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OpenBoot 2.x Command Reference Manual, 802-3241. The diagnostic information logged on the platform and domain are similar, but the domain log provides additional information on the domain hardware error. During the auto-restoration process, POST reviews the component health status of FRUs that were updated by the AD engine. true - Service mode.

vivek on July 15th, 2011 Many thnks for quick reference , i hope i can also start doing this sharing. The AD engine analyzes the hardware error and determines which field-replaceable units (FRUs) are associated with the hardware error. Loading: /platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200/ufsboot Loading: /platform/sun4v/ufsboot SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_127111-05 64-bit Copyright 1983-2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. so removing the "/devices" from the path (since that's just a Solaris name space) and the trailing "a" gives us the following…. /[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected],0 /[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected],0 (Side note… the "a" stands for slice

false - Diagnostics are executed upon next system reset, but only for those class of reset events specified by the OpenBoot configuration variable diag-trigger. For domain diagnosis events, the diagnosis engine is the Solaris operating environment (SF-SOLARIS-DE) and the version of the diagnosis engine is the version of the Solaris operating environment in use. The file just loaded does not appear to be executable. {0} ok SC Alert: SC Login Failure for user Please login: Pl. {0} ok Thanks and Regards Mayank jo on February or the names of contributors ␊ 21\ may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software ␊ 22\ without specific prior written permission. ␊ 23\ ␊ 24\ This

On platforms supporting this variable, it replaces the watchdog-reboot?, watchdog-sync?, redmode-reboot?, redmode-sync?, sir-sync?, and xir-sync? diag-trigger replaces and consolidates the functions of post-trigger and obdiag-trigger. Done Initializing boot memory.. Defaults to false.

Boot Time Estimates for Typical Configurations The following are three typical configurations and the approximate boot time you can expect for each: Small configuration (2 CPUs and 2 Gbytes of memory) ok help Enter 'help command-name' or 'help category-name' for more help. (Use ONLY the first word of a category-name or category description) Examples: help select or help line Main categories are: When set to off, POST is not called. false - Diagnostics are disabled.

Devices omitted from the pci0-probe-list are not probed. false - System remains at the ok prompt until you type boot. You saved me a lot of time and this was exactly what I was looking for. Only init(1M) run-level initializa- tion scripts should use this option.

Note - The standard (default) configuration is recommended for improved fault isolation and system restoration, and for increased system availability. Initiating automatic restoration for this domain. Reviewing Component Status You can obtain additional information about components that have been deconfigured as part of the auto-diagnosis process or disabled for Ethernet address 8:0:20:c6:12:44, Host ID: 80c61244. is true.

However, for systems that do not have SC V2s, the showerrorbuffer command displays the contents of the system error buffer and displays error messages that otherwise might be lost when your Defaults to true. He is also certified in C and C++. SBus Specification B.0, 800-5922-10.

adnan on May 18th, 2016 sir need urgent help since my t4-4 server does not have any cd rom attach i need to install solaris 11.3 version of os into this ok show-pci-configs /[email protected],4000 Use the show-pci-configs-all command to show configuration space registers for all PCI devices on all PCI busses. diag-device Diagnostic boot source device. diag-script Determines which devices are tested by OpenBoot Diagnostics.

FRU-List-Count - The number of components (FRUs) involved with the error and the following FRU data: If a single component is implicated, the FRU part number, serial number, and location are Degraded status indicates that certain components on the boards have failed or are disabled, but there are still usable parts on the board. See About the New Standard (Default) Configuration. Defaults to true.

error-reset-recovery - New default value is sync. platform-name is the name of the platform implementation and can be found using the -i option of uname(1). NVRAM variable is used to allow the system to attempt to boot if POST fails and auto-boot? Reviewing Component Status You can obtain additional information about components that have been deconfigured as part of the auto-diagnosis process or disabled for other reasons by reviewing the following items: The

ok setenv env-monitor advise (overtime warning) ok setenv env-monitor enabled (overtime warning, shut down power) ok setenv env-monitor disabled (env-monitor is off) The asr-enable and asr-disable commands enable and disable system Covers new features of Solaris such as NIS/NIS+ (Network Information Service) and support for IPv6. true ok cd /sbus/sunw,tcx ok screen select-dev ok r1280x1024x135 set-resolution PCI System Commands The following user query and control commands (forth words) are available on PCI based systems. Note: diag-passes applies only to systems with firmware that contains OpenBoot Diagnostics and has no effect outside the OpenBoot Diagnostics menu.

Domain Diagnosis Events Starting with the 5.15.3 release, certain non-fatal domain hardware errors are identified by the Solaris operating environment and reported to the system controller. Defaults to 9600,8,n,1,-. The diagnostic-related information is provided in the Status column for a component. The mfg-options NVRAM variable is a decimal value that sets up the system as a Workstation or a Server.

Initiating automatic restoration for this domain. Jan 22 14:59:23 schostname Domain-A.SC: Using default hang-policy (RESET). Defaults to 31204567, which means that unit 0 maps to target 3, unit 1 maps to target 1, and so on. Enterprise 250 The upa-port-skip-list NVRAM variable is used to skip probing of UPA ports.

NVRAM CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS Not all OpenBoot systems support all parameters. min - Notice, error, warning, and fatal messages are displayed on the system console. Specify true to invoke OpenBoot PROM's sync word after a software-initiated reset (SIR) trap. CODE EXAMPLE 7-1 Example of Auto-Diagnosis Event Message Displayed on the Platform Console Jan 23 20:47:11 schostname Platform.SC: ErrorMonitor: Domain A has a SYSTEM ERROR . . . [AD] Event: SF3800.ASIC.SDC.PAR_SGL_ERR.60111010

Defaults to false. (Sun Enterprise 10000 only.) sbus-probe-list Designate which SBus slots are probed and in what order. Open Boot PROM Toolkit User's Guide, 800-5279-10. local-mac-address? false - Restores output to the local console.

See the output in the "Default Value" column of the printenv com- mand, as entered at the ok (OpenBoot) prompt, to determine the default for your system. SPARCstation 4 Frame Buffer Resolution The following methods are available for changing the SS4 tcx frame buffer resolution: ok setenv fcode-debug? Defaults to off. error-reset - Reset that is caused by certain hardware error events such as RED State Exception Reset, Watchdog Resets, Software-Instruction Reset, or Hardware Fatal Reset.

ADInfo - The version of the auto-diagnosis message, the name of the diagnosis engine (SCAPP or SF-SOLARIS_DE), and the auto-diagnosis engine version. Note - If you do not use the default settings, the domain restoration features will not function as described in Diagnosis and Domain Restoration Overview.