fatal error failed to determine linux distribution and version Indian River Michigan

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fatal error failed to determine linux distribution and version Indian River, Michigan

A kickstart script is the easiest way to automate the installation, most crucially to fudge these grub fixes. has a rather large delay and tends to show incorrect information on the console ... I've done a fair bit of CentOS6 on XenServer, but not with kickstart. especially in lieu of Mr.

If not, is it based on one of the supported XenServer distributions?If ipfire does not fit into either of the two above categories, it will be very difficult to get it Pingback: Using OpenStack images on XenServer - Fedora 22, CentOS 7 « Frederick's Timelog Tasso says: July 25, 2015 at 09:41 OK! Did you do anything special to run your VM paravirtualized or do you want to use it in HVM mode? i assume i still need to use the backports kernel with the multiarch dvd? 1345-296261-1593199 Back to top Ramana Kirubagaran Members #13 Ramana Kirubagaran 11 posts Posted 07 November 2011 -

The reason I'm considering this is I have some old single-threaded code which I want to run in parallel on different parts of a dataset and might make sense to virtualise Donuts: Where have you gotten stuck? drankis says: October 21, 2014 at 10:04 Great article, thanks. Grant says: September 10, 2014 at 13:49 I've done new CentOS 7 PV installation instructions that work.

Mackey's request from the following article @ http://xenserver.org/blog/entry/creedence-final-beta-available.html Beta 3 hit the press before I could finalize the steps I have used from 6.x into Creedence. and then when i migrate it back to the other server it spits out an error and doesn't wanna migrate .... Press to halt the machine. Ipfire works great in PV Mode.

HVM, with some working on one and not the other. You can install GNOME under sudo with a package manager. i believe it would be cleaner to have a VM using the templates. Comments are closed.

At this point, you can remove the ISO (if any). From the command line, execute the following commands to mount xs-tools.iso within the Guest VM as well as to run the install.sh utility: cd ~mkdir toolsmount /dev/xvdd tools/cd tools/Linux/./install.sh 8. xs-tools on Ubuntu Server 8.04 (final) Started by Guest , 24 April 2008 - 09:37 PM Login to Reply 9 replies to this topic Guest Members #1 Guest 6,766 posts Posted bayamo says: October 4, 2015 at 09:02 I am trying to use your example to rename the virtual machine /etc/hostname when does that script run, during install or are we supposed

Consequently, it seems to have a patched version of pygrub that can read the CentOS 7 grub.cfg, which uses the keywords linux16 and initrd16, and which is no longer affected by the Set a host server. Back to top #6 AchSchaf AchSchaf Newbie Guests 7 posts Posted 09 March 2009 - 11:40 AM QuoteI'm not a Linux expert, but I think this has something to do with It was done by someone completely unfamiliar with Xen ;-) Maybe I'll fix it and publish a better image later on Back to top #7 brandon brandon Newbie Guests 3 posts

Thanks Frederick says: August 27, 2014 at 20:37 Yes, I can only guarantee these scripts on XenServer 6.2 and Creedence. I remember using rpm2cpio to extract files from an rpm, and placing them in needed places to get what I needed on a distribution that did not have rpm installed. I am running Oracle Enterprise linux 5.3 on Xenserver 5.5 and while trying to install the Xentools, i get the version error as bove. but unfortunately for the life of me, i can't seem to mirror across "debian/dist/squeeze/main/installer-amd64" in my /etc/apt/mirror.list i have the following, "deb-amd64 http://ftp.au.debian.orgdebian/ squeeze main main/debian-installer"yet it refuses to grab the

When prompted for the new VM Template, select the appropriate CentOS-based template (5 or 6, 32 or 64 bit): 3. http://www.frederickding.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ubuntu-14.04-kickstart.mp4

Note: if you are warned that Grub is not being installed, you should nevertheless safely proceed with installation. is there something obvious I am missing?thanks, 1345-296261-1591924 Back to top Andreas Westermaier Members #3 Andreas Westermaier 7 posts Posted 28 October 2011 - 09:14 PM Install the latest kernel from So I downloaded your prebuilt image, extracted and imported.

OpenStack isn't right for everyone I tested out OpenStack + KVM on an HP baremetal server with 12 physical cores and 48 GB of RAM recently. The ipfire distribution you're running however is not on that list.The issue here is that in order to install the ipfire distribution, you most likely used the "Other Media" option to Complex networking. As far as I know by using the Other template you end up in an HVM based VM. 1345-296261-1592610 Back to top Kirk Kosinski Citrix Employees #8 Kirk Kosinski 2,532 posts

CentOS & RHEL 7 use the keywords linux16 and initrd16, which the XenServer bootloader doesn't understand (until the next release; it's been fixed in upstream Xen). Previous: After installing: Back to top #14 Atamido Atamido Newbie Guests 5 posts Posted 19 June 2009 - 06:29 PM After updating to XenServer 5.5, I had a message "Tools are Install.sh says:"Unknown Linux distribution 'ubuntu'", and says you should manually isntall the right package.I've tried 4.1.0-257_i386.deb of course, but it comes up with two unexpected operator errors, e.g.:[: 5: ==: unexpected I will try with HVM, and see how it works.

Is this what your XenCenter shows also? everything looks ok, but I cant setup xs-tools at final step. Always no solution ? 1345-296261-1817738 Back to top James Cannon Citrix Employees #18 James Cannon 4,402 posts Posted 10 June 2014 - 06:42 PM This is old thread - 2011. I struggled to get centos 7 working in Xen all day until I came across your pygrub fix!

For some reason Xen does not recognize the Xen Tools as being installed without /bin/bash linked to /bin/sh. 1345-151192-1005497 Back to top Guest Members #9 Guest 6,766 posts Posted 29 May Final thoughts I recognize that these instructions require the use of a Windows program—XenCenter. You can also check from inside the VM: Execute lscpu. These images are provided with no guarantees.

Verify that the template exists. [[email protected] templates]# xe template-list uuid=5032a3b3-15a1-fefa-6c34-4eac9ddfb8b4 uuid ( RO) : 5032a3b3-15a1-fefa-6c34-4eac9ddfb8b4 name-label ( RW): Ubuntu 14.04 PVHVM Template name-description ( RW): In XenCenter, you'll see the template Install finished, but it still failed to boot with a pygrub RuntimeError "line 850" "Unable to find partition containing kernel". Once i did everythin properly (just using the normal dvd) it seems to migrate over quite nicely...i can access it while it migrating i get a slightly longer ping while it That felt like a ghetto hack with every keystroke.

In any case, you should probably avoid using PV guests at this point. Boot up the VM. The only thing that I haven't mannaged to get running is Xen-Tools.When I mounted the xs-tools.iso and tried to run install.sh it returned "Fatal Error: Failed to determine Linux distribution and I have tried all my best but still no success.

This is where Citrix stepped in."Jose ChanHead of IT DepartmentMacau Polytechnic Institute Commercial Support Do you want professional support and service from Citrix? Give your VM a name. (screenshot) IMPORTANT: On any version of XenServer: Boot up the 14.04 server ISO installer with parameters. You can skip down to the next heading if you don't want to read about my experiences with OpenStack. This means that you will manually need to install the XenTools Guest Additions by executing the following commands and rebooting: rpm -ivh xe-guest-utilities-xenstore-.x86_64.rpm reboot

A non paravirtualized Xen Image is no Xen Image! Do we need to be on XenServer 6.2? Back to top #11 kwiggins kwiggins Newbie Guests 2 posts Posted 08 May 2009 - 05:40 PM Hi mroch, After following your procedure, in XenCenter, the General tab for my openfiler However on the upside, thank you to both of you, I had actually forgot about converting it from HVM to PV with the new backports kernel + xstools.

No worries. This is also the screen where you specify the boot parameters: console=hvc0 utf8 nogpt noipv6 ks=https://github.com/frederickding/xenserver-kickstart/raw/develop/centos-7.0/cent70-server.ks Note: you may have to host the kickstart script on your own HTTP server, since occasional