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failed synchronization error code 500 Glen Arm, Maryland

Thawte Premium Server CA ? All Trademarks are owned by their respective companies. Verify that host headers are configured correctly.4. N/A85030010A DPA error occurred.

IIS Default Web Sites\Exchange-Oma virtual server retained the previous IP address in the Directory Security \ IP Address and domain name restrictions.1. HTTP_5078501001AHTTP is out of disk space. Last Modified: Sep 26, 2016 Helpful? The next time you sync, you will be prompted to overwrite the data on your device with data from the server.

Reduce the number of top level folders to 372 or less by moving some top level folders to be subfolders or use a Windows Mobile 2003-based device 3. Deselect the datatype(usually calendar) and then reselect the datatype. To resolve this issue, contact the system administrator. 505 HTTP Version Not Supported This error occurs when the server refuses to support the HTTP protocol that has been specified by the The connection with the server was reset.

Consult the system administrator for information about acquiring more bandwidth. 510 Not Extended This error occurs when an extension attached to the HTTP request is not supported by the web server. I turned on developer mode to get ADB logs; the following line seemed the most relevant (repeated 8 times): D/ContactsSyncAdapter( 2964): IOException: received unhandled http error: 500 then followed by HTTP_41685010011An HTTP communication or protocol error occurred. This lets iOS replace its local cache of calendar data.

Also the GeodatabaseStatusInfo variable is null, so there's nothing there either.Like • Show 0 Likes0 Actions akajanus-esristaff @ null on Nov 12, 2014 2:51 AMMark CorrectCorrect AnswerSo you cannot use Fiddler Attempt sync later HTTP_50485010018The device timed out while waiting for the HTTP gateway- OR - Synchronization failed because of a server error. How to convert a set of sequential integers into a set of unique random numbers? I get an exception message saying "An exception occured: Error code '500' : 'Failed to synchronize.'" but I don't get any more information.

See all questions on this article See all questions I have asked Still need help? See How to troubleshoot server ActiveSync HTTP error codes HTTP_50385010017The device is temporarily overloaded.- OR - Synchronization failed due to an error on the server. N/AN/AThe phone is off.If using a Pocket PC device, try again after turning on the phone. You are using a Windows Mobile 2002-based device or a Windows Mobile 2003-based device with SSL.

I've been having a problem synchronizing my GMail contacts on my Android phone (Galaxy SIII). HTTP_4128501000DThe precondition given in the HTTP communication request failed.Verify Internet settings and try again. Make sure that the Server Sync client update on the device is intended for use with the version of Mobile Information Server on the server. HTTP_4138501000EThe HTTP communication request entity was too large.

Kerberos is enabled, but IIS may return HTTP Status 401 every 30 Days when using Kerberos on Windows 2000. 4. N/A85020013You see the error message "Your current sync schedule requires a cellular data connection. There is no connection available for the device to communicate with the server. 3. Verify that the server you are connecting is listening on the SSL port.

If the problem persists, contact your network administrator1. Then, tap Advanced to verify that your user credentials are correct and try againVerify the server information and credentials on the device. For example, requests to sync an Exchange Calendar might result in a series of 500 errors in a row. Try again. - OR - An authentication error occurred connecting to the server.- OR - You changed the IP address of the Exchange ServerVerify that the HTTP server is available and

x /apis/sms-mms /apis/mms/docs The Device Capabilities API was deprecated on July 29, 2015. Often, you will need the help of a server administrator to investigate them. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. The Disable Certificate Validation tool is part of the Exchange 2003 All-in-one Tools package available from Please see the readme that is provided with the tool for more information. 3.

N/A85030012A POOM Provider DSA error occurred. That would be easiest way to see what's going on and in what point the error is thrown. On your Smartphone 2003-based device, click Start, ActiveSync, Menu, Options, Server Settings, Connection and check the box ?This server uses an SSL connection?. 3. The user composes e-mail on the device and attempts a sync when mailbox limits have been reached on the Exchange server. 10.

Can two integer polynomials touch in an irrational point? N/A85030007The document was not sent in the synchronization context. A first digit of 4 represents a client—side error, with the most common codes in the range of 400 to 404. Check to see if your device has a valid IP address.

N/A86000209The error code has to do with the sync key of the folder hierarchy. Used with permission. Details: POST http://localhost:8788/pb/sources/id/007ccf39-7e61-457d-a8a5-0081673779b0... N/A8503000BThe ActiveSync application failed to start in a timely fashion.

The reason is I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with contact synchronization. Obtain the latest Pocket PC End User Update from your service provider. 2. The proxy server encountered an error. 1. Please contact your administrator and make sure that you are enabled for synchronizationSee How to troubleshoot server ActiveSync HTTP error codes HTTP_40285010003Payment is required for HTTP communication.

On your device, click Start, ActiveSync, Tools, Options, Server, and make sure that the correct server name is entered. N/A8503001BAn error is returned by the zlib decompression function. This error can occur if you are approaching the mailbox limits set on your Exchange server.2. Contact your system administrator or ISP to install a valid certificate on the server and try again.The sync client does certificate validation and has detected that an invalid certificate is installed.1.

INTERNET_3080072EFEThe connection with the server has been stopped.Verify that the server is available and try again. But now nothing happens when I press Cancel sync. That would be the best way to ensure that you get help with this. The name of the Exchange server specified on the device does not match the common name on the certificate.? 1.

Verify the TMP/TEMP configuration. 5. This error could occur if there are multiple front-end servers and some of them have not been upgraded.1. See Synchronization times out and error "DEV_10" or "CONMGR_34" occurs on a Pocket PC device when you try to synchronize with Exchange Server 2003 0x80042256N/ASynchronization failed because the user aborted connection.1. INTERNET_3780072F05The SSL certificate date that was received from the server indicates that the certificate has expired.- OR - Synchronization failed.