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esri sde error codes Belchertown, Massachusetts

This error occurs when you attempt to upgrade after an earlier attempt failed and the VERSION table was not deleted or when you try to create a new geodatabase on a ArcGIS 10.0 error numbers Click here to find the valid error messages associated with the ArcObjects error numbers. For example, SE_stream_fetch was called before executing the stream with SE_stream_execute. SE_BIND_CONFLICT (-32) A mismatch occurred in one of the bind/set/get functions.

SE_CASE_SENSITIVE_DATABASE_NOT_SUPPORTED (-460) Case sensitive databases are not supported. SE_NO_ROWID_COLUMN (-186) The table does not have a usable row ID column. When submitting a support request, please provide the following information (as applicable) in order to help us to provide a timely response: FME log file FME version and build number preferably Returned whenever the error is not trapped by a more specific indicator.

Returned from functions that require the topological integrity of shapes to complete successfully. SE_INVALID_RELEASE (-88) The release/version of the client application does not match the installed release/version of the ArcSDE server, or the installed release/version of the ArcSDE software does not match the release/version SE_INVALID_COLUMN_TYPE (-53) An invalid data type was specified for a column definition. SE_SDE_NOT_STARTED (-5) The call to start the ArcSDE was not executed or did not complete successfully.

The specified SQL WHERE clause is invalid. SE_PT_NO_EXIST (-72) The user-specified point does not exist in the associated map shape. SE_NO_COORDREF (-278) The coordinate reference is not defined. SE_INVALID_GEOMETRY_TYPE (-199) The shape type in the given shape is not a valid geometry type.

SE_INVALID_REGISTRATION_ID (-219) The registration ID is out of range. SE_XML_INDEX_EXISTS (-333) The XML index already exists. Fix Compatibility Issues (FME Log Error: 'Workspace Generation Failed') Troubleshooting Applications and Extensions Data Interoperability Extension and ArcGIS for Desktop This section refers to issues encountered within the ArcGIS for Desktop Within client installations, the default location for this file may be found within the %TEMP or %TMP% environment variable paths.

SE_INVALID_DATABASE (-162) The specified database (or data source) name is invalid. SE_WRONG_COLUMN_TYPE (-114) Returned when trying to set or get the value of a column in a stream using the wrong column type. SE_COLUMN_NOT_BOUND (-90) A column was specified for an insert/update operation but was not bound (by calling SE_stream_bind_input_column), or the value was not set at the time of execution. SE_OGCWKB_UNSUPPORTED_EYTPE (-400) The OGCWKB type does not support annotation or CAD data entity types.

Show 5 comments5 RepliesNameEmail AddressWebsite AddressName(Required)Email Address(Required, will not be published)Website Addressvangelo-esristaff Dec 9, 2010 5:13 AMError codes are detailed in the documentation and in the SDK include files. SE_CONNECTION_IN_USE (-111) This connection is being used currently by another thread. Returned by SE_connection_create. SE_KEYSET_TABLE_REMOVE_FAILED (-431) The keyset table could not be removed.

SE_INVALID_PARAM_VALUE (-66) Returned from a function that was given an invalid parameter value. Returned by shape retrieval functions. If you need to pull in additional resources to assist in troubleshooting an error do not be dismayed. SE_UNSUPPORTED_DATABASE_VERSION (-494) The version of the DBMS to which you are connecting is not supported.

SE_RASTERCOLUMN_EXISTS (-194) A raster column already exists. This is contradictory; you cannot set an SE_SPATIAL_FIRST search order, which tells ArcSDE to use the spatial index first, then pass spatial filters to ArcSDE telling it not to use the SE_OUT_OF_LICENSES (-40) All ArcSDE licenses are in use. The requested operation is not supported for normalized layers. (Oracle specific) SE_INVALID_REGISTERED_LAYER_OPTION (-167) Obsolete 3.0.2 error code.

SE_NO_SHAPES (-47) The function found no shapes to process. SE_INSTANCE_TOO_EARLY (-122) The specified instance is a version older than 2.0. SE_INVALID_SEARCH_METHOD (-30) The specified search method is not one of those defined. SE_MULTIPLE_RASTER_COLS (-247) Only one raster column is allowed.

You must first bind to an ArcGIS version prior to using any ArcGIS components Does the workspace complete but is slow to process? SE_SQL_KEYWORD (-292) The specified SQL keyword doesnt exist or is invalid. SE_NO_LOCALIZED_MESSAGE (-1011) No localized error messages are available. SE_XML_COLUMN_NORMAL_MODE (-426) The XML column is in normal I/O mode.

SE_INVALID_ETYPE_MASK (-31) The entity types or combinations in the entity type mask are invalid. SE_TABLE_NOT_HISTORY(-448) The table must be a history table for to perform this operation. SE_INVALID_UNITS (-124) The specified units were not feet, meters, decimal_degrees or other. SE_NET_FAILURE (-10) A catastrophic error occurred during a client/server round-trip request and the connection between the client task and the server was severed.

SE_TOO_MANY_STREAMS (-108) Obsolete error code. SE_PASSWORD_TIMEOUT (-99) The timestamp of the password received was sent more than MAXTIMEDIFF seconds earlier. This page contains a list of these return codes (9.2 C API version). SE_INVALID_INDEX_MASK (-374) Invalid (rebuild) index mask SE_INVALID_PRECISION (-375) Coordinate reference/layer precision is not valid for the requested operation.

SE_STATE_INUSE (-191) The specified state is currently being modified. SE_NO_SHAPES (-47) The function found no shapes to process. Bookmark the permalink. SE_ATTRBUFFER_TOO_SMALL (-459) The attribute buffer size is too small.