fixing a ps2 disk read error Norborne Missouri

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fixing a ps2 disk read error Norborne, Missouri

I don’t know why, but if I were to guess, the machine gives it too much power at first, then making it spin at lightning speeds. User Info: ben_789 ben_789 - 8 years ago 0 0 well, if it's not giving you a read error, then the lens itself isn't dirty, there is something wrong with the Okay, u know that grinding noise that everyone has been having lately? These usually will not fix your machine to the perfect working order that it was when you purchased it, but the Quick Fixes take almost no time and no money.

mr bongo (#2326) March 26th, 2006 Greetings all, I have a SCPH-50003 Model PS2 - a model with two white alan key style adjusters (as opposed to the standard single one Be patient about this part, never hasty. 9. The peice is still connected to the top but not to the bottom, so no power is being fed to my machine. Some instructions may vary or not apply for other models.

all i can tell you is turn it on its side GameSpot Forums Games Discussion 694 results 1 2 3 4 5 ... 15 Browse Boards Games Discussion Nintendo Fan Club Answered Ask a Question To ask or answer questions, please log in or register for free. The problematic disc. 2. Allow glue to dry FULLY!

will this guide still work on my ps2? Oh and doc_ i dont think alcohol would be the best choice. Boo. 4.3 - ROTATING THE SYSTEM Cost efficiency - 5/5 Convenience - 5/5 Effectiveness - 3/5 Tools you will need: None Remember how the original PlayStation had a much better time You either: Shorted the system out by connecting 2 parts that shouldn’t have touched together.

I followed the directions then boom, everything is working properly like it should, thanks again! :mrgreen: Mark (#2359) April 24th, 2006 Thanks so much! after doing this i saw that the white gear had reset itself back to its primary position. James (#2358) April 23rd, 2006 THANK U VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!! Also, make sure it still reads other media as well (CDR, blue bottomed disks, regular DVDs etc).

The following guide shows you how to get the PS2 open, clean it out, make your adjustments, and put it back together without any hassles. The front vents, ejected disc tray, and back fan should all be targeted. It seems to SEE the disc, but it isn’t willing to play the game or dvd. Marco and Iosto from The Netherlands podge1970 (#2293) March 11th, 2006 spot on it fixed ma ps2 now its workin beter than ever chears :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Anonymous (#2301) March 16th, 2006

can you help? The one that supports is on problem, just spread the grease that’s there around a bit. But on the guiding one, after removing the retaining plate over the gears (my unit has two), I could carefully remove the rail. I’ve had it for about two years now, no problems.

IIRC, Japanese machines have different internal workings than American machines, so I doubt it. Remember, spare parts are not your friend! They'll just get in the way. Wird geladen...

Now it works fine. It should match colors and click into place. but as my PS2 got older i can still use my older games, but i only get disc read error when im trying Resident evil 4 and Grand turisimo 4, what No referral, affiliate and/or survey links.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem with my playstation? Don't email me telling me about how you don't understand something in this FAQ, because I really don't want to hear about it. My PS2 wouldn’t play some of my favorite games, and now it does. Chris (#2252) February 7th, 2006 So wait… the metallic tape is important now?

Why are these Disc Read Errors so prevalent? Remove the disc tray. Remove the coverings using a flat head screwdriver. Thewn I click that green light again and again, but that red screen still appear.

How did you figure this out ? Bart (#2047) July 7th, 2005 Now I can finaly play those burnt dvds! He never once indicated that the power connector itself is not important. Anonymous (#2303) March 16th, 2006 yo thanks ur help really worked!!!!!!

The site also contains products of PS2 slimline shells, the pics look like the shells are of good quality. If your PS2 only has problems with CD-based games, you'll only want to tamper with the CD screw, and vice-versa if your DVD games don't work. do you think the ribbon could have anything to do with the DRE’s email me at [email protected] Anonymous (#2434) June 17th, 2006 I’m having trouble finding the screws to adjust the DVDs and CDs got the same error.

Anonymous (#2546) August 1st, 2006 for everyone who’s ps2 won’t turn back on anymore: what probably got disconnected was the I/O cable connecting the top case to the bottom case. Nothing happens. Thanx alot for pointing out those errors. The fault specified in this column is as you should have guessed by now is not an unusual one.

Get the edge of the flathead screwdriver or a knife underneath them to pop them out. In my version of ps2 (I’m not too sure about the others) the laser moves up and down two metal bars, and now it can’t move as quickly as it used According to Jim, an offset of balance on the disc can occur when dust builds on the magnetic rubber device that holds the disc in place. Can someone send me an email on how i can fix this?

My PS2 is a 30003, so anyone else with a 30003 should try this method.