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error-253 cannot create mte Beltsville, Maryland is not affiliated with or endorsed by any company listed at this site. Here table B and C have more than one page to display all records where as table A can fit in one single page.   The issue is table A is Vennlig hilsen / Best regards Lars-Erik Hallsten Senior Consultant, SAP Basis & Netweaver Phone: +47 917 14 967 Email: [email protected] Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose configure this external transaction code in OT83 in accordance with the Interpretation Algorithm and Processing Type.

Running SCS instance is reported as not-available because of not-compatible change in message server response. Fixed: avoid messages in the developer traces (dev_*) like "ERROR => DpWpCTrc: invalid wp" after dynamically changing the number of dialog processes (note 1519245). 3. Home | Invite Peers | More SAP Groups Your account is ready. avg.

selected GM" with incorrect GMs can lead to problems ( RU 492 ) RU493 Invalid entry: Job repetition can lead to infinite loop ( RU 493 ) RU494 Order & closed Waelz, Dean replied Jul 14, 2008 Good Day OSS Note 498179 has useful info on this error message (in the "troubleshooting" section). Purchase organization and plant in info record should be same as per your purchase order: Else please check the same with new purchase order or post screen shot. 0 0 07/26/15--08:36: These MTEs can be used to measure the fulfillment of system quality standards.

Fix (low, integrated agents, rel. 720-721): SAPOscol Webservice call GetOsData contains rubbish. Fix (high, ccmsping, rel. 720 - 741): CCMSPING programm reports running J2ee message server with activated SSL as unavailable. The access errors are still logged if the trace level is 2 or higher (see note 1345552 for more details). 3. Note that if you have already installed the agent, you have to unregister it before starting it with a new profile.

Fix (critical, agents, kernel, rel. 720-740): CCMS alert is generated but the autoreaction method is not executed. Are you sure you want to continue?CANCELOKWe've moved you to where you read on your other device.Get the full title to continueGet the full title to continue reading from where you unit & ( RU 149 ) RU152 Error when assigning number for object & ( RU 152 ) RU153 Internal number assignment for object & (numbers are in critical area) ( Patch Collection 2012/1, released on 4.7.2012 The patch is relevant to all releases of SAP NetWeaver (SAP NetWeaver 7.3 inlc.

attribute '&2' missing (field '&3') ( RS_HCPR_MODEL 014 ) RS_HCPR_MODEL067 Compounded value '&1' in constant mapping for field '&2' is not valid ( RS_HCPR_MODEL 067 ) RS_HCPR_MODEL068 Compounded value '&1' in Count: 2521 Skipped: 44 Message Docu Description RS_BW_BCT_RPA_MSG211 Error converting data record & from CSV format to internal format ( RS_BW_BCT_RPA_MSG 211 ) RS_BW_BCT_RPA_MSG214 Entry & in field & is not Fixed: CCMS infrastructure is broken, if the profile parameter "system/type" is unset (note 1442300). 3. Or is this a memory (buffer, cache) issue ?

Fix (critical, agents, rel. 720-740): Sapccm4x agent fails to reattach CCMS SHM sporadically after ABAP instance restart. Fix (critical, standalone agents, rel. 720-740): If Windows server reboots, standalone CCMS agents running as services cannot start automatically after server boots. The easiest way perhaps to get from one place to another, is by two wheelers. Fix (medium, agents, rel. 720-740): Renaming MO 'General' created by saposcol OS collector to avoid MO naming conflict.

Only availability drops to 0% currently it is 27% only, so everything looks ok except for the auto-reaction alert trigger. 0 0 07/29/15--07:55: Re: Get min or max date and overwrite See note 1470329. 25. attr. '&1' of Comp.Prov. &2 does not exist in all PartProviders ( RS_HCPR_MODEL 130 ) RS_HCPR_MODEL131 SQL type &3 of column '&1' of &2 is not supported ( RS_HCPR_MODEL 131 ) The 'Last Write Access' time is the most recent time, when SAPOSCOL started the collection of OS data. 8.

See note 1802409. 7. Memory corruption was fixed. 9. Kernel version   Packgage number --------------   --------------- 7.40 dw_15.sar,  ccmagent_15.sar 7.21 dw_116.sar, ccmagent_116.sar 7.20 dw_426.sar, ccmagent_426.sar, saphostagent_146.sar This version of the agent and the kernel has following fixes, changes and new features: 1. The patch is relevant to all releases of SAP NetWeaver (SAP NetWeaver 7.4 incl.

New (agent): the new instance profil parameter 'ccms/cache_context_refresh' allows changing the frequency of context cache updates, which agent sends regularly to the central system. Patch Collection 2011/2, released on 18.07.2011. Now the agent stops polling the central system immediately if the RFC logon has failed due to authentication error (e.g. See note 1870449.    14.

If the change affects availability monitoring, the ccmsping programm is referenced. A quick search indicated SAP note: 498179 might be a solution. It is picking the confirmation control key from info record as per your both scenario. Fixed: sensitive web-service methods of the interface SAPCCMS are protected now with the basic user authentication per default.

Conditii necesare pentru vizualizarea/operarea in IMG In functie de nivelul de acces dorit pentru cei care vor completa in Proiecte(utilizatori sau administratori ), profilul… View more Subscribe to our Newsletter for All Rights Reserved HOME | SEARCH | REGISTER RSS | MY ACCOUNT | EMBED RSS | SUPER RSS | Contact Us | SCN: Message List Are you the publisher? No DAPs can be created for this type. ( RS_SMA 197 ) RS_SMA198 Cube & is of cube type &2. EhP1 and EhP2).

The original change was introduced in PC 2009/4 and broke the memory data retrieval in Early Watch Alert scenarios. 12. Ther ei scur r ent l ynoot her wor kar ound. Time in ST03(N) ST Segment Elevations in ECG 1.ST Segment Elevations in ECG K.S. See the note 1623049. 5.

St opt hesaphost agent . 2. value below threshold value (&4 measurements) ( RT 009 ) RT010 &1 &3 < &2 &3 1 minute avg. Fixed (critical, ccmsping, rel. 640-720): value of the MTE "Standardized Response Time" was wrongly filled with the number of dialog work processes due to change in the API of a Message I nUni xcl eant hemoni t or i ngsegment by" cl eani pc r emove" .

I am tryin to figure out the dependency of these process chains in Bi system on the SolMan installation. Fix (medium, disp+work, agents, rel. 720 - 740): Fixed execution of the Central autoreaction methods, that are assigned to MTEs in a client dependent monitoring context. Now log entries contain the complete SID name. 6. RZ21.

Fixed: avoid "Error: ShmDelete2()" messages in dev_* traces and sapstartsrv_ccms.log if SAPOSCOL has died or was stopped. MO has to be unique in MCRFCOSLIB: INFO: OS monitoring: Operating System Tree createdINFO: Loading static lib rfcoslibOS07 with trace level 0.Sun Jul 12 14:01:14 2009RFCOSLIB: INFO: current trace level is