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If you include a file extension when you specify the identifier, GAMBIT searches for a file matching the exact name specified in the ID text box. End previous journal run closes any open journal files that are currently paused. (NOTE: GAMBIT displays this option only if you open the Run Journal form while another journal file execution Format AREA(face) Example The following function call returns the surface area of a face named face.181. $X = AREA("face.181") BBOX—Bounding Box BBOX returns a numeric array of six values that define The value indicates the logical relationship between string1 and string2 as follows.

The Select File form includes the following specifications. Using the Hidden Menu In addition to the options described above, GAMBIT allows you to perform global selection and unselection operations by means of a hidden menu. For example, if you select the Make Tolerant option and import an edge one termination point of which does not coincide with its corresponding endpoint vertex to within default model tolerance Format GETENV(env_variable) Example If the GAMBITROOT environment variable is set to "/usr/local/GAMBIT", the following function call returns the string value "/usr/local/GAMBIT" in parameter X: $X = GETENV("GAMBITROOT") PWD—Current Working Directory PWD

Commands Associated with Undo Operations When you clean up a journal file by means of the Clean Journal operation, GAMBIT removes from the journal file all commands associated with undo operations. Format FILEPREFIX(filename) Example The following function call returns the string value "pr1" in parameter X: $X = FILEPREFIX("pr1.dbs") FILESUFFIX—Suffix of a File Name FILESUFFIX returns the suffix of a file name The first element of the string array represents the value of the interior angle (in degrees); the second and third elements represent the labels of the edges that form the angle. The session title constitutes a general descriptor for the session.

It is advisable, therefore, to avoid using the reserved letter combinations when specifying file names for GAMBIT import operations. GAMBIT undo operations can involve two types of commands: Undo commands Undo-group commands An undo command undoes the most recently executed GAMBIT operation. Load loads the file specified in the File Name text box into the Edit/Run Journal form text editor. Specifying the Save Option When you open an existing session, GAMBIT deletes any data associated with the current session.

Working Directory The working directory is a subdirectory of the scratch directory. To insure that GAMBIT geometry operations correctly handle imported IGES geometry, specify a Model Space Scale factor that enlarges or reduces the imported geometry such that its coordinate values are in NOTE (2): If you do not bypass the Gambit Startup window, any option that you specify in the startup command string is automatic­ally included in the Options field on the Gambit When you select the Make Tolerant option, GAMBIT automatically assigns a tolerance value to each imported vertex and edge to maintain topological integrity for the imported model.

This problem usually occurs when you already have your web-browser open when you click 'Help' in Fluent or Gambit. Format UNAME() Example If GAMBIT is running on a Windows system, the following function call returns the string value "ntx86" in parameter X: $X = UNAME() WILDCARD—Filename List by Wildcard Reference The format specifier may include any combination of literals and C style format specifiers. Options: Match Case restricts the search to only those blocks of text matching the text search string with respect to both character-type and case.

It is important, therefore, to read and verify geometry values before applying the Model Space Scale factor. Format INTERIORFACE(face, volume) Example If a face labeled face.39 is interior to a volume labeled volume.152, the follow­ing function call returns a one (1) to the parameter named X. $X = NOTE (1): For Windows NT systems, the command keyword must be enclosed in quotation marks if it includes spaces. Specifying the Import Source The Import Source options allow you to specify the program used to generate the IGES file that contains the data to be imported.

Execute the GAMBIT startup command. By contrast, the Edit/Run Journal form allows you to select and execute individual command lines or groups of command lines. If you do not specify a search_string value, GAMBIT returns an array that includes the names of all existing parameters.) Format PARAMLIST([search_string]) Example The following function call returns a one-dimensional string The session identifier constitutes the root name of all files associated with the session.

Using the Save Session As Form The Save Session As form (see below) allows you to save the current model data using a specified session identifier. Model Scale Factor specifies a scaling factor for imported model geometry. NOTE (2): This option does not start the GAMBIT program. -rx.y.z Starts a previous version of GAMBIT the release number of which is specified by the parameters x, y, and z. Browse… opens the Select File form, which allows you to browse existing directories and file lists and to select a file name from the lists. (See "Using the Select File Form"

Cookies We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. For example, GAMBIT import operations might experience problems when attempting to import files named COM8, PRN.stp, or nul.igs. If one of the parent faces possesses a surface area identical to that of the CAD face, the function returns the parameter of the face that possesses the same area as For example, if you specify the identifier "example" in the ID text box, GAMBIT searches for a database file named example.dbs.

No stand-alone faces deletes faces that are not connected to any volumes. If you specify a volume entity, ENT2LOC returns the coordinates of the centroid of the volume. (NOTE: The centroid coordinates may rep­resent a point outside the volume boundaries. Here's the console log I pulled off my iPhone via Xcode (none of my devices are jailbroken) in case it helps (yes, my iPhone is called 'Droid'... ) Feb 5 23:35:31 The View File form allows you to view any text file and to copy information from the text file to the GAMBIT Command line or to any open window.

To unselect a selected line of text, left-click its marker field again. The GAMBIT global tolerance value is 10-6. I've also updated to the latest GambitREPL from the store, but both the new GambitREPL and 'Not Emacs' appears to crash on my iPhone5S (iOS8.1) and my iPadMiniRetina (iOS8.1). The reserved letter combinations (which are not case-sensitive) include: CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9.

You can change your cookie settings at any time. NOTE: GAMBIT geometry operations may fail if the model dimensions are too large or too small relative to the GAMBIT global tolerance value. Specifying the Heal Geometry Option The Heal Geometry option specifies that GAMBIT will attempt to heal geometry during import. Insert text Locate the cursor at the text insertion point, and input text from the keyboard.

A special note should be made regarding Gambit sometimes not wanting to start, complaining something similar to: ERROR: IDENTIFIER "default_id" CURRENTLY OPEN In that case Gambit probably crasched previously and left Destination: Printer specifies printing graphics to a printer. ICEM Input and Vertex Data information consists of points that can be used to describe geometric surfaces.