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faircom error 133 Harviell, Missouri

See "Client/Server ctntio Communication Errors (Formerly VDP Errors)" for more information. 129 NINT_ERR c-tree not initialized. 130 AFNM_ERR NULL file name pointer. and WATCH problems with 16-bit apps in SoftICE 16-bit BoundsChecker support for Windows NT? 32 bit file access disabled under Soft-ICE for Windows? Error Code Description KDUP_ERR 2 †Key value already exists KMAT_ERR 3 †Could not delete since pntr's don't match KDEL_ERR 4 †Could not find key to delete KBLD_ERR 5 †Cannot call delete Cannot add any more. 918 RDAR_ERR DAR attribute word is marked deleted (FC_DAR_delete bit).

They correspond to errors 101-126 listed in the CTSORT.C module. 471 Error deleting sortwork file 472 Error deleting sortwork file. 473 Error opening first dummy file. 474 Too few handles available For example, KDUP_ERR (2) occurs if you attempt to add an existing entry to an index that does not support duplicate key values. Update your c-tree Server. 926 HLMT_ERR The transaction history log scan terminated because the user-specified limit on the number of logs to scan was reached. 927 PNST_ERR The instance number of For example, only ADMIN can change ADMIN group membership. 925 SCMP_ERR The c-tree client is attempting to use features of the SECURITY API function that this c-tree Server does not

Knowledgebase c-tree Error 133: ASKY_ERR Error description: The server could not be located. The index end of file error gives warning when a B-tree index node appears to be past the logical end of the index file. Please try the request again. All rights reserved.

Internal processing problem. This capability can be disabled: For non-server applications, disable the check by compiling with NO_ctBEHAV_CHECKFIX defined.For client/server applications, the configuration keyword COMPATIBILITY NO_CHECKFIX turns off this check. 554 ISRL_ERR Inconsistent SerialNum Rebuild index. 35 lseek failed in function ctio (ctclib.c). Rebuild data file, but do not force rebuild. 16 KCRAT_ERR Could not create index file.

Join Sign in Search Search Options Search Everything Search DevPartner Home Micro Focus Borland More ... Rebuild data file, but do not force rebuild. 16 Could not create index file. repeat the first search call and subsequent search calls: the undone transaction will be ignored). 627 HUNK_ERR Unknown type of request. 628 HFIL_ERR Must specify filno. 629 HTFL_ERR Could not initialize Use the Database Administration Utility to set up backup times for the desired databases again.

Increase fils. Copygood file over bad.† †RCL5_ERR 574 †incomplete compression & primary\mirror out-of-sync† †RCL6_ERR 575 †index rebuild required & primary\mirror out-of-sync† †RCL7_ERR 576 †incomplete compression & index re-build required & primary\mirror out-of-sync† †CPND_COD If the TCP/IP communication protocol is being used, be sure the [email protected][email protected]_Name protocol is being followed. Either no space is available on disk or filnam points to improper name. 17 Could not create data file.

Update your c-tree client. 960-962 See 941-942, 960-967 Logon Error Codes. 963 LISM_ERR An attempt to close an ISAM data file with the low-level The service itself is not stopped. The following 4 items are the most probable causes of the INOT_ERR. 1) Passing GetRecord a duplicate allowed index number (keyno). isam_fil indicates the relative index number for an unspecified data file. 112 LockISAM(ENABLE) found pending locks.

KB0133 Create: AmpdsRetrvBinvers: Cannot read PROQA version (48). Call CLSICON()† †ECON_ERR 592 †context ID exists† †CLEN_ERR 595 †varlen too small in PUTCRES† †CMIS_ERR 596 †missing information†† †CINI_ERR 597 †could not initialize expression† †CVAL_ERR 598 †could not evalutate conditional exp If no file is found, create a new database and copy the Lock.dat file generated to the correct location on your existing database to correct the error. Value Symbolic Constant Explanation 1000 IDFL_MOD Could not enable the specified identity field mode due to a conflicting mode that is already in effect.

Remove any lines that begin with the word DUMP 4. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Databases directory. 2. Data file must be rebuilt. (During the rebuild, look for records with rejected duplicate key values.) 106 IDRI_ERR Could not read ISAM parameter file Data File Description record for isam_fil. Generated Fri, 14 Oct 2016 02:30:33 GMT by s_ac4 (squid/3.5.20)

Abrang√™ncia ERP 10 e 11 Observa√ß√£o Estes c√≥digos s√£o retornados pelas APIs e fun√ß√Ķes¬†do c-tree, utilizadas pelo Application Server nas RDDs c-tree local e/ou c-tree Server, no caso de n√£o ser In this situation the files will not be guaranteed to be consistent as of any point in time; they can contain a mixture of old/new data, and the data files may Change MAX_KEY_SEG in ctoptn.h. Be sure parameter file is consistent with RTREE setting in ctoptn.h. 107 IDRK_ERR Too many indices for data file number isam_fil in ISAM parameter file.

Optionally change ctMAXFIL in ctoptn.h. Check sysiocod for the system error code. 875 XFR_BCON_ERR A bound database connection called the file transfer function, but this function is supported for client connections only. 876 XFR_BSIZ_ERR The file Check that TCP/IP name resolution is properly configured on the host system. 892 MBUF_ERR An attempt to perform a sequential, index-based retrieval when the index does not have a current key Should not show up in a single user system.

Be sure that filnam parameter points to correct name. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the TrackRecord Server directory. 2. For stand-alone applications, check your sect setting (recall that PAGE_SIZE = sect * 128, where sect is the third InitCTree() parameter). 41 UDLK_ERR Could not unlock data record. Check the system error code stored in sysiocod for the reason. 921 IDFL_CHG Attempt to change IDfield during an ISAM rewrite operation.

Data file header record may be corrupt; if so, rebuild data file.  Or C255 constant is incorrect: see ctcmpl.h.' 32 Attempt to delete data record twice in a row. 33 recptr Must completely restart this set of history calls (i.e. Instead of terminating execution, IERR_COD is returned, sysiocod is set to a local code, and a message is written into CTSTATUS.FCS. 924 SADM_ERR Only the super administrator user account (named ADMIN) This is generated when the user tries to start the Faircom/CTSRVR server when it is already running as a service.

Check sysiocod for the system-level error.For the client/server model only, if a file open returns FNOP_ERR, check sysiocod.