focus on error prevention articles in the september/october 2008 Peculiar Missouri

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focus on error prevention articles in the september/october 2008 Peculiar, Missouri

How a Local Patient Safety Initiative is Becoming a National Priority: Background on efforts to redesign VA medication labels and make them more patient-friendly. Tamblyn R, Huang A, Perreault R, et al. The article summarizes the changes and provides references. Each task guided the user to perform a series of actions through the toolkit that we anticipated typical users to encounter when using the application.Example of a ScenarioYour patient is a

To make the patient education form more user-friendly and accepted, it was decided that further usability evaluation is needed with actual patients. Guided prescription of psychotropic medications for geriatric inpatients Arch Intern Med 2005;165(7):802-807. [PubMed]40. A., Dolansky, M. The full effect of the QSEN competencies to improve the quality and safety of care can only be realized when nurses apply them at both the individual and system levels of

Vision and Challenges of Evidence-Based Health Informatics: The case of a CPOE meta-analysis. The 2005 survey offers insight into the development of this culture. San Fransico: Barett-Koehler. Computerized physician order entry in the critical care and general inpatient setting: a narrative review J Crit Care 2004;19(4):271-278. [PubMed]13.

This can affect the measured medication error rate.Third, when several end-points were reported (e.g., in a time-series analysis), we only included the final endpoint. An overview of the effect of computer-assisted management of anticoagulant therapy on the quality of anticoagulation Int J Med Inform 1998;49(3):311-320. [PubMed]58. Competencies. When Tourniquets are Left Behind: In more than 90 reports submitted to SPOT, every tournique that was found to have been left on a patient was discovered by someone other than

Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Banning Tobacco Use in Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Units: Smoking bans on locked, acute inpatient psychiatric units are feasible in the Veterans Health Administration – and can offer many health and safety Cases & Commentaries Another Fall Spotlight CaseWeb M&M Sidney T. And it was just [a] coincidence….

Read-Back – It’s Not Just for Nursing Units: The JCAHO patient safety goals that deal with high-risk communication haven't been implimented consistenly in diagnostic, patient care areas of hospitals, such as We excluded papers if groups were definitely not comparable. September/October 2007 Medication Reconciliation: This article provides background information on this issue and suggestions on how to reduce related adverse medication events. 2007 Patient Safety Initiative: The PSI is an opportunity Diffusing QSEN competencies across schools of nursing: The AACN/RWJF Faculty Development Institutes.

Research team members worked with an illustrator to develop a series of icons (copyrighted) to represent each of the MFS areas of risk and the associated fall prevention interventions that were History of QSEN Phase Details Websites and References Phase 1a October 2005-March 2007 QSEN competencies and their requisite KSAs website Cronenwett et al., 2007 Phase 2a April 2007–October 2008 MD/pharmacist consult and review medication list interventions were not clear to all users, the reason, and their purpose. The impact of computerised physician order entry systems on pathology services: A systematic review Int J Med Inform 2006;76(7):514-529. [PubMed]46.

Shea S, DuMouchel W, Bahamonde L. However, studies differ substantially in their setting, design, quality, and results. Reporting quality and study quality was often insufficient to exclude major sources of bias. About the Patient Safety Fellowship Program: The article provides a brief overview of the new program and a method to contact NCPS for further information.

more... Other changes made to the toolkit included adding age and sex of the patient to the patient-name field to offer additional information for the provider that may be pertinent to the Government's Official Web Portal Agency for Healthcare ResearchandQuality 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, MD 20857 Telephone: (301) 427-1364 ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while The areas of risk and interventions that have associated icons are history of falls, assist with toileting, assist with ambulating, bed alarm on, assist with IV, and out-of-bed assistance.

This all affects the validity of the analysed studies. For a more detailed discussion see Ammenwerth et al. 60 Implication and ConclusionAfter having been envisioned by Morris Collen in 1970 (“Physicians should enter their medical orders directly into the computer”), This research project was reviewed and approved by the Partners HealthCare Human Subjects Committee. Medication errors in hospitals: computerized unit dose drug dispensing system versus ward stock distribution system Pharm World Sci 2003;25(3):112-117. [PubMed]52.

May/June 2012 Effecting change with the virtual “Breakthrough Series” model: Respiratory failure following surgery is a high risk, but potentially preventable adverse event, making it a prime target for a “Break Avoiding a single point of failure: Fault tolerance and patient safety: NCPS programs focus on the reduction and prevention of inadvertent harm to patients as a result of their care, using Patient Harm from Anatomic Surgical Specimen Management in the OR: Surgical patients can suffer the consequences when anatomic specimens produced from surgical procedures are lost, mislabeled, or processed incorrectly Communication Matters: DHTML and JavaScript were used to dynamically build the three tools generated by the toolkit.

And the daughter came just by chance the 10 minutes that I was sitting down. Bates DW, Leape LL, Cullen DJ, et al. Safety Spotlight -- Patient Fall From Window: Features teaching examples pulled from medical literature and similar RCAs that are applicable and of interest to the entire VHA health care system. Retrieved from National Quality Forum. (2012).

NCPS was also established in 1999. In addition, one reviewer (PSI) independently reviewed all the extracted data. It has many benefits, and consideration of both drug and patient characteristics ensures safe and appropriate use. Evans RS, Classen DC, Pestotnik SL, Lundsgaarde HP, Burke JP.

Cohen, RPh, MS, ScD; April 2003 Antipsychotic, rather than antihistamine, mistakenly dispensed to woman with bipolar disorder with new urticaria. MichealMahieu, YvetteMakris, Nicole DaveyMalek, WilliamMalone, MonaMani, MattManimala, Mathew J.Manyika, JamesManzoni, Jean-FrancoisMarcolin, BarbaraMargulis, MarcMarikova Leeds, EvaMarquis, ChristopherMassimilian, RichardMaurer, CaraMayer, John D. (Jack)McCall Jr., Morgan W.McCallum, John S.McConnell, BrianMcCrimmon, MitchMcCullough, TomMcDowell, TomMcGannon, BillMcGill, To encourage the manageable reporting of errors and near misses, organizations should ensure that employees have access to complete and reliable information about the interconnections and interdependencies of the subsystems that Patrician, P.

The discussion of the reasons for this (such as a possible publication bias) is outside the scope of the present paper. Where Can You Find More Information on Hand Hygiene?: The article provides a detailed guide to hand hygiene references offered on the NCPS web site. This article summarizes the problem and offers recommendations to help mitigate it. Accessed on April 1st, 2008.4.

Georgiou A, Williamson M, Westbrook JI, Ray S. According to Barach et al., nearly 100,000 individuals per year in the US die of preventable medical errors. 1 Medication errors have been identified as a major type of medical errors. Prevention of prescription errors by computerized, on-line surveillance of drug order entry Int J Med Inform 2005;74(5):377-386. [PubMed]38. New Feature: “Meet the Author.” Listen to Maisha Mims discuss her article in this short podcast Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals 2015 Poster: Page 4 of the newsletter.

This indicates a relative risk reduction for medication errors of 13% to 99%. Moore and colleagues tested three groups of healthcare professions students (n= 102) who received high, low, or no dose levels of systems thinking education. Based on user feedback gathered during pilot testing, we will make additional modifications before full implementation. The article provides guidance on use of the pens per the exceptions noted in the Alert.