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flex validation error color Parkville, Maryland

All rights reserved. Comments are closed. The default value for Button controls is bold. To demonstrate this, let’s begin putting together some custom Validators to check different types of controls.

Peter But don't let me stop you though, feel free to print off as many entries as you want and staple them together on your desk. :) Wilfried says: May 22, Possible values are "none" and "underline". To specify a percentage value, you must include the percent sign (%). The formatValue() method, if provided the format ###-### and the source 123456, will return 123–456.

Otherwise, the shadow appears behind the container because the default background of a container is transparent. The following example does not contain any validation logic, but shows you how to use the errorTip style to create ToolTips that look like validation error tips. Warnings being yellow & errors red. There are many predefined Validator types in the Flex Framework for credit cards, phone numbers, email, and social security numbers and we’ll look at a quick example of using these before

When you run the example, press the Enter key after entering text into the TextInput controls.

This property only applies when you are using an embedded font and the fontAntiAliasType property is set to "advanced". Not the answer you're looking for? share|improve this answer answered Jun 5 '10 at 2:34 Jeff 2,48011129 I dont really want to use the image as a border, but its the only way I could peterd says: May 22, 2008 at 9:15 pm Tony Fendall, Setting the borderColor is enough.

The default error messages for all validators are defined by using resource bundles so that you can easily change them as part of localizing your application. However, you might want to validate one component but have validation results apply to a different component, as the following example shows: TextInputborderThicknessType: NumberFormat: LengthCSS Inheritance: noTheme: halo Bounding box thickness. You do this by specifying the value of the createToolTip() method’s errorTipBorderStyle argument (the fourth argument), as the following example shows:

The default for the Application container is 100%. In short I want the invalid text boxes to look more prominant to user. You can use the errorTip style to change the color, as the following example shows: