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exact audio copy read error Central Lake, Michigan

Does that mean I successfully ripped my CD accurately? I had the exact same issue until I negated the overread function (though I left my drive's correct read/write offsets the same). When these drives cache audio data, every sector read will be read from cache and is identical. Anything can be done to this file or any uncompressed WAV file.

Track Title Or for a Various Artists album: 1. View: New Articles|All Articles Home|Head Gear|Forums|Articles|My Profile About Head-Fi.org | Join the Community |Advertise MobileDesktop © 2016 Head-Fi.org is powered by Fandom Music |FAQ|Support|Privacy/TOS|Site Map text('pagetitle') ?> The EAC wizard does not always make the optimal choices for drive settings and you may need to experiment with what works for your drive. No, create an account now.

The old rip verified it (as per extraction logfile) "Accurately ripped" while the new rip displays sync errors on Track 1 and other tracks consistently, even on brand-new CDs. Please help us measure more reference CDs. Make sure that Allow Speed Reduction during extraction is checked and for most newer drives you can check CD-Text Read capable. Logged Print Pages: [1] Go Up « previous next » Taperssection.com» Gear / Technical Help» Post-Processing, Computer / Streaming / Internet Devices & Related Activity» Topic: EAC Read and Sync Errors

The manual TOC detection feature was removed in 0.95 prebeta 4 (9 Nov 2003) due to European legislation which would outlaw software capable of circumventing a certain type of CD copy For burst mode there is at least a small indicator of the extracted track quality. SonicBooom! Also use a non copy-protected disc which carries the familiar “Compact Disc-Digital Audio” logo.

What makes EAC special compared to other rippers is the fact that it is capable of reading audio CDs almost perfectly. This seems too fast for an exact extraction? I only get many pops and clicks when extracting a very badly scratched CD in secure mode, what can I do? jamroom Trade Count: (1) Taperssection Member Posts: 831 Re: EAC Read and Sync Errors « Reply #2 on: December 26, 2009, 04:16:35 PM » Thanks for the advice.

If it is not sure that the stream is correct (at least it can be said at approx. 99.5%) the program will tell the user where the (possible) read error occurred. In the original poster's case, his problem *may* be occurring because his drive possibly doesn't support overreading into the lead-in/lead-out area. I have used eac before and it worked perfect. Go to compression options and have a look if you selected "Do not write WAV header" and specified "cgf" below.

on 16 March, 2013, 09:48:51 PM"[...] Please try a different Key Disc."...and? The last two will be much slower, when no read errors occur it will usually something around a third to a fourth of the drives maximum speed. The thing is it's not always with the same disc that I'm burning from BUT it is always in the same spot. Mainly some versions of LAME and OggVorbis ACM codecs cause this behaviour (included in e.g.

What can I do? But this effort will help the program to obtain the best result by comparing all of the retries. That is because in secure mode EAC reads every sector at least twice. However, over the last couple of weeks, I have found read and sync errors on cds from three different sources.

The high readout speed keeps the optical system of the drive from following the scratches instead of the audio track. Click OK to save your changes. 23. Only if a read error occurs in a sector synchronization area, a sync error will be displayed. Sometimes EAC will autodetect a wrong read command.

This program is really damn slow in secure mode in comparison with other grabbers, but the program checks every sector over and over to get the correct data with high certainty. But in most cases it will be correct. Joined 10/2008 Location: israel Select All Posts By This User Hi all, I have just bought a few used second hand cds,they pretty much seem in readable condition e.g not too will they contain read errors or the EAC can actually correct them (how does it do that anyway..)?  And what sync error means?   Thx.

This is indeed most likely the culprit. Some causes I have seen - scratches, bad burner, bad reader, bad batch of discs, burning discs too fast, etcIt means that you can't trust the copy you have is a On the Drive Tab, select Autodetect read command now which populates the Drive Read Command drop-down. Why?

One really fast mode (up to half of maximum speed) is only for non-caching, accurate stream CD-ROM drives. The guide is fairly current except for the LAME MP3 encoder settings. I am getting Sync and Read errors occasionally, but EAC will still finish ripping, though with some "suspicious" positions. Remember to use only an original, factory-pressed Audio CD for configuring EAC.

a) If you are installing EAC V0.99 and up you can skip steps 2, 3, and 4, because they are included with EAC. If so, I would suspect that this has been caused by bad handling of the discs by something like a multi-disc changer, a car CD player or some type of storage Finally it succeds in finishing the reading.   Will the tracks be accurately ripped in the end? sin(α) = v sound/v object = Mach No.

Full Member Joined: 16 February, 2011 Posts: 118 Logged EAC sync error on a brand-new CD Reply #4 – 16 March, 2013, 10:05:59 PM I tried every CD I own and I unchecked the "overread into lead in/lead out" checkbox and the sync errors went away. EAC Ripping Beginners guide to installing EAC - Beginners guide to EAC - EAC Ripping In Depth Beginners guide (overview) Connecting speakers - Networks - Wireless network problems part 1 - Does it mean it's not accurate?I would hope it would be obvious that the disc not being present in the database means there is no way of determining whether or not

I started ripping the same CD and then bit-compared it with my old "Accurately ripped" copy via foobar2000 and the result was "All tracks decoded fine, no differences found". To do so, look at the bottom of the main EAC screen and click the New button: 27. Logged Nov schmoz kapop. If the stream ever breaks, it will tell the user in the status report by showing up suspicious positions.

Of course this is a really poor "error detection" and should not be taken as serious indication.