of all Just be aware that ZFS gives comparatively low performance compared to other filesystems, even using SSD. Thread Status: Not open for further replies.

Adding a Portal This will allow you to configure how the iSCSI target will be seen or reported on the network. I've had great performance with a SSD-based UFS system on limited memory, and I could mirror that and still have reliability. Click Finish.16)   Now the FreeNAS iSCSi disk is listed under vSphere 4 datastore where you can work as normal datastore.I'm sure these steps will be helpful to add FreeNAS or any After  you enabled iSCSI adapter name would have changed.Go to ‘Dynamic Discovery' tab of the Properties.

Or, I guess I'd like that put somewhere in the wiki. and lost the iscsi conection. You can either rename the target to be compliant or ignore the warning. If this is found to be a bug or someone suggests a better way that this could have been done, I may look back into it.

The steps required in this case were then:1. I'm old-school, though, I prefer my disk devices simple, and ZFS with its memory- and CPU-hunger kind of feel wrong anyways, so my punting to file-based extents should be taken with History #1 Updated by William Grzybowski almost 4 years ago Status changed from Unscreened to Closed Resolution set to duplicate Looks like the same symptons for #1531 Also available in: Atom the hold system crash and I have to reboot.

Name is "extent", path to extent is /mnt/zfsvol/extent0, extent size is 02) Create Authorized Initiator. The whole iSCSI thing is a bit complicated, and this just underlines that you really need to grasp what's going on - and even if you think you do, you can Plus Picture, i like it., Thank you very much Dinesh. create a new iscsi target using the iscsi extent5.

I have 2 separate USB sticks with the different versions on them. can't add/update iSCSI targets iSCSI over TCP/IP. bknas01 ctld6268: auth-group "ag1" not assigned to any target For my opinion is my configuration right, but why these error coming? For a high performance production application you can still use iSCSI but I would look at setting it up on its own network at 1GB speeds.How Does iSCSI Work?There are two

VMware has logs that it is trying to playback a journal, but that is failing. AGAIN THIS HAS TO BE SELECTED. 5 - I kept these options as default: A - Root.