fatal wtx error Leonardtown Maryland

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fatal wtx error Leonardtown, Maryland

wtxLoggingOn Open the file and log all WTX requests. SEE ALSO wtx, wtxErrClear(), wtxErrGet() WTX C Library : Routines wtxErrToMsg() NAME wtxErrToMsg() - convert an WTX error code to a descriptive string SYNOPSIS const char * wtxErrToMsg ( HWTX hWtx, NOTE Error handlers for the handle are not called. This issue is resolved by putting in the non-loopback IP address of the development host in the Tornado Preferences dropdown menu.

Valid values for the flags parameter can be: typedef enum wtx_open_flag /* flag for WTX_OPEN */ { WTX_O_RDONLY = 0x1000, /* Open for reading only */ WTX_O_WRONLY = 0x1001, /* Open cpuNum specifies the CPU number in data base, while cpuInfoType specifies which parameter to get. SEE ALSO wtx, WTX_EVENTPOINT_ADD_2, wtxEventpointDelete(), wtxEventpointList() WTX C Library : Routines wtxEventpointDelete() NAME wtxEventpointDelete() - delete an eventpoint from the target SYNOPSIS STATUS wtxEventpointDelete ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API handle SEE ALSO wtx, WTX_AGENT_MODE_SET, wtxTsInfoGet(), wtxAgentModeGet() WTX C Library : Routines wtxAsyncNotifyEnable() NAME wtxAsyncNotifyEnable() - start the asynchronous event notification SYNOPSIS STATUS wtxAsyncNotifyEnable ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API handle */

SEE ALSO wtx, WTX_CACHE_TEXT_UPDATE, wtxMemRead(), wtxMemWrite() WTX C Library : Routines wtxCommandSend() NAME wtxCommandSend() - Pass a string to be interpreted by the target server SYNOPSIS char * wtxCommandSend ( HWTX You will need to execute a routeNetAdd on the target before connecting the target server in order to get symbol table synchronization to work. FTP error on 1 site causes FTP error on others 14. To set the error code and call the registered error handlers, use wtxErrDispatch().

WTX error (target gopher error) 2. [VxW] WTX Error 0x100de Hi, I'm trying to download a small sample application to a ppc603 board, I'm using Tornado 2. It only returns one event at a time. allLoggingOff Stop WDB and WTX log. sniffer案例-进行蠕虫病毒流量分析 路由器配置方法 【新提醒】ClearCase怎么样做备用服务器... 用tornado搭建日志服务器 IP地址和子网划分练习题(整理带答案) allegro怎么更新封装 Setup Factory 7.0 打包.netframework 2... 精选文章 人体的排泄口!排乾淨多活二十年 妈妈在,家就在! 24小时长寿指南 无往不胜心理定律 你会是第一万个看懂的人吗 精妙话语:知足者身贫而心富 帮你了解世界的40张地图 /6534陈正明 亲爱的你听见了吗 发表评论: amine 16 馆藏300 TA的最新馆藏[转]【全面解说怎样用ipad2/iphone/touch学英语】 【学术app装机...有关MAC、PHY和MII/RMII .Jolt奖列表耳鸣改善生活习惯基于嵌入式实时系统设计模式的研究与应用What is eLua? 推荐阅读

SEE ALSO wtx, WTX_CONTEXT_CONT, wtxContextResume(), wtxBreakpointAdd() WTX C Library : Routines wtxContextCreate() NAME wtxContextCreate() - create a new context on the target SYNOPSIS WTX_CONTEXT_ID_T wtxContextCreate ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API The last error handler added is the first one called when an error occurs. If no user defined function is given then received events are just stored in the asynchronous event list, those events can be get using wtxAsyncEventGet(). A given agent may not support all the possible modes.

WINDOWS HOSTS This request is not implemented on Windows. typedef struct wtx_msg_event_desc /* Event message */ { WTX_CORE wtxCore; /* WTX message core */ WTX_EVENT_DESC eventDesc; /* Event descriptor */ } WTX_MSG_EVENT_DESC; typedef struct wtx_event_desc /* WTX event desc. */ The eventpoint is identified by evtptId which is the ID returned by wtxBreakpointAdd(), wtxContextExitNotifyAdd()... When I connect my Tornado to it, after approx. 2 minutes I get the messages (on the target console): Fatal WTX error (0x10136), synchronization stopped Fatal WTX error (0x1012f), synchronization stopped

These include breakpoints and context exit notifications. If pToFree is not embedded inside a WTX message, pMsgToFree should be set to NULL. Platforms Affected: OS_Batch(32 BITS) Problem conclusion Meta Data override would incorrectly set data type to TSQ. Select remote registry and enter the name of the machine running the registry.

SEE ALSO wtx, wtxClientDataSet() WTX C Library : Routines wtxClientDataSet() NAME wtxClientDataSet() - set the client data associated with the WTX handle SYNOPSIS STATUS wtxClientDataSet ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API The type codes are defined in the file .../wpwr/share/src/agents/wdb/wdb.h as follows: /* gopher stream format type codes */ #define GOPHER_UI comp.os.vxworks Discussion: how to synchronize symbol table between target and host where WTX_ACTION is: typedef struct wtx_action /* Action descriptor */ { WTX_ACTION_TYPE actionType; /* Action type to perform */ UINT32 actionArg; /* Action dependent argument */ TGT_ADDR_T callRtn; /* Function to Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search PM98596: CICS WTX API IS NOT RETURNING TO CALLER WHEN FATAL ERROR OCCURS.

Use wtxContextCont() rather than this routine to continue a task from a breakpoint; this routine causes the task to hit the breakpoint again. wtxTargetIpAddressGet Get the target's IP address (if applicable) in a.b.c.d form. Problem conclusion Temporary fix Comments APAR Information APAR numberPM98596 Reported component nameWTX COMMAND SER Reported component ID5655R9501 Reported release831 StatusCLOSED PER PENoPE HIPERNoHIPER Special AttentionNoSpecatt / Xsystem Submitted date2013-10-07 Closed date2013-10-09 The eventpoint is removed automatically when the context exits or the routine wtxEventpointDelete() can be used to remove the eventpoint before the context exits.

EXAMPLE The following is a sample error handler: BOOL32 errorHandler ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API handle */ void * pClientData, /* client data from wtxErrHandlerAdd() call */ void * errCode typedef struct wtx_evtpt_list_2 /* eventpoint list message */ { UINT32 nEvtpt; /* num. RETURNS WTX_OK or WTX_ERROR. If stepStart == stepEnd == 0 then the context is single stepped one machine instruction only.

Attaching C++ interface... SEE ALSO wtx, wtxTerminate(), wtxVerify() WTX C Library : Routines wtxTerminate() NAME wtxTerminate() - terminate the use of a WTX client handle SYNOPSIS STATUS wtxTerminate ( HWTX hWtx /* WTX API RETURNS WTX_OK or WTX_ERROR. The user defined function must take a WTX_EVENT_DESC * as input parameter.

SEE ALSO wtx, wtxErrMsgGet(), wtxErrSet(), wtxErrClear() WTX C Library : Routines wtxErrHandlerAdd() NAME wtxErrHandlerAdd() - add an error handler for the WTX handle SYNOPSIS WTX_HANDLER_T wtxErrHandlerAdd ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX Scroll over to the right most tab, Tornado Registry. The event is not sent back to the tool that generated it. wdbLoggingOff Close the file and stop the log.

The error handler ID errHandler must be a valid error handler ID returned by a call of wtxErrHandlerAdd(). SEE ALSO wtx, WTX_CONTEXT_KILL, wtxTargetReset() WTX C Library : Routines wtxContextStep() NAME wtxContextStep() - single step execution of a target context SYNOPSIS STATUS wtxContextStep ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API handle SEE ALSO wtx, wtxTsInfoGet() WTX C Library : Routines wtxEventpointAdd() NAME wtxEventpointAdd() - create a new WTX eventpoint SYNOPSIS UINT32 wtxEventpointAdd ( HWTX hWtx, /* WTX API handle */ WTX_EVTPT_2 * SEE ALSO wtx, wtxErrHandlerAdd() WTX C Library : Routines wtxErrMsgGet() NAME wtxErrMsgGet() - fetch the last network WTX API error string SYNOPSIS const char * wtxErrMsgGet ( HWTX hWtx /* WTX

The context types are given by: typedef enum wtx_context_type /* types of context */ { WTX_CONTEXT_SYSTEM = 0, /* system mode */ WTX_CONTEXT_GROUP = 1, /* process group (not implemented) */ Note that stepStart does not set the initial program counter; this must be done separately. succeeded.