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final cut 5.1 kernel error Mcgee, Missouri

The problem is only with my Mac Mini. Changed the setting to software only and it got through the render without any issues as always.Return to posts indexReport Post•Re: NVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failureby Back in the day ... (last year) there were some edits you suppose to do to the KEXTs to fix the power modes. But the biggest indicator was MS Office 2004, upon the first run of Word, during the phase of startup when it caches font info, it reported (one at a time) hundred

Stout philastokes | May 25, 2012 at 23:47 Hi Nick try the PRAM reset procedure set out here: Nancy | April 14, 2012 at 19:38 My Imac has also been My wife's macbook seems to be running really slow these days. I did a search and can't find anything in Nvidia blogs or anywhere else talking about these issues or any statement from Nvidia saying they know there is an issue and If necessary, replace the internal hard drive.

I have an 8-Core mac with 16GB Ram and an ATI x1900 xt card and with 5.1 couldn't even launch iMovie. Return to posts indexReport Post•Re: NVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failureby Brian Cooney on Feb 18, 2015 at 1:35:53 amPremiere has been a bear all year for Applications > Utilities > Disk How old is your HDD drive? It's an OS specific / CUDA / Adobe combination that is triggering it.Return to posts indexReport Post•Re: NVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failureby Andrew Kimery on Mar

discovering how Dropbox hacks yourmac make a Sierra USB bootableinstaller how to fix a ‘file in use'problem trending last 24 hrs how to uninstall MacKeeper - updated revealing Dropbox's dirty little Accounts (or ‘Users & Groups' for Lion) | Login Items. The issue continued. I'm tempted to just download Lion but am afraid it will make things even worse!!

Can't export in Final Cut Pro "graphics error" Discussion in 'Graphics' started by LeHaM, Oct 31, 2014. This was like buying a new computer! Start the video playing until its laggy. This will mean the CPU doesn't have to read and write from the disk as often and should cure a lot of those beach-balling problems.

Some of these can be app-related - especially if you are making multiple changes in programs that have autosave enabled. A week ago I upgraded my RAM to 6GB and installed Lion. Please help. All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use.

I have the 2010 Mac Pro 6-core with a Radeon HD 5870 GPU. I still have not used the pacifist method to install the enabler. After that I decided to update my Final Cut Pro X from 10.2 to 10.2.1 but no changes at all. Restart and log in as your normal user.

I can tell you this -- the problem is not isolated by Premiere Pro, it can start even while surfing the internet. Getting on the internet and doing anything online is as normal as ever. I have found that Background Tasks in FCPX can overwhelm foreground tasks. We are all becoming aware that Mac and Cuda does not add up to a professional user experience.

A few programs (MacKeeper used to be one of them, Little Snitch is another, and so are most Anti-Virus scanners) do need to be uninstalled according to the specific instructions given No media player will play them without beach balling and freezing up the computer, not even pressing the play icon in the finder, forcing me to crash the computer. You can always reinstall it if it isn't causing a problem. 21) If all of the above techniques fail to help with your FCPX problem, try a fresh install of FCPX. Head of Post Production, Coca-Cola Studios Atlanta, GA.

As of now this appears to be limited to Mac OS and NVIDIA graphics cards. If the problem isn't resolved go to step 7. 7. I made the switch to Windows. Wiping the drive and installing Mavericks seems even more excruciating.

I've tried restore mountain lion, checked disks and fixed permissions, still same result for old user. What do you do as an Apple owner? after I called them and restated that they can just wipe it and give it back instead of searching for a minute software issue they ddi a fresh install at the It is usually when im in a browser, firefox or chrome even switching tabs will make the spinning wheel pop up, actions i make are always delayed eg logging into facebook,gmail

I guess I'm wondering why you'd do that? Go to your Desktop, and attach both the file called ‘Screen Shot……. .png' and the Console.txt to an email and send to me. If every program is having theses freezing issues when using the GPU it has to be a either a Nvidia graphic driver issue or a CUDA issue, I really don't see Of course it's Cuda.

not seeing an app for that or a way to uninstall within system preferences/cuda thanks. I was using Cuda driver 6.5.46 released on 1/28/15Return to posts indexReport Post•Re: NVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failureby Brian Vawter on Feb 26, 2015 at 10:28:37 No diagnosis software comes up with anything wrong everything comes up clean I don't want to rip it apart without knowing what I'm looking for. Select everything in the list, and hit the ‘-‘ minus button underneath (not the ‘hide' button).

Try removing media to narrow down the problematic clip(s). I can watch videos, listen to music, browse. Does anyone know what this might mean? If you find one that won't open, that is your suspect.

Follow the on-screen instructions. A nearly-full disk will slow you down. appreciate it. During any given boot session, the problem is initiated by Adobe software using CUDA, either Premiere or Media Encoder, and then can be seen in other apps.

By the end of the summer 2011, I took my MAC in to Apple retail for a clean sweep and reinstall.