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esri fdo error Bitely, Michigan

FDO_E_SE_INVALID_LOCK_MODE -2147216091 SDE Error. See Also:Constant Field Values FDO_E_SERVER_MAX_CONNECTIONS static final int FDO_E_SERVER_MAX_CONNECTIONS The server does not allow anymore connections at this time. FDO_E_RECONCILE_FAILED -2147212971 Error during reconcile. FDO_E_GEOMETRY_MISSING_SPATIAL_REFERENCE -2147219191 Spatial reference (projection) related error.

FDO_E_ABORT_EDITS_FAILED -2147220120 Unable to save edits because an incorrect edit operation could not be completely rolled back. I opened ArcCatalog, and it was the same. FDO_E_SE_SDE_WARNING -2147215870 SDE Error. See Also:Constant Field Values FDO_E_DATASET_INVALID_NAME static final int FDO_E_DATASET_INVALID_NAME The dataset name is invalid.

FDO_E_USER_NOACCESS -2147220905 The user does not have access to the workspace. Yep, some required field is missing. FDO_E_COULD_NOT_CLEAN_COVERAGE -2147220137 Error in cleaning coverage during save. FDO_E_SE_BLOB_SIZE_TOO_LARGE -2147216043 SDE Error.

FDO_E_DRAWPHASE_UNKNOWN -2147219366 The draw phase is unknown or not defined. The posts on this blog are mostly the personal views/opinions of those who write here. FDO_E_SE_INSTANCE_TOO_EARLY -2147216001 SDE Error. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_RASBANDINFO_OBJECT -2147215880 SDE Error.

USB drive, CF card, on hard disc, network location? FDO_E_SPLITTING_POLYLINES_REQUIRES_POINT -2147217390 Splitting a polyline requires a point splitter. FDO_E_CANNOT_CREATE_UNIVERSE_LABEL -2147220127 Coverage labels cannot be created in the universe polygon. FDO_E_TOPOCLASSES_SYSTEM_TABLE_INCONSISTENCY -2147215011 Geodatabase TopoClasses system table inconsistent.

FDO_E_CONNECTIVITY_RULES_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147215786 Connectivity rules are not supported on simple features. FDO_E_ALTERING_RULE_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147215787 Altering this type of validation rule not supported. FDO_E_SE_FILE_IO_ERROR -2147216044 SDE Error. FDO_E_IDENTICAL_FROM_TO_JUNCTIONS -2147215602 The edge feature has the same from and to junctions.

Is it "eĉ ne" or "ne eĉ"? Esri support had no better solution. –Richard Fairhurst May 28 at 18:47 1 You need to initialize the editor, which you do by passing it a workspace path. FDO_E_VERSION_BEING_EDITED -2147217139 Operation not allowed while the version is being edited. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_LAYERINFO_OBJECT -2147216126 SDE Error.

FDO_E_SE_LOCK_EXISTS -2147215883 SDE Error. FDO_E_OBJECT_IN_ANOTHER_FEATUREDATASET -2147215279 An object being transfered is in another Feature Dataset. FDO_E_SE_STABLE_LOCKED -2147216006 SDE Error. FDO_E_DEFAULT_VALUE_INVALID -2147215358 The default value is not valid in the domain.

FDO_E_SE_LOGIN_NOT_ALLOWED -2147216119 SDE Error. FDO_E_TOPOLOGY_ENGINE_OVERPROC_FAILURE -2147215001 A failure was detected in the topology engine overlay processor. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_QUERY_TYPE -2147215910 SDE Error. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_MID_PT -2147216049 SDE Error.

FDO_E_DOMAIN_VALUE_EXCEEDS_FIELD_LENGTH -2147215531 The value of the domain exceeds the length of the field. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_COORDSYS_ID -2147215981 SDE Error. FDO_E_SELECTION_MISMATCH -2147216639 Selection sets do not match. FDO_E_FIELDS_MULTIPLE_RASTERS -2147219704 The Fields collection contained multiple raster fields.

See Also:Constant Field Values FDO_E_WORKSPACE_EXTENSION_DATASET_CREATE_FAILED static final int FDO_E_WORKSPACE_EXTENSION_DATASET_CREATE_FAILED Failed sending dataset created notification to workspace extension. Need book id. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_SEARCH_METHOD -2147216095 SDE Error. FDO_E_GEOMETRICNETWORK_CANNOT_RENAME -2147220218 Cannot rename a geometric network.

FDO_E_ON_DELETE_MESSAGE_FAILED -2147217402 On Delete Message returned failure. FDO_E_SE_TOO_MANY_STATES -2147215939 SDE Error. FDO_E_TABLE_NOT_FOUND -2147220655 The table was not found. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_ANNO_OBJECT -2147216052 SDE Error.

FDO_E_NAME_STRING_SYNTAX -2147213231 The Name String syntax of is incorrect. See Also:Constant Field Values FDO_E_TABLE_ALREADY_EXISTS static final int FDO_E_TABLE_ALREADY_EXISTS The table already exists. FDO_E_SE_INVALID_NOT_NULL -2147216099 SDE Error. FDO_E_INVALID_TOPOLOGY_RULE_TYPE -2147215000 Invalid topology rule type.