exit error vxss authorization failed East Sandwich Massachusetts

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exit error vxss authorization failed East Sandwich, Massachusetts

Status Code 125 ==================== a NetBackup catalog backup is in progress Only one NetBackup catalog backup can be active at any given time. How can I view the logs regarding the Image cleaning? Device configuration status code 92 Message: VxSS access denied Explanation: A user attempts an operation without adequate permissions ¦ Verify that the user has the correct permissions to perform this operation. Status Code 224 ==================== there was a conflicting specification A request to the bpdbm process (on UNIX) or the NetBackup Database Manager service (on Windows) had some information that conflicted.

Status Code 155 ==================== disk is full The write to the catalog file failed because the disk that contains the catalog database is full. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Escape character is '^]'. ^] telnet> quit Connection closed. [[email protected] ~]# telnet enklawa3.xxxxx.pl 13724 Trying xx.xx.xx.xx... Status Code 237 ==================== the specified schedule does not exist in an active policy in the configuration database The specified schedule does not exist in the NetBackup configuration.

Status Code 284 ==================== error(s) occurred during vault report distribution Vault encountered errors during the report distribution phase. Cause of this failure: a network problem or a problem with the process that reads from the socket. * Writing to a full disk partition. Make sure all the communication to master server are working properly from this server. Attachment Products Subscribe to Article Search Survey Did this article answer your question or resolve your issue?

Status Code 57 ==================== client connection refused The client refused a connection on the port number for bpcd. Below are some of the NetBackup Media Manager status code 188 to status code 190 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool. Status Code 268 ==================== the vault session directory is either missing or inaccessible This error occurs when a Vault job cannot access the following: UNIX: /usr/openv/netbackup/vault/sessions Windows: install_path\NetBackup\vault\sessions This directory is Please visit the Veritas support web site, and refer to Technote number 262225 for further information. * For the backups that run from a FlashBackup policy, the following appears in the

The environment is: NetBackup 7.0.1 - master, media and clients Master Server is RedHat 5.5 Media Server is AIX 7.1 Thanks & regards Jakub Madejski Labels: AIX Backup and Recovery Did we check everyday (the SLP process?) How do I check this? Status Code 69 ==================== invalid filelist specification The file list from the server had invalid entries. See "Setting debug logging to a higher level" in the Troubleshooting Guide. ¦ Verify that ltid, bptm, and the robotic daemons are at a compatible NetBackup level.

Shut down NetBackup, vxazd, vxatd and PBX.2. Status Code 51 ==================== timed out waiting for database information The catalog process did not respond within five minutes. It also occurs if the script returns an error. Status Code 227 ==================== no entity was found The item requested was not in the catalog.

Below is the AAA configuration that I use:tacacs-server host XX.XX.XX.XX single-connection key 0 XXXXXXXXXXXtacacs-server host XX.XX.XX.XX single-connection key 0 XXXXXXXXXaaa authentication fail-message ^Wrong Username/password, Try Again or Use Local Account^aaa authentication Warning shown in the BAR Console: Snapshot client options: VM: KVM NBU Master and Media Server: Windows Server 2008 Standard My NBU Master and Media server are the same. Status Code 188 ==================== Status code not available. Status Code 103 ==================== error occurred during initialization, check configuration file None Status Code 104 ==================== invalid file pathname None Status Code 105 ==================== file pathname exceeds the maximum length allowed

Status Code 124 ==================== NB database backup failed, a path was not found or is inaccessible One or more of the specified paths in the catalog backup configuration were not backed Hope this was helpful. Status Code 178 ==================== media id is not in NetBackup volume pool NetBackup attempted a backup of its catalogs and the media ID that was specified for the catalog backup was Status Code 11 ==================== system call failed A system call has failed.

Status Code 251 ==================== the tir information is zero length For a true-image backup, the client sent no file information to the master server. This error indicates that the client and server were able to initiate communications, but encountered difficulties and the communications did not complete. Status Code 226 ==================== the entity already exists The configuration already has an entity with the same name or definition. Status Code 8 ==================== unable to determine the status of rbak On DomainOS clients, rbak is used to do restores.

Status Code 280 ==================== there are no volumes to eject This error occurs when media to be ejected are not in the library. Status Code 149 ==================== master server request failed None Status Code 150 ==================== termination requested by administrator The process terminates (or has terminated) as a direct result of a request from This error can occur with only one file in the file list and the file cannot be backed up due to an I/O error. Status Code 78 ==================== afs/dfs command failed Indicates an AFS vos command failure.

From what I have tried, I open backup, archive and restore console and choose "specify the Netbackup machine and Policy type". Kindly confirm anybody has done this configuration with ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- release info.... This error is usually a result of the use of software from different version levels. Status Code 113 ==================== Status code not available.

However, the synthetic backup job fails with this error if the TIR restore fails due to bad, missing, or vaulted media or a bad drive. Status Code 278 ==================== unable to collect pre eject information from the API This error occurs when robotic information cannot be retrieved before ejection. Status Code 17 ==================== pipe open failed Occurs in NetBackup client menu and Vault areas. Go to Solution.

This error is usually caused when another process acquired the port before the daemon or service started. Kill any running vxatd processes:# kill -15 4. unfortunately, the vendor company is no longer available. NB: when I try to list the keygroups, I have this message: ./nbkmsutil -listkgs No Key Groups were found This mean I can browse the db but I can't create

Once we killed the PID of the processes assigned to port 1556 the backups were successfull. If one is not available, NetBackup re-queues the job with a status of 134 and retries it later. Possible causes include: * An I/O error occurred during a read from the file system. * Read of an incomplete file or a corrupt file. * Socket read failure. In this case, concentrate your troubleshooting efforts on the subsequent error.

Status Code 117 ==================== VxSS access denied The user identity that was used to attempt an operation does not have the permissions that are needed to perform the action. Again, I'm stuck!Do you know why these ASAs would be treated any differently to other AAA clients? Status Code 34 ==================== failed waiting for child process A NetBackup process encountered a failure while waiting for a child process to complete. We have our master and media with and upgrade is not possible at this moment.

The backup is retried automatically with a different volume if the backup tries attribute allows it in the NetBackup global attribute configuration. option exists in the bp.conf file on the following: a UNIX NetBackup server or in the registry on a Windows NetBackup server. Status Code 276 ==================== invalid session id This error should not occur. Go to Solution [Resolved] EXIT error: VxSS access denied Anthony_SQB Level 2 ‎06-29-2010 06:39 AM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend

Examine the output of vssat showcred to find the credential with a username vxazd_vxsvc - note its expiration date:# /opt/VRTSat/bin/vssat showcred...*************************************User Name:      [email protected]...Expiry Interval Sep 22 17:02:07 2011 GMT3. Below are some of the NetBackup status error codes from Status Code 117 to Status Code 120 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool. The last few lines from the log file are as follows: 8:04:31.153 [1664.2772] <2> dsm_get_storageserverinfo: Calling dsm->getStorageServerInfo() 18:04:31.216 [1664.2772] <16> dsm_get_storageserverinfo: DSM was unable to find the following storage server: phldd01 This problem may also occur if a NetBackup process was terminated through Task Manager or another utility.