forte agent error when retrieving marked messages Provencal Louisiana

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forte agent error when retrieving marked messages Provencal, Louisiana

A rather complete listing of Winsock errors, and what they mean, can be found at: [3-1-5] Why won't [Free]Agent or Dial-Up Networking remember my dial-up password? Now it wants to add abookmark. "S" = Bookmark Message??? Please try either of the following fixes: Locate the folder that contains agent.exe. In the Message menu, select Delete Message Body.

In particular you'll see the full path name of the directory that contains the files. Because of various performance and RAM limitations, we recommend that you keep the number of messages in a folder below 1 million. Move your Agent data to the data directory. Here are the workarounds:Tell (Free) Agent to retrieve a smaller number of messages.

Copy your existing data to the new location. Learn More Go here for All Release Notes. This screws up the "highest message retrieved" concept. Otherwise they will not.I have a filter that watches any thread that I post to.

To fix the problem you need to do two things. Set this option to 0 to force Agent to create files with only 512-byte blocks. Only a single dialog is displayed and it is updated each time Agent receives new email. What if RAR or Split files need to be repaired?

Agent restarts where you left off, saving time and disk space. The settingat (2) overrides (1), and the setting at (3) overrides both (1) and (2).If you are subscribed to any binary groups, then I do not recommendturning this on at (1). Can't find any thing to fix this in help or faq.Another one is selecting a msg and right clicking and pressing "S" nolonger retrieves and saves an attachment. If the content-type (real or assumed) matches a line of the MIME table but #2 doesn't apply, the program associated in Windows with the .ext of the attachment (if any) will

How do I suppress the header details when I'm reading a message? Optional: To reduce the size of the data files, before you back up your data you may want to purge, then compact your folders. So it barely qualifies as a workaround other than to get yourfoot in the door for what is coming in the future. Please change your server settings as follows: (These details are for Agent.

Server Failover for Get Body Tasks While getting Usenet bodies from a newsgroup Agent, as always, will honor the access plan specified for that group.  Agent 6.0 adds a new access If you had set the type "application/octet-stream" or any of the other default types that cannot be deleted, clear the Application and Extensions fields. MegaJoining: Collapse binary archives together into a single header. You can also right-click on the message and select Delete Body from the menu that pops up.

Identify and view poster-created sample files. To set up multiple copies of Agent, you don't need to install multiple copies of agent.exe and its associated files. What can I do? Although it could easily take me 5 to10 minutes if a few things make me stop my scrolling to check them out.Efficient binary users don't actually "read" headers, certainly not one

Also, if a server fails repeatedly and Agent reaches the maximum allowed retry period (specified on the Task Settings panel of the Options dialog, with a default of one day), Agent If you read 11,000,000 headers at one per second,that would be over four months. Agent will download and then launch the preview. I didn't type those! [3-5] Retrieval [3-5-1] I am getting an "operation timed out" error when retrieving my list of groups. [3-5-2] What are these little red Xs next to my

It has stopped doing that, and I can't find the settings. What are 'Personas' and how would I use them? This could cause the server to reject email sent from Agent. Folder names with leading spaces were being removed from the copy-to / move-to menus.

Do not post files there. Some RAR archives cannot be decoded without a password. When I get headers, Agent now says "Retrieving list of available headers". And if you are combining twoservers, one of the main reason to use NBP, you could be limited to only3.5 million headers!?

The MIME quoted printable option can be configured separately for each language you have configured in Agent. You also get limited direct email support. (see [5-1-3]) [2-2] Where can I get [Free]Agent? I want to be able to access the netscape newsgroups. [3-9] Operating System specific [3-9-1] OS/2 [3-9-2] Windows [3-9-2-1] Can I use [Free]Agent 32-bit under Windows 3.1 with Win32s? Make your changes and click OK to save them.

Press CTRL+R; it's a toggle, the current state of which is shown by the presence or absence of a checkmark against the Display as Raw Message command on the View menu. By default when all elements have been downloaded and the archive decoded, the FILES folder and all element files are deleted, leaving the final binary file in the folder specified in In older versions of Windows it was in c:\program files\agent. Only Netscape and Microsoft News can currently connect to secnews servers.

And don'ttell me you use filters and searches, well DUH! What's wrong? [3-1-2] I'm using [Free]Agent 32-bit with Win95/98 and keep getting "#10047 WSAEFNOSUPPORT" error when I try to connect. [3-1-3] How can I force [Free]Agent to connect to two news After all, it isn't likethe group gets 11 million headers a day. Is 'subject: (A or B or C)' more efficient than three separate filters?

You can change the parameters at any time, but once a folder has been updated to the new format, it will stay that way until you empty it of all messages. This is controlled by the agent.ini parameter [Online]MaxBGThreads. This bug, although annoying, is not insurmountable. Right-click your Agent desktop icon, select Properties and look at the Target field.

Can I import an address book into Agent? If using Agent, Options | User and System Profile | System, check the box titled "Server creates messages out of order." If using Free Agent, Group | Default Properties | Retrieving,