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There are other issues here. Our aim here truly is to understand the patterns of results, and to inspire others to engage with the electoral system. And since we’ll likely see a new round of this stuff following today’s primaries, let me respond to all of these pieces by acknowledging that we have an election infrastructure that This is a vivid contrast with 2008, when Republican turnout exceeded Democratic in only five states, two with primaries de-sanctioned by national Democrats (Florida, Michigan), two in heavily Mormon Utah and

As soon as we started getting sample precinct returns, we made that adjustment even more so that we'd match the actual results. Lenski was most open to the suggestions of voter enthusiasm (2) or oversampling of young voters (7) skewing results somewhat. Universal Ballot Sample UBS verification protocol ends "faith-based"voting 10,000-election simulation proves effectiveness of UBS verification system. They don't consider election results a sample with uncertainty.

Here is the way the NEP methodology statement describes the potential for error from clustering:If a characteristic is found in roughly the same proportions in all precincts the sampling error will Sproul, Robyn (22 October 2008). "EXPLAINER: How Exit Polls Work". We will take that theory more seriously under (7). Which possibility or possibilities best explain the known facts, not only about exit polling in general, but about why exits get some races right for Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders while

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The big difference between exit polls and pre-election polls is that with the former, people can see how this statistical sausage is made Isn't that too improbable?

The more confident you need to be (or in statistical terms, the greater the “confidence level” assumed), the wider the range of potential sampling error. However, unless these polls are also done so badly as to represent pollster malpractice, real reported results should still land within the margin of error if they are reported accurately. The reality is that Edison has a bunch of statistical models that have been sitting on a computer since last fall, and they plug information into them as it comes in. Although Geijsel cited a number of sources to substantiate the claim that fraud was well-documented in the 2016 primary season, most of those citations involved persons with an interest in the

The sample precincts include the exit poll precinct. Their claims are based on obsessively parsing preliminary exit poll data that some media outlets publish when the polls close—the same data that political reporters always tell people to take with charmin got bad observed data from a dumbass reporter https://twitter.com/mj_lee/status/722590996131889152 the real exit poll results are here http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/04/19/us/elections/new-york-primary-democratic-exit-polls.html permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply[–]JohnKogCalifornia 33 points34 points35 points 5 months ago(0 children)That's not true, there were multiple This is a report by reputable academics at top universities, sponsored by a reputable foundation.

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Last updated: 28 June 2016 Originally published: 15 June 2016 sources: Cohn, Nate. "Exit Polls, And Why The Primary Was Not Stolen From Bernie Sanders." 27 June 2016. They say that the preliminary data are then adjusted to conform to the official results. Absentee ballots may only be requested by the voter, and may only be requested for specific reasons. Last night in West Virginia the first full exit poll projected a 19.3% Bernie Sanders win.

Discrepancies between exit polls and the official vote count have been used to successfully overturn election results in Ukraine, Serbia, and Georgia. If the characteristic is concentrated in a few precincts the sampling error will be larger. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply[–]thatdamnhansel 2 points3 points4 points 5 months ago(0 children)Oh certainly there are some hypocritical ones, but it's gotten better since Trump himself has called it out. Kaine said it was “absolutely false.” What we found was that it’s absolutely unclear, and is subject to prosecutorial discretion and the circumstances of each case.

As argued above, things have been quite accurate on the Republican side this cycle, within the margin of error 24 of 25 times. All indications are that if the primary exit poll data were made available, it would conclusively show count corruption and identify where count corruption occurred. It is clear that NEP’s primary concern is not respondent confidentiality, but rather control over the findings.

‹ Florida Voters Sign Affidavits in Citizen Exit Polls up Independent Exit For years they've lost ground among this group, but they could lose more, in which case Obama's 51 percent 2012 majority may not be duplicated.

Holland sloppily conflates two different types of "adjustments" that are made. This proved successful during the 2005 UK General Election, when the BBC and ITV merged their data to show an exit poll giving Labour a majority of 66 seats, which turned In fact exit polls are used to predict the outcome at the second the polling stations close. Then, on Election Day, they send staff to between 15 and 50 polling places per state, and they ask between 500 and 3,000 voters to fill out questionnaires indicating which candidate

In New York City, our exit poll reporting of how many people had voted in our precincts showed New York City making up 45 percent of the vote in the Democratic That’s not quite right. Retrieved 10 June 2016. ^ Market Research Society (1994). "The Opinion Polls and the 1992 Election: a Report to the Market Research Society". The Edison margin for the gap between Clinton and Sanders was right within 1.7% points at poll closing in North Carolina.

In general, if exit polling were scientifically accurate, it would be right overall within the margin of error about nineteen times out of twenty.