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on DC 3.3 V can be used in this printer. God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference. VOHSICHT UNSIOHTBARE LA5ERBTHAHLUNQ, WENN ABDECKUNQ QEOrTNET. Label paper must be manually fed.

Remove the two screws (T) from the option interface slot cover (g) and remove the option interface slot cover ( or the serial Interface board) .Insert the network interface card @ FS-1010 3-4 (3) Toner container replacement To replace the toner container, open the top cover. Failure to do this may cause the printer to move unexpectedly or topple, leading to injury ■ Avoid inhaling toner or developer excessively. System ...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 82...

Or one page will print and then one more page with the error text. REMOVE POWER CORD BEFORE SERVICE AND FUSE REPLACEMENT. Proceed with the instructions provided in chapter 2, Installing the toner container on page 2-4 to complete installation of the new toner container. (4) Toner saver mode (EcoPrint) The EcoPrint enables Since radiation emitted inside the printer is completely confined within protective housings and external covers, the laser beam cannot escape from the printer during any phase of user operation. (2) Laser

Leaking laser light may damage eyesight 1 Handle the charger sections with care. Wähle deine Sprache aus. Reply 24/05/2016 at 7:28 pm Seb says: Brilliant, this fix has save me skipping this workhorse printer. Note that the area to be printed black has the low potential, constituting a "positively exposed" image.

Hide thumbs Also See for FS-1010 User manual - 154 pagesUser manual - 127 pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 For details, refer to the printer's User's Manual. 2-3-1 Operator panel The printer's operation panel has the following LED indicators and keys. Detailed part information for each module (except toner container) can be found in Parts Catalog. Dirt on them can cause abnormally high temperatures • Do not remove the ozone filter, if any, from the printer except for routine replacement.

Option serial l/F DTR, RTS, TXD PDATA7-0 4 — ► CTS, DSR, RXD [Debugger connector] DBRXD, DBCLK U9 3.3 V Regulator +5V1 7r CPU U01 PowerPC 200 MHz RISC processor (Core If you still can not solve the problem, contact your Kyocera Mita dealer. KPDL (Kyocera Printer Description Language) This is Kyocera Mita's version of Adobe...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 88...Offline The printer can receive data, but cannot print. CPU (U01) selectively switches among those variations for applying voltages to the heater lamp according to the THERMA signal which appears at pin #33 as feedback.

Operation of the printer during the presence of a foreign substance may lead to fire or electric shock. The positively charged toner (E) is then attracted to the areas of the drum (?) which was exposed to the laser light. (The gap between the drum (?) and the developing The duty cycle is since the heater lamp is kept turned off for the whole envelops. The heat roller has four claws which are continuously in contact with its surface.

A quick look at the manual (if I have the correct one), shows several different error messages involving the red light. Cleaning the charging wire prevents print quality problems such as black streaks. Which makes me sad, because I like this extremely low cost printing (for my studies...) So, hopefully I have provided enough detail, if not, please ask. Since the ideal potential of the transfer bias depends on the thickness of paper, the bias is raised to approximately -2.5 kV/-6 \iA for thicker paper.

PRESCRIBE is the native language of the Kyocera Mita printers. If you can see paper stuck remove it and then check functionality of the machine. The paper feeding system finally delivers the printed page to either the face-down or face-up tray as manipulated by the user. Defective system DIMM board Replace the system DIMM board.

For example, the duty cycle (the period of a cycle during which the heater lamp is turned on) is maximum for variation No. 1 as the heater lamp is energized for The guidelines given below will increase the productivity of your office by ensuring efficient, trouble-free printing and reducing wear and tear on the printer. 4.1.1 Paper ...-quality printer cannot produce high-quality These firmware programs are directly overwritten in the system DIMM [board KP-893] (Flash ROM type only) on the main board. Defective parallel cable Replace parallel cable.

FS-1010 4-10 (4) Transfer The image developed by toner on the drum (A) is transferred onto the paper because of the electrical attraction between the toner itself and the transfer roller Push firmly on the top of the container at the positions marked...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 21Toner Container Replacement 7 While pushing down on the toner sure the power switch is off. I can't hear the motor moving, I think it's gone.

Engine board P10/ANI0 CPU U01 P50/A8 POO/INTPO 33 THERMA Heater lamp control circuit GND R52 R56 Q11 1 HEAT GND GND -ANV- QA03-b 43 ZCROSS QA03-a Power supply unit AC input PeerlessPrintXL is a trademark of ...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 3IBM PROGRAM LICENSE AGREEMENT THE DEVICE YOU HAVE PURCHASED CONTAINS ONE OR MORE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS ("PROGRAMS") The moisture content of the paper ...grain). The printer still showed red toner LED (not flashing).

The specific prohibition is shown inside the symbol. Here's my issue: I have a FS-1010, has printed perfectly for some 6000 pages (status page number, it's a second-hand), but the toner had run out. Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.2 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. envelope printing can cause premature printer wear.

The parameters and their ...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 79... On the other hand, the bias current is reduced to -1.8 kV/-6 \iA for thin paper. This appendix explains the following topics Parallel Interface USB Interface Serial Interface...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 70...fast data transmission on the parallel interface. Service Personnel Attention When the following errors occur, turn off your printer, remove the plug from the AC outlet, and contact your Kyocera Mita dealer.

IECB25 MANUFACTURED: C9 LUOKAN 1 LASERLAITE THIS LASER PRODUCT CONFORMS TO THE APPLICABLE [ A *A r c i — 4S^S ■ fr REQUIREMENTS OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS 21 CFR «2Z* 1S^* Since the drum surface is evenly charged, whenever it is illuminated by the laser beam, the electrical resistance of the photoconductor is reduced and the potential on the photoconductor is also FS-1010 2-16 chapter 3 Maintenance/Adjustments Chapter 3 Contents 3-1 Maintenance/Adjustments 3-3 3-1-1 Life expectancy of modules 3-3 3-1-2 Toner container 3-4 (1) When to replace the toner container 3-4 (2) Notes FS-1010 4-3 Process unit mechanism Driving power train ® For drum (From main unit) ® For toner container, developing roller, etc. (From main unit) © For main unit (Transfer roller) ©

I need help to identify a light error code in a Kyocera FS-1010. This section explains the following topics: • • ...Kyocera FS 1010 | FS-1010 Operation Guide Rev-1.2 - Page 9.... press the key to switch the paper source. When the value is 100, the toner container is full.

WARNING Turn the printer's power switch off. In DOS, enter the following commands: C:\>MODE COM1:96,N,8,1,P C:\>MODE LPT1:=COM1 To test the interface, enter the following: CTRL P C:\>DIR CTRL P The software settings made using the above procedures are