fatal error call undefined function admin messages coppermine Humphreys Missouri

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fatal error call undefined function admin messages coppermine Humphreys, Missouri

Webspace that can be saved (maximum): 80 KB Remove files that are needed for install or upgrade only Once Coppermine has been installed and is "up-and-running", you can safely delete the Warning: Wrong parameter ... Also if one of the file/directory on my site has a mode of 777, the server will shutdown my site and send me an email warning me that this is unsafe. All images (.jpg, .gif, .png etc) should be uploaded as binary, all files that contain text (php, htm, css, js etc.) in ASCII mode.

If the server isn't yours to administer (i.e. Setup / Administration How can I include a link in an album description or the caption of a pic? Try to delete your picture from within the script. You should check if this service is available to you, first.) Here's a quick "how to backup a database with phpMyAdmin" primer: Download the software if it's not available to you,

Make sure the edit directory has been chmod to 777/755. on Windows/Apache:Check the account Apache runs under and set the rights in the file-system. [top of page] I get the error "Warning: Empty Delimiter in search.inc.php line 33". I tried to change the language on the config page, but it doesn't work. If you are running your own webservem you can download it at libgd.org.

What's wrong? What's wrong? Using Unicode (utf-8) will display the gallery in the language your page visitor has set in his browser. GD 1.x 2.x are normally part of all standard PHP distributions under Windows To check if you have it, go to the directory where you installed PHP, go to the "extensions"

I went back through the thread and found that the themes folder didn't exist within the wp-content/directory. How can I delete them to gain disk space? [top of page] How do albums and folders work in coppermine? the webhost on shared webhosting accounts. 404 Not Found Client Request Error The requested file could not be found (but may be available again in the future). What's wrong?

If your site is being hosted by a webhost you can only contact your webhost and ask them to install it for you. If you have really selected a picture to upload, check that the server allows file uploads..., check if there's a problem with HTTP uploads on your server - they may have What can I do? ImageMagick is another graphical library like GD/GD2 for image manipulation.

Try switching silly_safe_mode on. Resolving issues after the fact can take days, even weeks. Add-ons / Modifications / Hacks How can I change the order of the pics when editing them? What does that mean?

GD 1.x 2.x are normally part of all standard PHP distributions under Windows To check if you have it, go to the directory where you installed PHP, go to the "extensions" Please check your PHP info and maybe ask your hosting provider if they can fix that issue. When I try to upload a picture I get the error message Warning: opendir(./albums/edit): failed to open dir: No such file or directory. How can I remove it?

Reading the docs takes but a few minutes. It's a generally a good idea to have some different browsers on your local machine to check if your site is displayed correctly not only in your favourite browser If you're Yes, we mean it. for ...

Summary: a minimum install of coppermine will need approx. 3.3 MB of webspace. [top of page] Upload General Upload Troubleshooting When troubleshooting uploads in CPG 1.4, you are advised to change If you have more than one database available, choose it at the top of the left frame. How can I sort the thumbnails by user defined (custom) fields? Can be used to include banner-rotation scripts or similar. (e.g.

Most of us can still remember when we were in your shoes.[top of page] I've posted my question a while ago, but nobody answers. Try to edit the file include/init.inc.php: change $PHP_SELF = isset($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']) ? $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] : $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']; to $PHP_SELF = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; [top of page] When a user tries to upload a picture s/he gets Edit themes/yourtheme/template.html, find and add after it Use one of the many "no right-click" scripts that are available (e.g. How can I display the name of the uploader with the picture info?

How? The most common issue caused by this setting is an open_basedir warning. What are the steps to get Coppermine running? If you want to adjust the sorting order, do this: log in as admin "admin mode" "Albums" choose a category in the dropdown list highlight an album by clicking on it

Home Forum Search Board rules Project Browse Subversion repository Browse Git repository Download Documentation Documentation for cpg1.5.x Documentation for cpg1.4.x FAQ Tutorials About us Demo Plugins Plugins for cpg1.5.x Search Loading There are several things to be taken into account. Yes, we want you to check the permissions of each folder even if you think you have already done this. If you haven't installed Coppermine, yet, create a blank file named "info.php".

Deleting the intermediate pics would disable many of the great features that make coppermine what is today.