error you need read permission to use this module Anton Chico New Mexico

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error you need read permission to use this module Anton Chico, New Mexico

UPDATE - more information from Mediawiki API page source: The MediaWiki API may require your application or client to provide authenticated user credentials to the API in order to complete References: * * - Carl _______________________________________________ Mediawiki-api mailing list [email protected] Next Message by Thread: Re: [Mediawiki-api] Received message "You need read permission to use this module" 2009/7/15 Fabio I believe the default is true, but you can try $wgEnableAPI = true; and see if it works afterwards. summary Edit summary.

The Extension:Collection > has the credentials configured to access MediaWiki API through > authentication. To alleviate the situation where users will never be asked again for a permission, the request is presented as two consecutive dialogs with the real permission request only being made on nocreate: Throw an error if the page doesn't exist. Editing via Python[edit] /Editing with Python Large texts[edit] When using texts over 8000 characters, use "multipart/form-data" as it does not require escaping and will be significantly smaller than its urlencoded counterpart.

An appropriate value may be obtained using curtimestamp when beginning the edit process (e.g. We suggest using the full extension to provide Memento capability for your wiki. Type: boolean (details) watchlist Unconditionally add or remove the page from the current user's watchlist, use preferences or do not change watch. Add the page to the current user's watchlist.

Contents 1 Token 1.1 Unregistered users 2 Editing pages 2.1 Parameters 2.2 Example 2.3 CAPTCHAs and extension errors 2.4 Possible errors 3 Examples 3.1 Editing via Ajax 3.2 Editing via Python See: InsecureRequestWarning) Mediawiker exception: ('readapidenied', 'You need read permission to use this module', 'See for API usage') Enabling anonymous read to the wiki, restore the option to access the On Android runtime permissions are only available from Marshmallow onwards. Example: POST /w/api.php HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: Bot Framework Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=---------------------------8ce61ec834cf268 Host: Cookie: Content-Length: 1348 Accept-Encoding: gzip Connection: Keep-Alive -----------------------------8ce61ec834cf268 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="action" edit -----------------------------8ce61ec834cf268 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="title" Content-Type: text/plain;

Also section title when section=new and sectiontitle is not set. Thanks for your help!Add CommentLogin to CommentContent licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA) unless otherwise noted; code licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or other open source licenses. Type: integer undoafter Undo all revisions from undo to this one. Type: integer section Section number. 0 for the top section, new for a new section.

editconflict Edit conflict detected revwrongpage revid is not a revision of "pagename" Thrown if an invalid revid is given for undo or undoafter undofailure Undo failed due to conflicting intermediate edits nkrabben commented Feb 24, 2015 That wasn't in our LocalSettings.php, so I added it. Cannot be used together with pageid. Parameters: permission forge.permissions. permission to check success function(granted) callback with the result of the permission check error function(content) called with details of any error which may occur forge.permissions.request(permission, success, error)ΒΆ

undo: Revision ID to undo. For sake of argument, let's assume I were to work out how to add an exemption to the API that omits login requirement for token access to watchlist. TCiencia_Al_Poder added a project: MediaWiki-API.Mar 27 2015, 4:38 PMAnomie added a subscriber: Anomie.Mar 27 2015, 4:53 PMComment Actions In T76528#1156919, @Tenbergen wrote: For sake of argument, let's assume I were to Regarding coming up with a fix, I think this might be first a philosophical problem and only second a technical one.

nkrabben commented Feb 24, 2015 The way content visibility has been controlled is setting $wgGroupPermissions['*' ]['read'] = false; and then creating a whitelist $wgWhitelistRead = array(...) I wouldn't be surprised if By default, all forge module API's will always make a request to the user for any permissions they need when called. Omit to act on the entire page. This module is implemented by ApiEditPage.php. -- Alex (wikipedia:en:User:Mr.Z-man) _______________________________________________ Mediawiki-api mailing list [email protected] Next Message by Date: Re: [Mediawiki-api] Received message "You need read permission to use this module" 2009/7/15 Fabio Junior Sabai : It's not currently possible to query the contents of whitelisted pages without logging in, even though they're available in the regular user interface. rabin-io commented Jul 17, 2016 • edited This is what i came be doing some googleing - readapidenied error? As the message says, that only applies if Collection uses JSON callbacks.

I set my wiki site > to prevent anonymous reading and editing and configured Extension::LDAP > to authenticate through my Active Directory. Possible values: text/x-wiki (wikitext), text/javascript (javascript), text/css (css), text/plain (plain text), application/json (json). 1.21+ contentmodel: Content model of the new content. prependtext: Add this text to the beginning of the page. Thanks!

Thank you for using the extension! This module only accepts POST requests. nkrabben closed this Feb 25, 2015 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Overrides text.

redirect-appendonly You have attempted to edit using the "redirect"-following mode, which must be used in conjuction with section=new, prependtext, or appendtext. Possible values: wikitext, javascript, css, text and json. pageid Page ID of the page to edit. Owner tosher commented Jul 17, 2016 As i know, in older versions of the Mediawiki core, reading for all was permitted by default.

If I'm right, then that's a bug in either mwlib or the Collection extension. I didn't even know what to ask in their forum, though, so thanks for the terms. Any comments welcome!Tenbergen added a comment.Oct 2 2015, 7:53 PMComment ActionsSm8ps, I tested this a while ago and it works great. If not set, just undo one revision.

Since mwlib is in Python, I highly doubt that. Cannot be used together with title. 1.20+ section: Section number. 0 for the top section, 'new' for a new section. Overrides text. The user logs into that MediaWiki site, the browser sends back a cookie containing session information 3.

Reload to refresh your session. As the message says, that only applies if Collection uses JSON callbacks.