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free pascal error forward declaration not solved Sainte Genevieve, Missouri

Note: Local variable "arg1" not used You have declared, but not used, a variable in a procedure or function implementation. As I can understand that the system unit is quite close to the OS definitions it should not be superseded by Lazarus. With hundreds > of third party libraries and components, I am sure many people have hit > this error and gone nuts for a while. > > The reason why things Forward reference[edit] The term forward reference is sometimes used as a synonym of forward declaration.[1] However, more often it is taken to refer to the actual use of an entity before

Use of this unit should be avoided as much as possible. Error: illegal type declaration of set elements The declaration of a set contains an invalid type definition. set expected The variable or expression isn't of type set. by Leledumbo [Today at 01:28:10 am] OnKeyUp and OnClick event...

I'd be more than happy to re-engineer my applications diversifying handle types which means to get rid of all this ambiguity when addressing OS objects. Using forward declaration to prevent circular references is a bad practice as it often hide an architectural problem that should be solved using interfaces. A global directive won't work, because the FCL, LCL and all other library writers most probably won't update their code, only to please some users. string length must be a value from 1 to 255 The length of a string in Pascal is limited to 255 characters.

My problem then would be to use the right handle type where needed Antonio. > > That's one of the reasons dynlibs introduced TLibHandle. > > > Michael. > > -- Example: while false do begin {.. too many $ENDIFs or $ELSEs Your {$IFDEF ..} and {$ENDIF} statements aren't balanced. $ENDIF expected Your {$IFDEF ..} and {$ENDIF} statements aren't balanced. Invalid PPU-File entry The unit the compiler is trying to read is corrupted, or generated with a newer version of the compiler.

asm size mismatch There is an error in the assembly language. In the interface units uses declares: LCLIntf, LCLType, > LMessages, FileUtil; > In the implemantaion uses declares Classes, sysutils; > OK. I don't know how long it took me to find the bug: Just because "windows" was used after "sysutils". Invalid call to tvarsym.mangledname() An internal error occurred in the compiler; If you encounter such an error, please contact the developers and try to provide an exact description of the circumstances

Error: Gotos into initialization or finalization blocks of units are not allowed Gotos into initialization or finalization blockse of units are not allowed. expression must be destructor call When using the extended syntax of dispose, you must specify the destructor method of the class you are trying to dispose of. method identifier expected This identifier is not a method. The identifier was declared (locally or globally) but wasn't used (locally or globally).

it appears in the right-hand side of an expression) when it was not initialized first (i.e. Forward declaration of a class is not sufficient if you need to use the actual class type, for example, if you have a member whose type is that class directly (not This happens typically when an illegal character is found in the sources file. parameter list size exceeds 65535 bytes The I386 processor limits the parameter list to 65535 bytes (the RET instruction causes this) function nesting > 31 You can nest function definitions only

I have been proponent of this idea since many years :-) What type do you want to rename? LCLType.THandle. Pointer to class expected The compiler expects a reference to a class. overloaded identifier isn't a function identifier The compiler encountered a symbol with the same name a s an overloaded function, but it isn't a function it can overload.

My problem then > >>> would be to use the right handle type where needed > >> > >> That is exactly why I am a proponent of this mechanism. > Warning: function result variable of a managed type does not seem to initialized This message is displayed if the compiler thinks that the function result variable will be used (i.e. Contents 1 Examples 2 Classes 3 Forward reference 4 References Examples[edit] A basic example in C is: void printThisInteger(int); In C and C++, the line above represents a forward declaration of Remove the switch.

absolute can only be associated to ONE variable You cannot specify more than one variable before the absolute directive. Santiago Amposta schrieb: > El 09/08/2013 11:15, Antonio Fortuny escribió: >> But the isn't there some ambiguity between LCL declarations and FPC >> declarations for what is obviously the same type But I think it would be preferable to use a distinct type name. class identifier expected The variable isn't of type class.

That's one of the reasons dynlibs introduced TLibHandle. Since the compile generates 32 bit programs, it ignores this directive. August 2013 um 12:19 >> geschrieben: >> [...] >>> OK, I think I can live with this. syntax error: An error against the Turbo Pascal language was encountered.

A comment wasn't closed. Procedure overloading is switched off You're trying to compile overloaded procedures with the -So (Turbo Pascal compatibility) switch. Regards, Sven -- _______________________________________________ Lazarus mailing list [hidden email] -- Antonio Fortuny Senior Software engineer 220, avenue de la Liberté L-4602 Niederkorn Tel.: +352 58 00 93 - 93 Error: Identifier not found "arg1" The compiler doesn't know this symbol.

In this case you must add a valid constructor yourself. it did not appear in the left-hand side of an assignment). can't call the assembler An error occurred when calling the assembler.