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friendly 404 error page Seekonk, Massachusetts

If your web host has this facility, you will usually find mentioning of this information somewhere in their documentation. Thanks for the great list and inspiration. 1 2 danny m January 29, 2009 9:32 am Great stuff, has inspired me to put more effort into the design of my 404 HEAD is for use by the link checking programs. Pattern Tap17 Don’t get angry, and don’t cry.

The file will have effect over the other files in the entire directory it is placed in, including the subdirectories. POST is to tell the server that the data is following. You’ve requested a page — either by typing a URL directly into the address bar or clicking on an out-of-date link and you’ve found yourself in the middle of cyberspace nowhere. Get more free tips and articles like this, on web design, promotion, revenue and scripting, from You are here: Top > Apache Configuration and .htaccess Tutorials and References > How

Learn more... Bret VictorThis is not a page. Forcing Internet Explorer to Display Your Custom 404 Internet Explorer versions 5 and below do not support your customized error page if its size is less than 512 bytes. What's the Difference Between a Content Management System (CMS), a Blog, a Web Editor and an Online Site Builder?

This is the easiest way for users to bail out. Save the file as 404NotFound.php. Content of a 404 Error Page A 404 response code is always followed by a human readable reason phrase as per the HTTP specification. All rights reserved.

View more job openings… Trends don't matter, but techniques do. There’s no… The December 2nd event recap Ask Dr. Thank you. Besides, insisting on including a complete site navigation strip may present a maintenance overhead (your 404 page can easily lag behind the rest of the site if it is not dynamically

That's It! Are your URLs case-sensitive? Shares Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 If you're working on how to start a blog or website, don't forget the all-important 404 page – a standard You can even compare the time stamps between entries so that you’ll know how long a visitor stayed on a given page.

Get the book. Present links to the most popular or most recent items If someone is visiting your website, statistically speaking, there's a good chance they are coming to see the same attraction everyone Customization is easy and can make a world of difference. You cannot say in your 404 page “This site had an incorrect link” when the errant referrer is actually one of your own.

Want one of your own? Sources and Resources Link A huge collection of 404 error pages38 Public bookmarks of 404 error pages39 (al) Footnotes Link1 Uncheck the "Show friendly HTTP error messages" check box and then click the OK button at the end. .htaccess File The Hypertext access (.htaccess) file is the Apache's directory-level configuration file You should already have one waiting inside of your Web site directory.

The BT Group of UK has a clean feed content blocking system that returns a 404 error to the requests for content identified as illegal by the Internet Watch Foundation. What is the 'this' that this apparent non-page is referring to? If you like, you can even put a simple form on the page to allow your visitors to inform you of the broken link. To use a robots.txt file, simply follow the steps given below. 1.

In some cases, a 404 page may be the first impression a visitor has of your site. But if the US presidential election was decided on the quality of the candidates' 404 page then Hillary Clinton would win the heck out of it, for the GIF of her You will be displayed with the Internet Options dialog box. It helps the server to rewrite URLs and control user agent caching so that bandwidth usage, server load and perceived lag are reduced to a great extent.

Disallow command helps you to block complete directories or only the individual files that change. The "ErrorDocument 404" directive essentially tells the Apache web server that whenever it cannot find the file it needs in that directory and its subdirectories, it is to use the document Learn more... CSS-Tricks Chris Coyier takes a closer look at the code.

This should be the directory that contains your home page document. Look for the .htaccess file there. So, customizing such an error page on your site will increase your chances of keeping those visitors on your site. For example, at the time of this writing, if you host at free web hosts like Geocities or Tripod, you will not be able to customize your 404 Error Page.

Again, it is highly recommended to include a search bar in your 404 page. A sample redirect code is: Note: The value for CONTENT specifies the number of seconds you allow the user to read the message Search Introduction home about non-technical introduction slideshows"new" newsletter archive daily web news HTML 5 html5 development center html5 website gallery Primers html social media and html ad banners perl & cgi For example, the 404 page makes this mistake.

I found that Jakob Nielsen, A List Apart, and 404 Research Lab also had good advice on making 404 pages potentially

Robots File - If you have a section of your site with pages that are frequently changed, you can block the search engines from indexing them in their databases using robots.txt Brilliantly executed and nicely interactive.17. It avoids redirection of 301 and 302. Whichever route you choose, never settle for the default 404 page.

So, When you provide the hyperlinks of other pages on the 404 Not Found page, make sure that they work and are not relative links. Sadly, this is an extremely short list because so few websites meet the criteria I outlined above. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to implement a better 404 page on my own website. Gorgeous!

A link to your site map, which lists all the pages on your website. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. I have some ideas. Make sure your 404 page uses the same look and feel (including navigation) as the rest of your site.

How does your 404 look? Using .htaccess File Before we use any .htaccess file, we need to know that it’s the filename in full and not any extension. Effective 404 error pages communicate why a particular page couldn't be displayed and what users can do next. The majority of people don't even know that there are any other alternatives.