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exact audio copy error correction Chevy Chase, Maryland

It's been a while, huh iluvendo? Conclusion Exact Audio Copy has been a great tool for a long time and my testing doesn't show anything that would dispute that greatness. Making Archival Backups Perhaps the best reason to copy your CDs using EAC is for making archival backup copies. Never gave me any problem However, there's a concern I've always had and never managed to figure it out.

On a less threatening level, there are all kinds of other, ongoing copy-protection red-book-violating screw-ups that companies (like Warner Brothers) enjoy toying around with. CardinalFang, Apr 2, 2009 #12 David R. Test it with burst mode. If you cannot find your drive's read offset neither in the databases, tables, nor you haven't access to a writer with known write offset for burning EAC's built-in 'EAC offset Test

The Range Quality of 100% tells me EAC didn't have to back up and re-read any sectors due to suspicious data from the first pass. If there is such a CD, it will show garbage, not extract tracks or probably insert errors in the extraction. I have an Afreey drive and during extraction EAC sometimes hangs. For perfect archive copies of your CDs, using the Offset Correction feature is also recommended.

I once had a disk so scratched it wouldnt play in anything, it was the only copy i had, so a day and half later after windac had re-read most sectors I recommend to use the appropriate secure mode for your drive. Note that you can set EAC to rip everything, then start the encoder, or start multiple encoder instances. The last version is from 2005.

From EAC version 1.0 beta 2 on, you can use the following placeholders in the filename settings on how filenames for tracks are being created by EAC: %title% - Track title Just like in the past you can customize this even further using the advanced dialogs later on. Also, a folder or backup-media like CD-R or DVD+-R containing very many albums is still easy to overview using this scheme. This will slow down extraction, no drive features are used.

After a firmware update of your drive or writer, you should check your offsets again, as they might have changed. If an error occurs (read or sync error), the program keeps on reading this sector, until eight of 16 retries are identical, but at maximum one, three or five times (according Good advice. So it only indicates read problems.

EAC almost consistently reports errors on the last track on my commercial CDs.Click to expand... Otherwise don't use the flag "Allow Speed Reduction", but of course then it won't read anymore that accurate on bad sectors. live concerts), it can introduce ugly volume differences at track junctions which should not be there. Now that you have completed the arduous task of installing and configuring EAC, its time to sit back and enjoy the ease-of-use of a properly setup EAC: Find a CD that

Every single one of those discs had sync errors. EAC Options… Open the EAC Options via EAC | EAC Options. If you don't want to compress your files, make sure that there is "Internal Wav Routines" selected. Sometimes EAC will autodetect a wrong read command.

Try this for all gap detection modes (you have to eject the CD between each trial), and choose the one which worked fastest. The thing is it's not always with the same disc that I'm burning from BUT it is always in the same spot. There should not be problems for Win XP & Native Win32 interface for Win NT & 2000. The original ASPI driver by Adaptec mostly also works fine (the older version 4.60 is recommended).

So sector size is 2048 bytes for data and 2352 bytes for audio. That means it read the same data both times. I have TEAC 532E-B and EAC says that the drive is capable of retreaving C2 error information. As already noted, audio CDs don't have real error correction.

For scratched CDs there is nothing better in my opinion. Other options: Extraction and compression priority: Normal - Setting this to high speeds up encoding somewhat, but will also steal more processor power from other applications running. In the Drive Options, go to Read Commands page and select the Read Command MMC1 manually (or any other that works). Thanks!

This would suggest that the issue isn't with my drive or with EAC, but more due to the fact that I have many CD's in my collection that haven't yet been Try a different gap detection mode and if none removed that problem, you would have to edit these CUE sheets manually, removing all indecies bigger then 01 and indecies that have Is it normal? Share This Page Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter Log in with Google Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

It could possible to revive them by copying them in burst mode to hard disk. Any guidance is appreciated. What did I do wrong? Insert an Audio CD into your drive, and click the Detect Read Features button.

The AccurateRip results tell me five other people have reported the same results ripping this CD. Submit drive features after detection - You benefit from the knowledge of others, so you should contribute, too. With a syncro buffer that can re-read bad sectors again and again until it gets it right. The Configuration Wizard Even if you're planning to go back and look at every setting you should start here.

GreenDrazi, Apr 1, 2009 #2 keoki82 Active Member Thread Starter Location: Edmonton Thanks Scott, I'll give what you suggest a try. After copying check the copies out, perhaps there were still errors left. To my surprise, most of them ripped with no errors and showed perfect to almost perfect quality.