extjs getboundingclientrect unspecified error Faucett Missouri

We specialize in providing solutions to get your dictation, the spoken word, to the final product whether it be paper or electronic form.

For over 30 years we have worked closely with many Health Information Services and Medical Records Departments supplying software, computer equiptment and dictation equipment. We are an authorized distributor for Lanier Heathcare.

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extjs getboundingclientrect unspecified error Faucett, Missouri

function IESafeOffsetParent(elem) { try { return elem.offsetParent; } catch(e) { return document.body; } } // The Offset Method // Originally By Brandon Aaron, part of the Dimension Plugin // http://jquery.com/plugins/project/dimensions jQuery.fn.offset This was looking like a 4-8 hour troubleshooting task when I found your post, and you set me straight in < 20 minutes. If there are cases where jQuery core itself causes the problem, please attach them to this ticket. Any ideas? –NLV Sep 26 '10 at 13:32 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote If you would like to fix the minified/compressed .js file for jQuery version 1.4.2, replace:

Best, Ernesto comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by RSparkyC I am having the same problem. Comments (7) | Workarounds (0) | Attachments (0) Sign in to post a comment. I believe something about the document ready/loaded event from the iframe is triggering this error. Check this Out Similar queries asp.net - Is there a workaround for IE 6/7 "Unspecified Error" bug when accessing offsetParent - Stack Overflow asp.net - Is there a workaround for IE

if(el != bd){ hasAbsolute = fly(el).isStyle("position", "absolute"); if (el.getBoundingClientRect) { try { b = el.getBoundingClientRect(); scroll = fly(document).getScroll(); ret = [Math.round(b.left + scroll.left), Math.round(b.top + scroll.top)]; } catch(e) { ret = How would a vagrant civilization evolve? These are areas that have nothing to do with CKEditor. offsetChild : offsetParent; // Get next offsetParent offsetParent = offsetParent.offsetParent; } // Get parent scroll offsets while ( parent && parent.tagName && !/^body|html$/i.test(parent.tagName) ) { // Remove parent scroll UNLESS that

I unfortunately don't have time to prepare a test example, but the login to our test site I sent before should still be valid (if not I can re-activate it), and Test 1. That is the workaround I have found. After refreshing some part of the page with AJAX (using Wicket) all my draggable-dropables stop to work because of an error appearing on line 5942 var box = elem.getBoundingClientRect() I think

I'm confirming this issue based on feedback. more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Better yet, have two!ReplyDeleteAdd commentLoad more... before the ajax request is made, invoke the destroy method on draggable objects: $("#drag").draggable("destroy"); after the ajax response, setup your draggable elements again.

Calling getBoundingClientRect on an HTML Element that has not been Added to the DOM Causes "Unspecified error" - by InquiLearner Status : Closed as Fixed Fixed This item has been comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by poddys Results below (script tags changed from < to [). Why does the material for space elevators have to be really strong? User @azkme did.

I would still like to anchor to though so this isn't a great solution! I found removing an unrelated iframe prevented the error from occurring. I don't have any reputation.:) Athele share|improve this answer answered Feb 26 '09 at 18:40 Athele add a comment| up vote 0 down vote To your second question: Removing the anchorTo I guess the actual solution would be to eventually drop IE < 9 support.

How do investigators always know the logged flight time of the pilots? comment:11 follow-up: ↓ 12 Changed 6 years ago by slenzi I was experiencing the same issue and found a thread on stackoverflow where someone posted a solution. ​http://stackoverflow.com/questions/371468/looking-for-a-workaround-for-ie-6-7-unspecified-error-bug-when-accessing-offset In jquery-1.4.2.js file on Submit Attach a file Microsoft Connect Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statement © 2016 Microsoft Please wait... Submit Posted by Julien Bérubé on 12/7/2015 at 12:31 PM @SravanVadaga: Most likely, the parentElement property of the DomElement will be null.

Download all attachments as: .zip Oldest first Newest first Threaded Comments only Change History (40) Changed 4 years ago by poddys Attachment aCode_Extract.txt​ added Changed 4 years ago by poddys Attachment I added the trivial html boilerplate to the cfm and the error still didn't come up. With a try/catch fix: ... In our case the problem arises with IE8, I have not been able to try it with IE9/10 yet.

config_draper1.txt​ (4.8 KB) - added by poddys 4 years ago. E.g.: core/editable.js: if ( this.equals( CKEDITOR.document.getActive() ) ) { plugins/sourcearea/plugin.js: var wasActive = needsFocusHack && this.equals( CKEDITOR.document.getActive() ); plugins/widget/plugin.js- function onEditableBlur() { plugins/widget/plugin.js: var active = CKEDITOR.document.getActive(), plugins/widget/plugin.js- editor = this.editor, And since this error is so fragile that would be crazy. Any chance to get this fixed soon?

in the jquery.1.4.2.js (i.e base jquery file, where the error is thrown exactly) replace the elem.getBoundingClientRect() function call in js file //the line which throws the unspecified error var box = Pushed changes to ​branch:t/10030 comment:34 Changed 2 years ago by a.delura Status changed from review_failed to review comment:35 Changed 2 years ago by Reinmar Status changed from review to review_passed comment:36 Note that at least now we don't have to check returned value on other than IE browsers. Right now I could provide a testcase consisting of a very simple Wicket application and instructions on how to reproduce the error.

I was having the same problem in IE and this fixed it. I changed the source to a completely blank cfm page and the error didn't fire. If you would like to fix the minified/compressed .js file for jQuery version 1.4.2, replace: var d=b.getBoundingClientRect(), with var d = null; try { d = b.getBoundingClientRect(); } catch(e) { d Could anyone of you tell me what have I missed?