flavia coffee machine error code 360 Onset Massachusetts

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flavia coffee machine error code 360 Onset, Massachusetts

Check / replace the tank high-level microswitch. If this fails to clear the error then replace the main control board11 ERROR CODE 351 VALVE DISCONNECTED ERROR CODES FLAVIA ERROR MESSAGE CAUSE ACTION 353 VALVE OVERLOAD 360 PACK DOOR CHECK THE VALVE WIRING FOR UNPLUGGED CONNECTORS OR BROKEN WIRES OR CRIMPS. This website should be used for informational purposes only.

Check if the error was preceded by errors 57 and/or 91. when the timeout was only 30 seconds). Q. Replace one at a time, powering off/on in between, to try to isolate the source of the fault.

Bookmark How to Fix Flavia Error Code 328 - A Jammed Pack Need help with a jammed pack in your Flavia Coffee Brewer? Visit us at www.guernseyop.com to check out our coffee ... A faulty membrane or main control board may also be the cause. 321 PACK INJECT TIMEOUT 328 PACK EJECT TIMEOUT 345 NVRAM CORRUPT PACK INJECT FAILED BOTTOM DATUM SWITCH NOT MADE This can be done in two ways. 1.

Please try the request again. For information about the availability of translated versions of Operator Error Code Handbook, please write to the Technical Service Manager at the above address3 KLIX & FLAVIA ERROR CODE HANDBOOK / menu command in Section 7. Check the configuration settings; if they are garbage then use the 'Reset' option in the 'NVRAM State:' menu described below.

Check / replace the motor. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is accurate, MARS DRINKS disclaim any liability for any direct or indirect losses (howsoever caused) arising out Introduction... 4 2. Check for any physical obstructions.

If the settings appear uncorrupted then use the 'Fix' option in the 'NVRAM State:' menu. Check Klixkey blacklist. 16 System Reset SW E16 Software Internal operating system failure. Download new software to Flash or replace Flash / EPROMs. Machine power cable fuse is defective. (Replace 13A fuse in mains plug).

wiring, windings, brushes, gear box), (6) there is a wiring fault between the Baseplate Sensor PCB and the KVC, (7) there is a wiring fault between the actuator motor and the Service Snacks AltaFoodcraft Blog > Service > Flavia C400 - Quick Fix Tips Service Flavia C400 - Quick Fix Tips Categories: Service Is the MARS/Flavia C400 displaying an Error Code? No action is required13 KLIX OUTLOOK The Simple Set Up & Audit System There are two complementary set up and audit systems available on the K365. Check / replace the motor.

From the message on the inside of the machine refer to ERROR MESSAGE displayed in this handbook6 FLAVIA PROGRAMMING AND CONFIGURATION S350 Operator Mode NB If this is a PAY brewer, Call Operator When this message is flashing on the front of the machine then open the machine door and read the internal display. Check / replace the wiring between the motor and the KVC (P9-csel / drum motors). Vortex Amps/Hz 3.2 @ 50 SERIAL NO.

Pack door opening cam has not left and and returned home within 5 seconds. Download new software to Flash or replace Flash / EPROMs23 KLIX OUTLOOK No LEVEL FAULT & POSSIBLE CAUSE ACTION 44 System Reset SW E44 Software Failed to read MDB device driver Cabling... 5 4.1 More information Programming. All information and advice is given in good faith; however KSV are unable to accept responsibility should injury or damage result, including by any third parties actions.

This refrigerator More information MCT 10 Setup Software MCT 10 Setup Software Contents Contents 1 Safety Precautions 5 2 Introduction 9 About this Manual 9 What is MCT 10 Setup Software? There is a problem with one of the devices or wires that connect to the Protected 24V O/P power supply on the KVC. Use the Middle button to scroll through the menus and the Left or Right buttons to edit settings. Check the software compatibility tables in Section 7.1 and decide whether to change the GVMC Flash / EPROMs, change the KVC or reprogram the KVC. 51 Display WRONG KEY There is

Possible causes are (1) there is excessive slack between the carousel motor gear and the plastic carousel drive gear, (2) there is excessive slack in the carousel motor gear box, (3) Check / replace the low-voltage wiring between the thermostat and the KVC (P12-hot tank). 38 Log CUP NOT REMOVED A cup or other object appears to have been left in the Possible causes are (1) the Klixkey is missing, (2) the Klixkey is not properly inserted, (3) the keyceptacle is not properly connected to the line driver PCB, (4) the Klixkey line The KVC will try many times (currently 21 times) to get the drum to stay on the home position after a move finishes.

Check that the wire to the coin box probe is not shorted to any metalwork on the door. Product features and capabilities... 3 2. Plus video tutorials / how to do and short product information videos. Download new software to Flash or replace Flash / EPROMs. 34 Display CAROUSEL NOT HOME The carousel is not home when attempting to split a cup from the Manual Control menus.

Check that the carousel is firmly screwed to the plastic gear.