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The procedure may also provide a result set as output. This presents problems for Python since the parameters to the .execute*() method are untyped. The list is cleared by all standard cursor methods calls (prior to executing the call) except for the .fetch*() calls automatically to avoid excessive memory usage and can also be cleared exception psycopg2.OperationalError¶ Exception raised for errors that are related to the database's operation and not necessarily under the control of the programmer, e.g.

Score: 10 def setUp(self): self.conn = self.connect() curs = self.conn.cursor() # Drop table if it already exists try: curs.execute("DROP TABLE table1") self.conn.commit() except psycopg2.DatabaseError: self.conn.rollback() try: curs.execute("DROP TABLE table2") self.conn.commit() except pgerror¶ String representing the error message returned by the backend, None if not available. IntegrityError Exception raised when the relational integrity of the database is affected, e.g. We can pick out of this class the name of the actual exception class name (EDivByZero) and the message (divide by zero).We could have multiple On clauses for specific errors :except

Time ( hour , minute , second ) This function constructs an object holding a time value. Because some of these changes will cause existing DB API 1.0 based scripts to break, the major version number was adjusted to reflect this change. The method may raise NotSupportedError to signal that a specific operation is not supported by the database (e.g. As of 1.1.1, only the original message is saved in the Error.msg attribute.

You can use this to catch all errors with one single except statement. The type_code must compare equal to one of Type Objects defined below. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed psycopg2.ROWID¶ This type object is used to describe the "Row ID" column in a database.

recordings = [] for page in range(1, num_pages + 1): print "Getting page " + str(page) url = XENO_CANTO_URL + '&page=' + str(page) web_data = get_response(url).json['recordings'] for entry in web_data: recordings.append(entry) Is nesting exceptions a good idea? Columns in the result set which are generated by the query (e.g. These interfaces should then raise a NotSupportedError to indicate the non-ability to perform the roll back when the method is invoked. [4] A database interface may choose to support named cursors

Previously, the return value was based on the SQL statement type (which was hard to implement right) — it is undefined now; use the more flexible .rowcount attribute instead. connection = None try: connection = psycopg2.connect( database='xeno-canto-data', user='ehrenbrav') cursor = connection.cursor() cursor.execute( "SELECT id, file FROM recordings") urls = cursor.fetchall() # Loop through all the URLs and download. If a connection is made and a problem arises then DatabaseError will catch it. This allows the programmer to check for database capabilities using the standard hasattr() function.

Isn't that more expensive than an elevated system? This feature is not part of the specification, since it complicates semantics of the .fetch*() methods. [5] The module will use the __getitem__ method of the parameters object to map either It is a subclass of DatabaseError. pgcode¶ String representing the error code returned by the backend, None if not available.

It is a subclass of DatabaseError. psycopg2.BINARY¶ This type object is used to describe (long) binary columns in a database (e.g. Optional DB API Extensions During the lifetime of DB API 2.0, module authors have often extended their implementations beyond what is required by this DB API specification. Some databases use a different interpretation for UPDATE s and only return the number of rows that were changed by the UPDATE , even though the WHERE clause of the statement

For e.g table not found, error in mysql syntax, wrong number of parameters specified etc.InterfaceError: When database connection fails for some reason, MySQLdb will raise an InterfaceError. Changed in version 2.5: added the cursor_factory parameter. Exceptions¶ In compliance with the DB API 2.0, the module makes informations about errors available through the following exceptions: exception psycopg2.Warning¶ Exception raised for important warnings like data truncations while inserting, Or is there a better way of dealing with dependent/cascaded exceptions like this?

The index can be seen as index of the cursor in a sequence (the result set). SQL NULL values are represented by the Python None singleton on input and output. the cursor is not valid anymore, the transaction is out of sync, etc. Similar problems exist for "Row ID" columns or large binary items (e.g.

DateFromTicks ( ticks ) This function constructs an object holding a date value from the given ticks value (number of seconds since the epoch; see the documentation of the standard Python The number of rows to fetch per call is specified by the parameter. In some cases, exceptions may be too disruptive for the flow of a program or even render execution impossible. backward scrolling).

The first ShowMessage statement therefore does not get executed.In our exception block, we can simpl place code to act regardless of the type of error. Implementation Hints for Module Authors Date/time objects can be implemented as Python datetime module objects (available since Python 2.3, with a C API since 2.4) or using the mxDateTime package (available Warning Message: "DB-API extension cursor.rownumber used" Connection.Error , Connection.ProgrammingError , etc. A Cursor Object's description attribute returns information about each of the result columns of a query.

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