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fax non volatile memory data error detected Lapeer, Michigan

Dez. 2011Global Unichip CorporationData transfer protection apparatus for flash memory controllerUS20120303870 *29. Although the present invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments thereof, these embodiments are merely illustrative, and not restrictive of, the present invention. März 200113. Okt. 2007Sardella Steven DManaging communications pathsUS20090006691 *27.

Okt. 199223. Febr. 199121. Okt. 2006Kabushiki Kaisha ToshibaSemiconductor memory deviceUS20060242485 *1. Error detection circuitry in the memory device can be operated using parity data or ECC data stored in the memory.

Please try the request again. Aug. 200922. If there is no error found in any one of the parallel channels, there is no need to perform error correction. Therefore, it would be desirable to have an efficient and effective implementation of error correction to ensure data reliability of a non-volatile memory device (NVMD).

FIG. 4C shows a list of eight primitive polynomials of GF(213). At decision 708, Δn is checked against 0 (zero). Aug. 2012Google Inc.Command processor for a data storage deviceUS825027121. Marelli,R.

Febr. 2005Hitachi, Ltd.Signal processing method and apparatus and disk device using the method and apparatusUS69548926. A collection of software routines is also included for better understanding. Jan. 20116. Upon completion of the data move, the controller reads the error register 350 to determine if an error was detected, and the repair solution.

There is only one error corrector 520 for the set of data error detectors 510 a-b. Flash memories use non-volatile memory cells such as electrically-erasable programmable read-only memory, (EEPROM), but are not randomly accessible at the byte level. Since the electronic data storage compares fingerprint scan data obtained by scanning a fingerprint of a user of the device with the fingerprint reference data in the memory device to verify A method comprising: performing an internal data move operation in a memory device, wherein the data move operation comprises moving data from a first storage location to a second storage location;

Another flash memory module 171 is shown in FIG. 1E. If, however, data error detectors 510 a-b have detected data error in the received data, the error corrector 520 is configured to process additional error location and correction. First portion 1222 of error detection 1202 includes the time required for processing a codeword (e.g., a 525-byte codeword including 512-byte data plus 13-byte parity checks). Process 700 starts by initializing error location polynomial Λ(x) to 1 (one), function D(x) to ‘x’, and integer variables ‘n’ and ‘L’ to 0 (zero), and ‘δ’ to 1 (one) at

Jan. 2016Intel CorporationTechniques for error correction of encoded dataUS930659923. Generally an error corrector is referred to as an ECC (error correction code). A system comprising: a memory controller; and a memory coupled to communicate with the memory controller, wherein the memory comprises, an array of memory cells, control circuitry to perform an internal The processing unit 102 and the I/O interface circuit 105 are collectively configured to provide various control functions (e.g., data read, write and erase transactions) of the memory device 103.

Reference herein to “one embodiment” or “an embodiment” means that a particular feature, structure, or characteristic described in connection with the embodiment can be included in at least one embodiment of This operation is performed as part of “house keeping.” That is, data stored in a first memory array location is moved to a second memory array location so that memory operations, In order to correct more than one random error, the generator polynomial is created based on desired numbers of correctable random errors. Generated Sat, 15 Oct 2016 17:34:21 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection

The processing unit 102 compares the input password with the reference password stored in the memory device 103, and initiates authorized operation of the first flash memory device 100 upon verifying Jan. 2006Agere Systems Inc.High speed syndrome-based FEC encoder and decoder and system using sameUS70474782. Jan. 2009Micron Technology, Inc.Bus width arbitrationUS20090204871 *17. Febr. 2008Xilinx, Inc.Method and apparatus using device defects as an identifierUS762421124.

The non-volatile memory device of claim 5 wherein the ECC data comprises an indication of a location of ECC data bits corresponding to the memory data. 8. Upon completion of the data move, the controller reads the error register 240 to determine if an error was detected. März 2006Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.NAND flash memory device and copyback program method for sameUS20060120166 *16. The device 171 comprised only flash memory chips or integrated circuits 123.

Jan. 199710. Please try the request again. Nov. 2003Hitachi, Ltd.Recording/reproduction device, semiconductor memory, and memory card using the semiconductor memoryUS6680870 *27. März 2007Eingetragen1.

If ‘yes’, process 600 moves back to step 604 incrementing variable ‘n’ for another iteration. Pat. FIGS. 12A-12B are timing diagrams showing an exemplary error detection and correction using the decoder of FIG. 5B. Various general-purpose systems may be used with programs in accordance with the teachings herein, or it may prove convenient to construct more specialized apparatus to perform the required method operations.

According one embodiment, the present invention is a system for performing data error correction in a non-volatile memory device. Mai 2014Fusion-Io, Inc.Apparatus, system, and method for reconfiguring an array of storage elementsUS883252818. The algorithms and displays presented herein are not inherently related to any particular computer or other apparatus.