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general svn error from server White Pigeon, Michigan

If these rules are followed, the client can sucessfully manage the working copy. I have a file in my project that every developer must change, but I don't want those local mods to ever be committed. GroupTaskbarIconsPerRepo This option determines how the Win7 taskbar icons of the various TortoiseSVN dialogs and windows are grouped together. Neither philosophy is better in absolute terms: the debate goes back at least 30 years.

Users sometimes ask how these three settings interact. Why does it exist? If you are using the FSFS repository back end, then storing the repository on a modern NFS server (i.e., one that supports locking) should be fine. the commit dialog, and also for the unified diff viewer.

Or you might instead want to merge the changes that you made to your configuration files into the new default ones. The client cannot guess what happened. Note that you can also specify such hook scripts using special properties on your working copy. With some graphic cards however this sometimes doesn't work properly so that the cursor to enter text isn't always visible.

FullRowSelect The status list control which is used in various dialogs (e.g., commit, check-for-modifications, add, revert, ...) uses full row selection (i.e., if you select an entry, the full row is GroupTaskbarIconsPerRepoOverlay This has no effect if the option GroupTaskbarIconsPerRepo is set to 0 (see above). Feb 1 '13 at 16:00 yes svn format file is already in /var/www/svn/project1/format –hsgu Feb 1 '13 at 16:11 why do you have SVNPath /var/www/svn/REPOSITORY_NAME instead of We're not going to discuss that here.

And while I will perhaps have to relaunch it to make other import test, I tried to convert svn repos using the "Convert mode" which should be more faster according to However, the log cache will still work in this situation if you check this box. Here you can specify the working copy path, choose which plugin to use from a drop down list of all registered issue tracker plugins, and any parameters to pass. It expands to the file's last-changed revision, but I want something that will expand to the file's current revision.

Conference presenting: stick to paper material? Caution If you use the Subversion configuration file to set a global-ignores pattern, it will override the settings you make here. For even more detail about repository setup and administration, read chapter 5 in The Subversion Book. That process watches all drives for changes and fetches the status again if files inside a working copy get modified.

For some more detail, see the quick start instructions in The Subversion Book. While Berkeley DB databases and log files can be stored on remote filesystems, the Berkeley DB shared region files cannot be stored on a remote filesystem, so the repository may be Add the public part of the key to their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the server machine, after first inserting a bit of magic at the beginning of the line before the word It was a csv file.

When does svn copy create svn:mergeinfo properties? Note that for operations done remotely, e.g. See chapter 6 in the Subversion book to learn more. BlockPeggedExternals File externals that are pegged to a specific revision are blocked by default from being selected for a commit.

You would then 'connect' to the Subversion repository via this local port. I have other questions. The revision numbers will be off, but you'll still have the history. Maximum size of removed inactive caches Larger caches are more expensive to reacquire, so TortoiseSVN only purges small caches.

That way as soon as you browse into one of those folders, the information is already available. The dialog is reopened only if there still are items left to commit. We've had at least one report of working copies getting wedged after being accessed via SMB. Subversion configuration file Use Edit to edit the Subversion configuration file directly.

I tried to checkout in a different directory and received error "Could not perform atomic initialization". Subversion and the Apache Subversion logo are registered trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. To disable that behavior, set this value to false. March 7, 2014, 03:25 Miguel Moreto moreto Hello, I still have the same issue here.

bold, italic) in commit messages (see the section called “Commit Log Messages” for details). When you do that, you're asked for the path of the file and the password to encrypt/decrypt the settings file. How do I set repository permissions correctly? ¶ Try to have as few users access the repository as possible. cov(x,y)=0 but corr(x,y)=1 Modulo % with big number- Infinity error - Javascript how can you tell if the engine is not brand new?

Today I am having the same issue, with the same repository, as are all the above respondee's. Once you are happy that all is well with your new repository delete the old one. About Subversion News Features Documentation FAQ Roadmap Security Quick Start Getting Subversion Source Download Binary Packages Release Notes Community Mailing Lists Reporting Issues Wiki Getting Involved About the ASF Licenses Donate Why aren't my repository hooks working?

apache-2.2 svn path share|improve this question edited Feb 4 '13 at 4:23 asked Feb 1 '13 at 15:34 hsgu 12927 does the svn format file exist? Thank you, Ashok. This colour is also used for error messages in the progress dialogs.