fatal error white spaces are required between publicid and systemid Kewanee Missouri

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fatal error white spaces are required between publicid and systemid Kewanee, Missouri

Not the answer you're looking for? Error was surely misleading though. location: null full exception chain stacktrace[hide] org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Unable to get transformer handler for cocoon://scheduler/git/authoring/lengua-portuguesa.html.xsl?pipelinehash=-3637131658407547304: org.apache.excalibur.xml.xslt.XSLTProcessorException: Exception in creating Transform Handler at org.apache.cocoon.transformation.TraxTransformer.setup(TraxTransformer.java:318) at org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.AbstractProcessingPipeline.setupPipeline(AbstractProcessingPipeline.java:398) at org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.AbstractProcessingPipeline.preparePipeline(AbstractProcessingPipeline.java:503) at org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.AbstractProcessingPipeline.process(AbstractProcessingPipeline.java:455) at org.apache.cocoon.components.treeprocessor.sitemap.SerializeNode.invoke(SerializeNode.java:120) at Not the answer you're looking for?

The Landmark @ One Market, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States Privacy Statement Security Statement Terms of Use Feedback About Us Language: English Choose a Language English 日本語 Français Why are unsigned numbers implemented? Signup for a Developer Edition Unsolved QuestionsThis Question wei wangorg.xml.sax.SAXParseException: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId I am trying to use Outbound Messaging to send SOAP message to a The problematic file is my Hibernate/DAO configuration applicationContext-hibernate.xml.

What are Imperial officers wearing here? Various trademarks held by their respective owners.Salesforce.com, inc. as that xml file is coming from apache solr.. at org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder.build(SAXBuilder.java:468) at org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder.build(SAXBuilder.java:770) at com.sun.syndication.propono.atom.client.ClientAtomService.(ClientAtomService.java:88) at com.sun.syndication.propono.atom.client.AtomClientFactory.getAtomService(AtomClientFactory.java:33) at com.webflavors.hogwash.CreateBlogs.run(CreateBlogs.java:38) at com.webflavors.hogwash.CreateBlogs.main(CreateBlogs.java:29) Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.

weiApril 4, 2007 · Like0 · Dislike0 DrawloopSupportI was referred to this thread by Nia at Salesforce, although I do not think it answers my question. When we have a look in the log, we always see an error "White spaces are required between publicId and systemId"Any idea what could be the reason ?Message: [Fatal Error] :1:62: Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up White spaces are required between publicId and systemId up vote 24 down vote favorite 3 I am trying to make a ajax Forgot your user name?

When deploying my WAR file to JBoss (5.0.1.GA) I get the error message below. You'll get the error with (for instance): You won't with: Notice "" at the end in the second one -- that's the Return to top registerSTCluster.bat - [Fatal Erro... (Paul Thomas Lan... 20.Jun.13) . . RSS answers RSS answers and comments Who's following the question Anirban Sen Chowdhary 845 questions answered Arun Kumar 430 questions answered Manik Magar 418 questions answered Utsav Vishnoi 325 questions answered

at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.createSAXParseException(ErrorHandlerWrapper.java:195) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.fatalError(ErrorHandlerWrapper.java:174) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(XMLErrorReporter.java:388) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLScanner.reportFatalError(XMLScanner.java:1411) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLScanner.scanExternalID(XMLScanner.java:1026) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentScannerImpl.scanDoctypeDecl(XMLDocumentScannerImpl.java:687) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentScannerImpl$PrologDriver.next(XMLDocumentScannerImpl.java:963) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentScannerImpl.next(XMLDocumentScannerImpl.java:647) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl.next(XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl.java:140) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.scanDocument(XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.java:508) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(XML11Configuration.java:807) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(XML11Configuration.java:737) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XMLParser.parse(XMLParser.java:107) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.AbstractSAXParser.parse(AbstractSAXParser.java:1205) at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.jaxp.SAXParserImpl$JAXPSAXParser.parse(SAXParserImpl.java:522) at Many thanks for all your support. Comment Cancel Post dejanp Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Posts: 1086 #7 Mar 18th, 2009, 07:43 AM The problem is that JBoss deployer sometimes tries to parse xml files even Dismiss ShowAll Questionssorted byDate Posted ShowAll QuestionsUnanswered QuestionsUnsolved QuestionsSolved Questions sorted byDate PostedRecent ActivityMost Popular + Start a Discussion You need to sign in to do that Sign in to start

Comment Cancel Post sendi_t34 Junior Member Join Date: Mar 2009 Posts: 4 #8 Mar 26th, 2009, 11:40 AM Jboss blames Spring and Spring blames JBOSS Jboss blames Spring and Spring blames My applicationContext.xml is similar to the sample's xml. Am I missing libraries?Any help very much appreciated as stuck now!Regards,NesCaused by: org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBException: Failed to parse source: Failed to parse schema for nsURI=http://www.springframework.org/schema/tx, baseURI=null, schemaLocation=null...Caused by: org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBRuntimeException: Failed to parse schema Those needing community support and/or wanting to ask questions should refer to the Tag/Forum map, and to http://spring.io/questions for a curated list of stackoverflow tags that Pivotal engineers, and the community,

All commenting, posting, registration services have been turned off. After looking at my pom, I realized I was missing dependency on mule-validations jar. Mar 14th, 2009, 07:42 AM Hello, I'm developing a Spring (2.5.6) application. Last edited by nesyarug; Mar 28th, 2009, 01:43 PM.

You'll get the error with (for instance): Comment Add comment 10 |1200 characters needed characters left characters exceeded ▼ Viewable by all users Viewable by moderators Viewable by moderators and the Any suggestions will be appreciated.. I can disable XML validation, but I hate doing things like that to resolve errors in Eclipse. Any suggestions what I can try to have my XML files validate?

Bug40515 - White spaces are required between publicId and systemId Summary: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId Status: NEW Product: Lenya Classification: Unclassified Component: Publisher Version: 1.2.4 Hardware: DEC In your shoes I'd see if I could identify every XML document the system might conceivably touch on its way from a request to validate a document to the error message When we changed the URL to one that was not redirecting, we did not get this error. Browse other questions tagged xml eclipse validation xsd doctrine or ask your own question.

jaikiran pai Mar 16, 2009 2:53 AM (in response to Nes Yarug) Please post the entire exception stacktrace. How can I toruble shooting this? More Like This Retrieving data ... You might want to double check the validity of applicationContext.xml, if you are missing some dtds or you might have an invalid element out there in your xml.

I cannot edit that xml file.. at org.jboss.xb.binding.sunday.unmarshalling.XsdBinderTerminatingErrorHandler.handleError(XsdBinderTerminatingErrorHandler.java:40) at org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.XMLSchemaLoader.reportDOMFatalError(Unknown Source) at org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.XSLoaderImpl.load(Unknown Source) at org.jboss.xb.binding.Util.loadSchema(Util.java:395) at org.jboss.xb.binding.sunday.unmarshalling.XsdBinder.bind(XsdBinder.java:175) at org.jboss.xb.binding.sunday.unmarshalling.XsdBinder.bind(XsdBinder.java:146) at org.jboss.xb.binding.sunday.unmarshalling.DefaultSchemaResolver.resolve(DefaultSchemaResolver.java:332) ... 82 more2009-03-14 12:58:34,604 WARN [org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer] (http- Failed to deploy: file:/Users/nesyarug/Workspace/x/target/Website.warorg.jboss.deployers.client.spi.IncompleteDeploymentException: Summary of incomplete deployments Nes Yarug Mar 16, 2009 12:25 PM (in response to Nes Yarug) And here is applicationContext.xml:

Show snoopdave added a comment - 31/Mar/10 3:45 AM I suspect this is a either a JDOM bug or the service doc is actually malformed XML (whitespace before the

The JPetStore sample application deploys fine. asked 5 years ago viewed 72002 times active 1 year ago Linked 2 White spaces are required 0 White spaces are required between publicId and systemId 0 Errors occurring during build Be sure to back up any files you replace in your JBoss distribution. Did Sputnik 1 have attitude control?

By the way, an empty system identifier might not be ideal, but it might be enough to get you moving. Format For Printing -XML -Clone This Bug -Top of page First Last Prev Next This bug is not in your last search results. Once you have a formatted message, because you captured one salesforce is sending, or because you took the schema from the WSDL and hand generated an actual instance of a message, Did you get java NullPointException when you tried the second URL: How did you test it?

Caused by: org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBRuntimeException: Failed to parse schema for nsURI=http://www.springframework.org/schema/tx, baseURI=null, schemaLocation=null ... thanks!April 4, 2007 · Like0 · Dislike0 SuperfellI get the same thing, you're going to have debug your listener, if the service description it generates it correct, then its not configured Yes No OK OK Cancel X Sign Up › Login › My Developer Account > Create Account > My Settings > Log out Login Need help?

Both files validate though (using the Validate function in Eclipse). I deployed lenya under oracle app server and get the same error. Hard to tell because the service no longer appears to be online. Comment Cancel Post nesyarug Member Join Date: Mar 2009 Posts: 55 #10 Oct 25th, 2009, 06:49 PM I thought I'd give it another try on JBoss 5.1.0.GA, but running into the