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This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. It allows me toconsolidate the error processing in one place within the script. Only the one I've introduced reserves the first attribute in a Script Result for FMP errors (a method above I highly agree with if using List () returns, otherwise "error" named Reply Dawn Heady - March 2, 2015 Hi, Christos, I'm responding to your question since Brent is no longer with Soliant.Yes, I use this design pattern often.

This is not the same action as logging an error, in that reporting an error normally does affect application workflow. Something happened."] Exit Script [] End If A script with more steps and more potential errors might grow to look like this. Perhaps these should be separate Accepted Techniques pages? Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 5.

FileMaker Pro 12 Help Contents Next> Reference > Functions reference > Get functions > Get(LastError) Get(LastError) Purpose Returns a number representing the error, if any, in the execution How about we start with Error Trapping & Resolution Error Logging Here's how I see my system fitting into Guard Clauses, where the Handle Error script simply centralizes and manages the Filemaker Boookings and Reservation SystemGet a nice discount to this course by following the link below: Have a look at my other Udemy courses... FileMaker Pro 12 Help Contents Next> Reference > Script steps reference > Control script steps > Set Error Capture Set Error Capture Purpose Suppresses or enables normal FileMakerPro

That's what most people are looking for - even if they don't know the difference. No hard sell - in your first free consultation, we'll listen and answer questions. I took this approach because the most basic solution may only have FileMaker errors to worry about and using a system of overrides provides more flexibility. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites bcooney 90 Consultant Moderators 90 6,150 posts Location: Long Island, NY Version: 14 Advanced Cross Platform Expert Posted June 27,

Or, we could put the whole process in a loop, exit the loop if there's an error, and then handle any errors when we're done: Set Error Capture [On] Set Variable Currently when an email is canceled and with error capture off an error appears stating " Send Mail has been canceled would you like to continue with this script?"With error capture One challenge we run into with that is that there's more than one good answer to "What do I do when that happens?", and there's some 'splaining to do to describe HOW IT IS USED FileMaker, like almost any application, will give you an error message when an error occurs.

Thanks for sharing this. Create Business App Developm: FMT friend and affilate Richard Carlton has announced the launch of a new vid Long Time FileMaker Developer Lau: FileMaker developer and Code-X creator Tony Tanevski of Duh! Report the error — Notify the calling script or the end user that an error has occurred, and what error occurred.

By using the Get (LastError) function with the control script steps, you can make sure your script performs correctly. Compatibility Where the script step runs Supported FileMaker Pro Yes FileMaker Server scheduled script Yes FileMaker Go Yes Custom Web Publishing Yes Instant Web Publishing Yes Runtime solution Yes Originated Oops...reality bites sometimes. :) Anyway, based on the work already done I combed through my day job solution to see if any patterns emerged on how others treat errors in a It's still an interesting question.) Permalink Feb 11, 2011 Perren Smith Wow...where have I been?

Permalink Mar 22, 2011 Matt Petrowsky I think that's a great idea. If you didn't have this step, FileMaker would basically be suspended until someone cleared the default FileMaker error message from the screen. Copyright © 1994-2016, FileMaker, Inc. © 2007-2016 Jive Software | Powered by Home | Top of page | HelpJive Software Version: , revision: 20160218075410.6eafe9c.release_8.0.3.x HomeFileMaker ForumInside FileMaker FileMaker Canvas Filemaker Download a copy here.

It seems to me that you mean it in the sense of how a script deals with errors internally: drop the error in some other script's lap. The Error() CF in turn uses ErrorData(), which is where all data relevant to when the error happened is captured. A script can perform any reasonable clean-up before aborting and returning control to the calling script or the end user; for example, a script might close any opened off-screen utility windows However, our primary concern -- and the original reason for this post -- is how the "Schedules" screen within the FileMaker Server Admin Console reacts to these informational error messages. (I'm

Permalink Feb 12, 2011 Jeremy Bante It looks like your error handling example is following the arrow anti-pattern. (Oh the horror!) The second error handling example on the proposal avoids that I'm thinking of the C.S. Each field within the Errorlog uses an auto-enter calculation which references any of the possible $errorVariables. Thanks again Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 3.

If a particular error comes up, immediately perform a desired task. I mean it in the sense of how a script behaves with respect to another script that called it: if I can't handle the error, pass the buck up the chain Using error capture in your scripts gives the developer the opportunity to either rephrase the error message and even even create a set of script steps to resolve the error. Request a Call FileMaker Custom Development FileMaker Go for iOS Custom Web Publishing FileMaker Training Books & Materials Events Salesforce Salesforce Consulting Development & Integration Adoption & Training Events Web

When reasonable, respect the error capture state that was active when a script was initially called, i.e., don't present errors to users if a parent script is capturing errors, and therefore ie. Yet it has absolutely ZERO effect when running a script on the server.if you:(1) have a script that performs a find then returns a found count of zero, or(2) have a When you decide to suppress alerts, it is important that you anticipate as many problems as possible and include clear instructions for what to do when an error condition is encountered.

So the word "error" on the Schedules screen leads the FileMaker Developer to believe that an actual error had occurred, instead of just an information message.The Schedules screen shouldn't really say I certainly think my own system can be refined and improved. Format Set Error Capture [] Options • On suppresses FileMakerPro alert messages and some dialog boxes. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Register a new account Sign in Already have an account? It is much more reasonable to assume that the found count is kept in a register (i.e. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites IdealData 22 IdealData Members 22 2,630 posts Version: 12 Advanced Mac OS X Snow Leopard Posted September 12, 2012 After