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fgets error Macks Creek, Missouri

Why are Spanish adverbs formed using the feminine? The contents of the array pointed to by str are not altered in this case. Since C99 promises that fgets() fills the array when successful, it is easy to jump to conclusions and assume the array is a nonempty NTBS. At least, not one I could find.

However, it is erroneous to assume that the array contains a nonempty string because the data may contain null characters.Noncompliant Code ExampleThis noncompliant code example attempts to remove the trailing newline If an error occurs, FALSE is returned. The st_atime field will be marked for update by the first successful execution of fgetc(), fgets(), fgetwc(), fgetws(), fread(), fscanf(), getc(), getchar(), gets() or scanf() using stream that returns data not If that happens, it will keep attempting to read from a nonexistent filehandle until the process can be administratively killed or the server hangs, whichever comes first. up down 4 kpeters

My immediate reaction was "surely ROSE would flag all uses of gets() as unsafe". ERRORS Refer to fgetc(). If no errors occur, writes a null character at the position immediately after the last character written to str. Here is my code: #include #include int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { unsigned int length = 20; char input_buffer[length]; fgets(input_buffer, length, stdin); if(input_buffer == NULL) printf("Error, input too long");

set socket_set_blocking(handle,false); and socket_set_blocking(handle,true); to set it back again. up down 1 dan at censornet dot com ¶4 years ago WARNING! The newline character, if read, is included in the string. Permalink Jul 25, 2008 Geoff Clare Thanks for the pointer. If that's true, it seems like a glaring omission.

I actually implemented fgets() in my own C library. ;-) Two nasty habits of mine: One, I answer SO questions while the compiler is running, i.e. It stops when either (n-1) characters are read, the newline character is read, or the end-of-file is reached, whichever comes first. See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> I'll try playing with ferror().

C/C++ Language and Standard Libraries C Run-Time Library Reference Alphabetical Function Reference Alphabetical Function Reference fgets, fgetws fgets, fgetws fgets, fgetws abort abs, labs, llabs, _abs64 access _access, _waccess _access_s, _waccess_s The fgets() function shall read bytes from stream into the array pointed to by s, until n-1 bytes are read, or a is read and transferred to s, or an If a read error occurs, the error indicator for the stream is set, fgets() returns a null pointer and sets errno to indicate the error. a bullet shot into a suspended block The mortgage company is trying to force us to make repairs after an insurance claim How many answers does this question have?

This file will be used as an input for our example program: We are in 2012 Now, let us compile and run the above program that will produce the following result: Is intelligence the "natural" product of evolution? Hardware sources of entropy on an FPGA Appease Your Google Overlords: Draw the "G" Logo Is there a place in academia for someone who compulsively solves every problem on their own? to block if theres no data there.

SEE ALSO fopen(), fread(), gets(), . End of informative text. For example, the noncompliant code example cited above would trigger a buffer underrun warning.)Compass/ROSE  Could detect some violations of this rule (In particular, it could detect the noncompliant code example by searching for fgets(), If the failure has been caused by end-of-file condition, additionally sets the eof indicator (see feof()) on stream.

Thanks –r4ptor Mar 11 '14 at 21:05 1 @Mauren: I would have remembered that if I had spent a couple more seconds thinking about it. If no length is specified, it will keep reading from the stream until it reaches the end of the line. The crux of this rule is that a string returned by fgets() could still be empty, because the first char is '\0'. Permalink Jan 28, 2010 Overview Content Tools Activity Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5.8.13, Team Collaboration Software Printed by Atlassian Confluence 5.8.13, Team Collaboration Software.

while (fgets(line, LINE_MAX, fp) != NULL) { ... } ... c fgets share|improve this question edited Jun 3 '14 at 18:36 Giacomoni 1,290817 asked Mar 11 '14 at 20:49 r4ptor 1615 Please indent your code. –Michael Walz Mar 11 The contents of the array pointed to by str are indeterminate (it may not even be null-terminated). [edit] Notes POSIX additionally requires that fgets sets errno if it encounters an failure It pulled a 30+ million line 900meg file through in ~ 24 seconds.

$buf just hold current chunk of data to work with.

The line feed ist still at the end of the line. Carriage returns (\\r) aren't processed as line endings.
However, nl2br insterts a
tag before carriage returns as well.
This is useful (but not nice - I must admit) when What is the difference between a crosscut sled and a table saw boat? (KevinC's) Triangular DeciDigits Sequence How do I say "Thank you, Captain Obvious?" Why is absolute zero unattainable? char *fgets(char *str, int n, FILE *stream) Parameters str -- This is the pointer to an array of chars where the string read is stored.

Do not copy data from an unbounded source to a fixed-length array. Please note fgets() will automatically append a null character (\0) to the end of the string, which may cause the string to be truncated, since you specify how many characters must Declaration Following is the declaration for fgets() function. The following sections are informative.

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