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The AnyPath data type is a text string containing either a full path or a relative path. ICE25 validates that a .msi file satisfies all of its internal merge module dependencies and exclusions. It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file.What do I have to do to get rid of this error. Since most MSI packages have a special component called CurrentUser for the User hive and Profile stuff, we could change the component “Ownership” to CurrentUser and be done with it.

Failure is commonly caused by a database with such severe problems that the ICE cannot even run. * Informational: Informational messages provide information from the ICE and do not indicate a ICE03 ERROR Invalid identifier; Table: Property, Column: Property, Key(s): ALL USERS Solution: Change to ALLUSERS (without blank space). Now we change the Key Path Type to Registry Key Path, click Ok. ICE57 ERROR Component 'javaws.exe' has both per-user and per-machine data with a per-machine KeyPath.

If the component is absent, the value is left blank. ICE20 validates the standard dialogs (i.e. ICE12 checks the following items in your MSI database: • CostFinalize action occurs in any sequence table containing “Set Directory” (Type 35) or “Set Property” (Type 51) custom actions. • Every Thanks, Sid Article Filed Under: Endpoint Management, Wise Packaging, Best Practice, Configuring Login or register to post comments Comments RSS Feed Comments 1 Comment • Jump to latest comment shri4nath About

Note that you cannot specify multiple levels of a directory or fully qualified paths in this way. I’ll try to fix all errors and most warnings. Technically, you need to set the Permanent bit in the Attributes column of the Component table for every component that is marked for installation into the SystemFolder. When does ICE33 show up?

Comments Please log in to comment Don't be a Stranger! Although my problem solved itself(!?) when we were forced to re-structure our folders, I believe your answer is the right way to do it. –Torbjörn Bergstedt Dec 18 '12 at 9:03 Evaluation: ICE91 Error 2229: , Directory, ALTER TABLE `Directory` ADD `_Profile` SHORT TEMPORARY HOLD Evaluation: ICE91 Some times wise validation throws strange error codes which is difficult to understand and fix, Even though Microsoft created the ICE validation rules to enforce consistency within the MSI database, you may need to deal with many validation errors and warnings which do not have obvious

ICE03 ERROR Not a valid Foreign Key; ProgId, Column: Class_Key(s): Reflection. It doesn’t show up anywhere. For this particular case Notes.NotesUIWorkspace had both LocalServer and LocalServer32 so the row had to be repeated but with this two different values in the Context column. So, you should either change the feature state of the child or the parent.

Average Rating 0 4477 views 03/16/2012 Repackaging appdeploy-tips Invalid ICE Number to APIErrorOut! ICE03 ERROR Invalid GUID string (Be sure GUID is all UPPER case); Table: TypeLib, Column: LibID, Key(s):{1CF542E0-D988-11cf-B485- 00805F98FACE}.0.notes32.tlb *This error should not be considered. This can be accomplished by creating a record in FeatureComponents table. The warning message hints to use the ProgId and Class tables.

When these custom actions are executed, they scan the database for entries in database records that are valid when examined individually but that may cause incorrect behavior in the context of Brief descriptions of the ICE03 errors are listed below: Duplicate Primary Key The primary keys of a new row duplicates the primary keys of an existing row. Where can I get more information? When does ICE04 show up?

ICE16 posts an error message if the ProductName set in the Property table is longer than 63 characters. We’ll try it anyway. ICE64 errors are directories in the user profile that will not be removed correctly during uninstall or roaming user scenarios. When these custom actions are executed, they scan the MSI for entries in the database that are valid when examined individually but that may cause incorrect behavior in the context of

A setting of 2 means to remove it at package removal time. (These details are in the SDK, search for RemoveFile) And this gives us: Now, is this right? A button that is not attached to an event does not provide any value. Microsoft Platform SDK – ICE35 ICE36 What does ICE36 check? If there is an action depends on the execution of another action in the sequence, one of the two actions must be re-placed in the action sequence by updating the action

Legal | Feedback c926729 Tue September 6 19:00:00 EDT 2016"     Unrestricted access to Windows Installer functionality!    Open source!    Plain XML based source scripts!    Free, Copy Sun_JVM_v1_4_2_03.wsi to Sun_JVM_v1_4_2_03__2.wsi Or even Sun_JVM_v1_4_2_03__2_No_ICE64_works.wsi in the same folder. Microsoft Platform SDK - ICE01 ICE02 What does ICE02 check? Because folders created by the installer are deleted when they become empty, this folder must be listed in the CreateFolder table to prevent the installer from attempting to install every time.

Post Reply Search Advanced search 11 posts • Page 1 of 1 jusher Posts: 149 Joined: Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:00 pm ICE38 Error Quote Postby jusher » Fri Feb 06, No problem, we’ll just change the KeyPath. That the KeyPath. ICE17 posts a warning because the installer uses the property's value as a foreign key into the ListView table, but the value is missing from the primary key of that table.

All rights reserved. The Path data type is a text string containing a valid full path. While still a Restricted User on the Testing PC, -go to a web site that requires the Java plug-in and let’s see. -As it turns out, because this is the first The DefaultDir data type is a text string containing either a valid Filename or a valid Identifier.

Internal Consistency Evaluators (ICEs) Internal consistency evaluators are simply custom actions written in VBScript, JScript, or as a DLL or EXE. ICE22 posts an error message if the features and components are mapped incorrectly in the PublishComponent table. It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file for the TemplateFiles component when I compile. Undefined error Unknown error Column cannot be localized Primary key columns cannot be localized.

Microsoft Platform SDK – ICE06 ICE07 What does ICE07 check? Microsoft Platform SDK – ICE17 ICE18 What does ICE18 check? for nminder.exe the shortcut name is "Notes Minder" but to avoid this error you must have something like "NotesM~1|Notes Minder". If the KeyPath column of the Component table is Null, this means that directory listed in the Directory_ column is the key path for that component.

To fix this error on the component, change the component key path type to registry key path and set the key path to a HKCU key. • If a component with They can also provide progress information as the ICE runs. ICE33 warnings are next to impossible to fix. When does ICE08 show up?