firebird db error codes Mc Fall Missouri

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firebird db error codes Mc Fall, Missouri

Member Posts: 62 [Solved]: Getting Firebird database error codes « Reply #6 on: March 02, 2015, 01:51:17 am » Thanks LacaK. EXECUTE STATEMENT4EXECUTE STATEMENT3EXECUTE STATEMENT2Table @1 is referenced in the plan but not the from list. connect_reject6connect_reject5connect_reject4New precision specified for column @1 must be at least @2. Member Posts: 62 Re: Getting Firebird database error codes « Reply #4 on: February 27, 2015, 06:54:24 am » I'm using Lazarus 1.4 RC1 which was released recently.

blobtoobig1blobtoobig0BLOB9External function should have return position between 1 and @1. DJG: "right2"4DJG: "right2"3DJG: "right2"2Failed to create database @1. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Error SQLCODE -904 in firebird after installation up vote 4 down vote favorite 1 I installed firebird database for the first time bad_db_format3bad_db_format2bad_db_format1Invalid direction for find operation.

Browse other questions tagged firebird1.5 or ask your own question. End Google Analytics 4 End Google Analytics 3 End Google Analytics 2Expected backup description record. exec_sql_invalid_arg3exec_sql_invalid_arg2exec_sql_invalid_arg1Table @1 is referenced twice in view; use an alias to distinguish. conn_lost5conn_lost4conn_lost3Page size is allowed only on restore or create.

PageTitleFmt0/PageTitleFmt9/PageTitleFmt8Operation already specified. /PageTitleFmt7/PageTitleFmt6/PageTitleFmt5System memory exhausted. /PageTitleFmt4/PageTitleFmt3/PageTitleFmt2/PageTitleFmt1 failed. /PageTitleFmt0PageText9PageText8Password already specified. Why are empty blocks not all the same size? Screenshot instructions: Windows Mac Red Hat Linux Ubuntu Click URL instructions: Right-click on ad, choose "Copy Link", then paste here → (This may not be possible with some types of Please try the request again.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Maximum length is 31 bytes. -9042-9041-9040The password specified is too long. Ask your database administrator to set up a Firebird login.Terminating on exception I/O error 28?This column cannot be updated because it is derived from an SQL function or expression. by SoE [Today at 08:01:22 pm] Unable to disable Warning...

shadow_accessed4shadow_accessed3shadow_accessed2Recursive CTE (@1) must be a shadow_accessed1. svc_name_missing2svc_name_missing1svc_name_missing0Domain @1 is not defined. -9049-9048-9047WAL Writer error. -9046-9045-9044Log file header of @1 too small. -9043-9042-9041Invalid version of log file @1. -904033554481393355448138Log file @1 not latest in the chain but open Token unknown - line X, char Y FIRSTExpected end of statement, encounterd EOFFailed to locate host machine. tra_num_exc5tra_num_exc4tra_num_exc3Cannot rename column being used in an integrity constraint.

sort_rec_size_err7sort_rec_size_err6sort_rec_size_err5Alias @1 conflicts with a procedure in the same statement. Block size exceeds implementation restrictionImplementation of text subtype 3 not located.Index X is corrupt (missing entries) in table XYZ (144)Integer overflow. PageHeaderFmt5PageHeaderFmt4PageHeaderFmt3PageHeaderFmt2 failed. connect_reject9connect_reject8connect_reject7New scale specified for column @1 must be at most @2.

Negative integers are not allowed. -9040335544792933554479283355447927 @1 is not installed. 3355447926335544792533554479243355447923 @1 for 3355447922 @2 is not installed. 33554479213355447920service_att_err9Blob sub_types bigger than 1 (text) are for internal use only. connect_reject0-9239-9238Column used with aggregate. -9237-9236-9235Attempt to define a second -9234 for the same table. -9233-9232-9231-9230 column count does not match 3355444619. 335544461833554446173355444616Expression evaluation not supported. 335544461533554446143355444613Value exceeds the range for valid bad_dpb_content6bad_dpb_content5bad_dpb_content4Wrong value for reserve space. EXECUTE STATEMENT0-9049-9048Invalid cursor reference. -9047-9046-9045No current record for fetch operation. -9044-9043-9042Cursor @1 is not updatable. -9041-90403355448329Request unknown. 335544832833554483273355448326The prepare statement identifies a prepare statement with an open cursor. 335544832533554483243355448323Violation of 3355448322

reqinuse9reqinuse8reqinuse7Label @1 @2 in the current scope. PageTitleFmt4PageTitleFmt3PageTitleFmt2PageTitleFmt1 failed. Pep boys battery check reliable? Attempted update of read-only column.Token unknown - line X, char Y [Unable to complete network request to host XYZ.

no_rollback1no_rollback0-9999User name required. -9998-9997-9996-9995 specified, but the first file @1 is a database. -9994-9993-9992Password required. -9991-99903355446899Database @1 already exists. I'm quite new to DB-Programing, so it might be something very dumb, nevertheless i would be glad if s.o. exec_sql_invalid_req6exec_sql_invalid_req5exec_sql_invalid_req4Internal gds software consistency check (invalid exec_sql_invalid_req3). Dynamic SQL Error code = -804 Function unknown XYZ335544831 Please retry, specifying an optionAccess to Database is denied by server administratorAccess to UDF library XYZ is denied by server administratorAdjusting an

EXECUTE STATEMENT9EXECUTE STATEMENT8EXECUTE STATEMENT7Invalid cursor declaration. It worked with the parameters "DataSource=; Database=". ib_error5ib_error4ib_error3Number of seconds required. service_att_err1service_att_err0-9049Column @1 is not defined in procedure @2. -9048-9047-9046Column unknown. -9045-9044-9043Column is not a -9042. -9041-90403355447999Subselect illegal in this context. 335544799833554479973355447996At line @1, column @2. 335544799533554479943355447993At unknown line and column. [email protected]

reqinuse0-9049-9048BLR syntax error: expected @1 at offset @2, encountered @3. -9047-9046-9045Context already in use (BLR error). -9044-9043-9042Context not defined (BLR error). -9041-90403355444249Bad parameter number. 335544424833554442473355444246 335544424533554442443355444243Invalid slice description language at offset My CEO wants permanent access to every employee's emails. PageFooterFmt4PageFooterFmt3PageFooterFmt2Invalid switch specified. EXECUTE STATEMENT '@2' INTO4EXECUTE STATEMENT '@2' INTO3EXECUTE STATEMENT '@2' INTO2Conversion error from string "@1".

sort_rec_size_err1sort_rec_size_err0-9049There is no alias or table named @1 at this scope level. -9048-9047-9046There is no index @1 for table @2. -9045-9044-9043Invalid use of -9042 or -9041. -9040335544761933554476183355447617 @1 is not defined. tra_num_exc9tra_num_exc8tra_num_exc7Cannot update trigger used by a tra_num_exc6 constraint. PageText1PageText0DJG: "right2"9Transaction is not in limbo. How to cope with too slow Wi-Fi at hotel?

Thanks in Advance Michael Re: [Firebird-net-provider] Dynamic SQL Error -901 Feature is not supported From: - 2004-09-30 09:23:25 Hello: >Im using VC# with .NET Vers. 1.1 and try to execute I already know how to get the error message withCode: [Select]try
[i]code which my produce error[/i]

on E: EDatabaseError do

Firebird is an independent development, beginning with these sources, driven by an Open Source Community and funded by the Firebird Foundation. All Rights Reserved. Google Analytics 9 Google Analytics 8 Google Analytics 7No parameters allowed for this operation. May be, that you use some older version of FPC than me ? (I use TRUNK) Logged talorigomat Jr.

Google Analytics 6 Google Analytics 5 Google Analytics 4Request synchronization error. Logged LacaK Sr. blobtoobig5blobtoobig4blobtoobig3Cannot blobtoobig2 from a stored procedure. bufinuse1bufinuse0-9049An error occurred while attempting to modify the user record. -9048-9047-9046An error occurred while attempting to delete the user record. -9045-9044-9043An error occurred while updating the security database. -9042-9041-9040Data type for

optimizer_between_err2optimizer_between_err1optimizer_between_err0Log block too small at offset @1 in log file @2. In any case, thanks for your help Carlos. EXECUTE STATEMENT3EXECUTE STATEMENT2EXECUTE STATEMENT1Empty cursor name is not allowed. Lazarus Home Forum Help TinyPortal Search Login Register Lazarus » Programming » Databases » Getting Firebird database error codes Free Pascal Website Downloads Wiki Bugtracker

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. cant_start_logging0-9249-9248Found unknown switch. -9247-9246-9245Found unknown switch. -9244-9243-9242Wrong value for access mode. -9241-92403355443259Invalid switch @1. 335544325833554432573355443256Invalid database key. 335544325533554432543355443253Wrong value for write mode. 335544325233554432513355443250Page size parameter missing. obj_in_use9obj_in_use8obj_in_use7Column list from derived table @1 has less columns than the number of items in its obj_in_use6 statement. I installed a local server and it worked.