ford windstar error code 171 Piney Woods Mississippi

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ford windstar error code 171 Piney Woods, Mississippi

like more than a volt, it should accept that first key-on TPS voltage as the new "closed" TPS voltage.It may be that the TPS they gave you is the wrong one. Keep track of which one goes where. Who knows at this point. In any event, remove each one.

Left (front-most) Valve Cover Here's the first picture. Ford TSB 03-16-1 says the fix involves several steps: remove the upper manifold plenum and replace the original gaskets and bolts with revised ones, replace the front valve cover with a Mom of four11-12-2010, 12:07 PMQuick Question...I have driven with these codes for almost 2 years and today my car started shaking while I was driving and my check engine light started Take your time and get everything ready before you begin.

Mark helpful 160 Report lcw answered 3 years ago I have a 2002 Windstar that had rough idle when the engine is cold initially. Wenn du bei YouTube angemeldet bist, kannst du dieses Video zu einer Playlist hinzuf├╝gen. Mine popped out once so this brief check is worth it. I have seen oil dripping from the fittings on each end on my Windstar prior to the fix.

the advise shared here has saved so much $ for those who have been fortunate enough to have come across this thread. Mine ran great, and still is... It flashes off quickly so there is no concern with damage to the gaskets. Plenum w/ Top-half Removed (Internal baffle not shown) The culprets of the P0171 and 174 codes...

The top and bottom. I need to know 2 things , 1) does anyone know where to get the linkages and retainers besides from Ford and ,2) could this be throwing lean codes ? KDS input... Wird geladen...

The valve cover is a piece of cake, 5 bolts, be careful, they are small and overtightening can lead to a bigger fix than you planned for. It controls the upstream and downstream in the computer. I'm assuming you went to a part's store rather than the dealer, which doomed you to get the wrong one early on. I indicate it with the [Yellow Dot] here.

His added comments and corrections are much appreciated. No FoMoCo 4cyl that I know of... the walkthru says to ignore the butterfly valves, but they are caked with residue. This is a cinch.

MEK is excellent at breaking down oil residue and gum. That's exactly correct. cheers pcitizen05-25-2012, 07:41 AMI haven't seen anything about it fixing stalling problems. I suspect the isolator bolts are at fault and have been all along.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, particularly pcitizen for the outstanding step-by-step how-to webpage. We have an account with a local Ford dealership and so far the consensus of thier techs is the upper and lower plenum gaskets with the upgraded bolt kit . People that post there have been very helpful as well. BUT next day wouldnt start 2nd time and had to tow it in total cost lifetime starter $340 Has other wacko problems electrical but somehow they just start working right again

DIRTY MAF SENSOR One of the most common causes of Ford P0171 and P0174 lean codes is a dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor. Search for: Search Ask A Question Can't find an answer? A few items came from (Autolite Professional plug wires, PCV valve, anti-seize and such) and altogether my cash output was about $63. Thanks to people like me posting things like this.

If you do use RTV ensure you allow it time to set up completely. First to 44 inch pounds and finally to 89 inch pounds. Log in to Reply Sparky says: February 5, 2013 at 8:11 pm All OBD 2 vehicles have to be driven through several drive cycles to allow the monitors to retest the I reset the CE light by disconnecting battery van ran far better after that but of course CE light comes back on after about 15 - 20 mins driving !

My only guess is the oil is building up in the plenum, working its way through the bad isolator bolts and then working its way to the lower end of the which is better than nothing at all. The MAF tube is the one on the left. Again...

ALL BOLTS ARE TORQUED TO INCH LB. will check fuel pressure and all vacuum lines and etc and hopefully resolve this. You can also try disconnecting the battery for several minutes then reconnect. Have u heard of the tsb repair fixing stalling or sluggish motors?.

Replace it if necessary. Sometimes if it is heavy it will lift off in one try but most of the time it takes a little while of very light rubbing to remove the film. One came off of the back of this unit? They tightened all the bolts and that lasted 3 weeks.Last week they said the fuel pressure was low (22PSI) so the fuel pump and all the filters were changed.Three days later

Cost just over $50 out the door. The MAF sensor should be protected from outside dust and debris by the air filter, but sometimes the air filter doesn't fit real tight inside the housing and allows unfiltered air This will help center it. I'm officially worried for the first time in this project! >> A little confused here.

It was leaking past the posts and down to the center of the lower intake manifold. i spent so much time and money with repair stations & ford and the same codes always come back. It was terribly corroded inside - the enternals (differential sensor seals and circuit card) where shot. i disconnected number 4 and 6 fuel injector connectors, the banging went away.