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formail error Pointe A La Hache, Louisiana

Here at least you can SEE what is wrong! I ran the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix utility, but nothing has changed.I followed the suggestion with regards to the browsers I've been using, but my main Yahoo mail page has never For instance, you now see every '.' being escaped with a '\', as '.' means ANY CHARACTER, whereas '\.' requires that it match ONLY a period. This means, for example, your pages can find out the user's browser by looking at that HTTP parameter.

Thompson Yezek at So if you wanted to also know what URL a user was submitting from, you could change @valid_ENV to: @valid_ENV = ('REMOTE_HOST','REMOTE_ADDR','REMOTE_USER', 'HTTP_USER_AGENT','HTTP_REFERER'); and then include HTTP_REFERER in your env_report form Once alerts are working, you can now move to the second configuration setting: $TARGET_EMAIL. $TARGET_EMAIL tells FormMail which email addresses are valid to send to. Features and Pricing Manager vs.

You can use the testalert feature to test alert messages (see the README file from the Configuration Wizard, or just "http://yourdomain/formmail.php?testalert=1"). But, both scripts will run frm the shell without errors, and they compare identically with scripts that I have running on other Westhost sites, so the only thing I can think By default, no config fields are printed to your e-mail. If you want to be able to return e-mail to your user, I strongly suggest that you include this form field and allow them to fill it in.

are included in the header of the message. However, if you want to configure it manually, read the information below (and also check out the FormMail Documentation). Why? Reply With Quote 09-28-2003,09:29 AM #5 JDE View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage Member Join Date May 2003 Location MD Posts 48 NMS Formail jalal, From my reading

FormMail provides the following levels of error handling (shown in increasing order of features): Default FormMail generates a standard page with little formatting. It looks for spammer activity and doesn't bother you with alerts. HTML Error Template You can create an HTML document that FormMail can use as a template for error pages. A number of FormMail users have ditched their hosting providers and found better ones when they've discovered the stupid restrictions on their servers.

Version1.301/21/96-Much needed update finally completed -Added form fields: env_report, bgcolor, background, link_color, vlink_color, title, text_color, return_link_title, return_link_title, and required. -Security hole, which allowed any user on any system to bum off In regular expressions, the ^ means "beginning of string". You're still welcome to contact us for support: Do not use DreamWeaver or FrontPage to configure FormMail, as some versions of these programs are known to corrupt PHP scripts.

Specify the URL to fmbadhandler.php in your form. As WJD noted, there were earlier postings on this topic and maybe they will help. The first involves a misconfiguration of the 'redirect' field and the second is placing the wrong URL as the 'action' of your tag. Your web site visitor receives a different error message depending on the class of error.

When you're testing you should enter fields that look real. Allowing certain characters could be VERY dangerous, especially if the characters are: %, <, >, (, ) or any newlines. One of the common faults is that you've installed FormMail and the sample form, preferably using the Configuration Wizard, and you get no errors but no email. Any subroutine creating its own page also has to produce the print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; line, else you wipe it out when the page refreshes.

INVALID: (using these in your form field 'recipient' will trigger error) user%[email protected], user(name), first:[email protected] ,, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Essentially, it only allows A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, - and . Below, you'll find the list of URL parameters FormMail adds to provide error information. Review the configuration setting in formmail.php called SCRATCH_PAD. Only recently, have I been able to have a chance to reactivate my account, but I've hit a bit of a snag.

During editing or upload of formmail.php you've damaged it. In order for an e-mail to be sent to the recipient defined in a form, the recipient e-mail address must match one of the elements in the @recipients array. This can be an HTML page or a CGI or PHP script. The end of this file has a history that will explain the various changes FormMail has made throughout its lifetime.

The following are my findings: The user IUSR and the group IIS_WPG require read and execute permissions to cmd.exe I don't know why this should be, as it strikes me as If you need a regular expression matching solution even more specific than the above examples explain, I recommend picking up a book on Perl. If FormMail cannot create a check file, then you need to contact your hosting provider to have the problem with the temporary directory solved. However some users have asked for this option so they can have these fields printed in the body of the message.

This is a HTML version of the README file distributed with FormMail. Click on the name of the one you are trying to submit through and you will be presented with an information page on that form processor. Syntax:For a active link color of Blue: Some possible uses of this script You want to have a form that will be mailed to you, but aren't sure BUT I NEED TO MATCH MORE CHARACTERS IN THE USERNAME!

This means the PHP script is corrupted and will not run. HTML Form Reset Buttons If your form includes a Reset button, your users will find that it doesn't work as you might expect once they return to the form.