formmail custom error page Port Clyde Maine

Started in April 2006 by owner Todd Gustafson, Computer Solutions has quickly become well-known to local residents and business owners, providing knowledgeable and friendly expert computer service. Todd's focus has always been customer service and even though Computer Solutions is growing so rapidly, his mission and values have not changed.Today, Computer Solutions provides a wide range of, well, computer solutions. From simple upgrades to full-fledged repair and total web solutions, Computer Solutions has become the premier "computer geeks" of the Midcoast and beyond.

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formmail custom error page Port Clyde, Maine

So, I am always learning and working at the margin of my ignorance.” —Harvey Golub, CEO, American Express. How would I modify this to make it work? just my rambling.) Logged leighsww Guest NMS FormMail error page customization « Reply #3 on: December 06, 2004, 10:12:06 AM » Quote from: TVPRAh, I know how to redirect to the Our Configuration Wizard automatically enables this for you and provides a sample form that uses it.

Copyright © 1999-2016 Open Concepts (Vic) Pty Limited (ABN 12 130 429 248). Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How can I mod formmail so that the error page still sends and email and redirects? Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.2 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. An alternative is to use $TEMPLATEURL; this is documented inside fmbadhandler.php.

I thought i would share with everyone what i did. Since version 7.14 of FormMail, it's included a configuration setting called ATTACK_DETECTION_IGNORE_ERRORS. It's also much easier to use our FormMail Configuration Wizard than to edit FormMail manually. Server security Support Getting Help FAQs Forums About About Us Useful Links Privacy Policy Tribute to Dennis Ritchie Contact Contacting Us Feedback Form Send Us a Secret Contact Form Processing Products

To redirect the user to another page, you use a field called "good_url" instead of "redirect". Formmail, recaptcha, and custom error page Join us today to reply or post a new message!orLogin as user: password: ::lostpassword Tweet Forums Home Webmaster ForumFormmail, recaptcha, and custom error pagePage 1 FormMail will automatically use any address entered into this input for the From and Reply-to addresses in the e-mail message. The following are my findings: The user IUSR and the group IIS_WPG require read and execute permissions to cmd.exe I don't know why this should be, as it strikes me as

Usually, they will be hidden input fields, so that they are not a visible part of the web page. For some time, FormMail has "attack detection" built in. This field will not be used if you have the redirect field set, but it is useful if you allow the user to receive the report on the following page but Syntax:For a background color of White: Field:text_color Version:1.3 & Up Description:This field works in the same way as bgcolor, except that it will change the color of your

If the user clicks the link back to the form, fmbadhandler.php displays your form again but keeps all the data the user has already entered. For example, "myfm.php". FormMail displays your template to the user with the error messages displayed where you want them. The two fields will be shown on the resulting form page as:return_link_title Syntax: Field:missing_fields_redirect Version:1.6 & Up Description:This form field allows you to specify a

Simply place all field names that you want to be mandatory into this field, separated by commas. Email the webmaster (email to "webmaster at tectite dot com") with questions or comments about this web site | Email for information (email to "enquiries at tectite dot com") about our products By using our software or services you These regular expressions will only allow e-mail messages to go to a recipient with an e-mail address in the following format: [A-Za-z0-9_-\.][email protected] where is specified in @referers. Using an HTML template with our Bad Handler provides you with the ultimate in error handling.

Please review the PUT_DATA_IN_URL FormMail configuration setting. Configure FormMail's $TEMPLATEDIR value to specify that special directory. Syntax:To choose the URL they will end up at: To allow them to specify a URL they wish to travel to once the form is filled out: Here is an example of the form fields to put in your form:< FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="">< input type=hidden name="recipient" value="[email protected]">< input type=hidden name="subject" value="Order">< input type=hidden name="return_link_url" value="">< input type=hidden name="return_link_title"

Thompson Yezek at environment variables listed in this array may be included in the form field env_report, so if you wanted to also know what URL a user was submitting I have a working test at: The test page is static HTML, and the final production form will be, too. You should either include all domain names that you wish to have FormMail send e-mails to in your @referers array or tailor the @recipients array by hand. @valid_ENV = ('REMOTE_HOST','REMOTE_ADDR','REMOTE_USER', By placing in the @referers array, this also allows,, any other http address with in it, and's IP address to access this script as well, so

We use dedicated servers from To use a customized error page, see missing_fields_redirect Syntax:If you want to require that they fill in the email and phone fields in your form, so that you can reach them If the required fields are not filled in, the user will be notified of what they need to fill in, and a link back to the form they just submitted will Allowing certain characters could be VERY dangerous, especially if the characters are: %, <, >, (, ) or any new lines.

Version 1.5 of FormMail offers many new ways to code your form to tailor the resulting HTML page and the way the script performs. Takes a list of the missing
fields as arguments.


sub missing_fields_output {
my ($self, @missing) = @_;

if ( $self->{FormConfig}{'missing_fields_redirect'} ) {
print Install the template in a special directory on your server. Version 1.7 07/27/01-Added in @recipients to defeat spamming attempts -Added in @valid_ENV to allow administrators to specify what environment variables can be sent.

I get an alert message saying "no valid recipients". This is adequate for you while you develop your form and get it working. Why wouldn't it be? PHP Resource Index - 2,000+ PHP Scripts!

Version 1.8 08/02/01-Fixed the recipients code to allow multiple recipients using the 'recipients' form field and commas. For example, if your form is "", you could do this: Reset Finally.... What's New? Upload your new template to that directory.