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flx800 error codes Park Hall, Maryland

We'd like to decrease overall utility bills by all means possible. Thus at very high ODs a variation of 0.1 OD is only a count of signal or less. Write down which position of the emission filter wheel has the hole (empty position). 8. The new 405 Touch enables simple and fast protocol transfer with easily accessible USB flash drive ports.

They may be reached by phone at (888) 451-5171, option 3 or via email at [email protected]

» Back to results Applications Automated Monitoring of Protein Expression and Metastatic Cell Migration using Yes, BioTek offers a labware holder for Millipore’s Vacuum Manifold for Sequencing Reaction Kits Montage SEQ96 and SEQ384. You need this version when you upgrade to Windows7 and/or Office 2010 or higher. Gen5 ELISA, Gen5CL and Gen5RC allow control of only one reader at a time.

Please refer to your instrument's specifications to determine the corresponding dynamic range for the measurement type. There are several other HP printer models that can be compatible via this adapter. The second reading must lie in the range of 2.676 + 0.085, or 2.591 < second measurement < 2.761 How often should I perform performance qualification tests? For biomagnetic separation washing applications such Luminex xMAP bead based assays, several interchangeable, high strength magnet designs are available for the ELx50, ELx405 and EL406 Washers.

The AutoPrime parameters (such as the interval and prime volume) can be set from DEFINE: EDIT: PRIME: AUTOPRIME. ExportFile( filePath ) - Exports the measurement results into the specified file.filePath String Full pathname of the file.ResetErrorInfo( ) - Reset the error on the instrument.Reader: ErrorsReaderError( alarmCode, alarmMessage ) - Please try the request again. Documents outlining the MSDS for BioTek Blue and Yellow Dye Solutions can be obtained via our service department.

BioTek has several instruments that come with integrated USB ports and drivers. How do I adjust the sensitivity for optimum results in fluorescence or luminescence? Note that there is a PowerExport toolbar containing buttons to select Protocol Summary, Field Group, Matrix and Table. However, the user should be careful that the peak wavelength for the nonaqueous buffer solution does not overlap with the peak wavelength of the analyte.

Using the BioStack Microplate Stacker's optional barcode scanner, high throughput hit picking applications with the Precision XS Microplate Sample Processor can now be entirely automated. Microplate Dispensers I need to dispense 750 µL to a 96-well format deep well microplate. Yes, the standard stacks can be used with BioStack 4 for non-lidded plates only. Multiple adapters are available and allow you to read PCR plates from the top or from the bottom, with or without caps.

Most of our readers have a maximum of 99,999 counts, so a good target for the high well is 80,000. The accuracy of the lower values can be checked against the Absorbance Test Plate values and the accuracy/linearity for higher OD values can be extrapolated based on the curve fit of Can I use the standard BioStack stacks (p/n 7310008, 7310023 and 731003) with BioStack 4? All of BioTek’s absorbance filters have a 10nm bandpass.

Monochromators allow free wavelength selection, resulting in flexibility for your research. An optional external dispenser module allows to run applications such as ion channel assays and flash luminescence assays (e.g. This allows the USB connection to emulate a COM port. What should I do if I have a problem or question about my BioTek equipment?

How do I import data into Gen5? Precision Power software uses the scanned IDs to automatically browse its list of Unprocessed Maps, identify wells of interest and assemble a To Do List with unattended operation. A pre-programmed maintenance protocol within Precision Power software may be used to periodically verify the pipette o-rings’ performance Robotics Can BioStack 4 be controlled via the touch screen interface of 405TS If your computer does not have an internet connection, email your Gen5 serial number and site key to [email protected] to receive a new password.

Fluorescence Readers What are the benefits to Top Reading versus Bottom Reading on my fluorescence microplate reader? Copyright © BioSPX 2015 Read Bio-Tek FLx800 text versionBio-Tek FLx800(c) ReTiSoft Inc.www.retisoft.caBio-Tek FLx800Manufacturer: Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. Using the Corning 3679 half area microplates, the minimum volume is 50 µL. Updates within the same version are available at no charge (v1.xx to v 1.xx or v 2.xx to v 2.xx).

AutoPrime is a feature on the EL406, ELx405, ELx50 and MicroFill liquid handlers. Running the instrument’s pre-programmed "Overnight Loop" maintenance protocol will completely automate an overnight process. First, generate an a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet template in the protocol. What is a “discontinuous kinetic” procedure in Gen5?

The blank well should contain the same buffer, usually deionized water, contained in the sample wells. Corning-Costar has introduced a plastic UV microplate (#3635 in their catalog), for reading absorbance of samples in the UV range. Test communication. 5) If steps 1-4 do not resolve the problem, uninstall the suspected COM port from device manager. If you have any questions about available licenses or if you need a Gen5 password, please contact our service department.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. We aim to remove reported files within 1 working day. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Luminescence Readers How do I configure my Synergy HT, HTX or FLx800 for luminescence?

For the most accurate readings, we recommend 200, 100, and 50 µL or more respectively. If you are using Gen5 software, the tungsten lamp can be powered ahead of time so that it is ready for reading a plate without waiting for warmup. How do you recommend maintaining my ELx405 Microplate Washer under sterile conditions?