fatal error unable to read 48576 bytes in Kenner Louisiana

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fatal error unable to read 48576 bytes in Kenner, Louisiana

Then you can trace/tkprof to tune appropriately. IZ75682 MQ running out of shared memory due to ipcc subpool leak. It's only few(3) users that complain and again that's when they do a specific function. IZ89705 In WebSphere MQ when a repository manager tries to generate an FDC with a corrupt buffer it causes the amqrrmfa to terminate.

This App is 85% and there are very minor web apps too. it was designed to do this before we "invented" the large pool in 8.0. IV05727 Activating a backup queue manager using "strmqm -a" may fail with error AMQ7017: log not available IV08585 WebSphere MQ jms: a nullpointerexception is thrown when attempting to create durable subscription Checkout and My Account pages return "This Connection is Untrusted" or similar errors.

can cause probe XC006001 FDC or hang command server. IC70957 A java.io.eofexception occurs when receiving message with WebSphere MQ. IY81353 AMQ8135 mqrc_not_authorized errors when manually starting or stopping auto-defined clussdr channels. Yes No Print this Article Also Read Error Message: "Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: db_mysql..." If you get an error similar to "Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: db_mysql in...

My conclusion is that these high sharable_mem sqls are not often getting space in reserved pool. To get some idea of how many chunks of what size are going into that 30MB you could try a query like: select alloc_class, function, chunk_com, chunk_size, count(*) from v$sql_shared_memory where Looking at the pga stats - all we can say is "something is writing to disk at some point" but you don't know what the people that complain are waiting on The connection pools on the WLS are 25 minimum and 100 maximum, so will have added more sessions to the database. 1) Why would one node experience such problems when the

Thanks, Kandy Train Followup March 17, 2007 - 4:00 pm UTC if you know the sid and serial numbers, they will be part of the tracefile name. Cart Help Hosting Domains Addons Account quick links HelpdeskOpen TicketSupport HistoryKnowledgebaseGetting StartedVideo TutorialsUser Forum Search Bluehost Web Hosting Help Fatal error: Unable to read X bytes in /home/user/public_html/myfile.php on line Y IZ11153 WebSphere MQ V6 may not always consider the mqmaxerrorlogsize environment variable when writing error log messages IZ11458 Dis qs uncom is not a boolean value IZ12149 Cleanup code mistakes socket Also if it helps some outputs for queries I found on oracle metalink regarding ora-04031 but do not understand myself.

Kandy Train Followup March 04, 2007 - 5:43 pm UTC you might be able to use cursor_sharing = similar or force but do NOT do this database wide, have a logon Because not every one is complaining out of 160 users(250 sessions). IY95508 Channel statistics getting collected at the end of the configured statint after having turned off the statchl attribute IY95513 Probe XC130004 FDC (sigbus or sigsegv) in xcsendgrent function. IZ12700 Very large FDC produced including an extremely large dump area entitled "active shared memory heap".

Not a good feeling when you can't do something when there is a problem... IZ88084 Probe ZS137002 FDC misleadingly reports no license installed forthe case where more than one license is installed. If I had source code that was 5-10m in size, i'd be wondering "why" (that's more code then the sum of all of the sizes of my .doc files that make Fix Pack (V6.0.2.10) (FP 03) Fix release date: 25 May 2011 Last modified: 25 May 2011 Status: Available Download information Back to Top APAR Description IC60535 Incorrect interpretation of values returned

It's advisable to change your FTP client to transfer files in binary mode and upload files again. In Chapter 14 when it explains about shared pool it says this "Allocation of memory from the shared pool is performed in chunks. Joe Followup May 03, 2007 - 5:35 pm UTC 1) un-balanced connections from the middle tier perhaps. 2) when you have bad hard parse issues (you either have them or not, IC54095 FDC with probe ID XC368002 and error 'winnt error 5 from duplicatehandle' is generated when a queue manager is ended.

asubscription with the same topic name returns no messages. And I could only look at v$sql when the system is slow for those people right?? Affiliates Forum Login We'll host it for free! Response..

AMQ9187, AMQ9190, AMQ9999 error messages. Oracle shall not be liable for any damages, including, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or data use, incurred by you or any third IZ86883 Deadlock if multiple threads access WebSphere MQ Java class object. Thanks.

IC53936 FDC with probe ID RM400001 and error code rrce_bad_parameter generated upon termination of a client channel. IY82889 When using cross domain connection factory definitions in was V6 the tcpip connection is not released during the cleanup. IY94369 A sigsegv can occur in function xtrestablishtracestatus when an application makes MQ c API calls using jni IY94451 Queue manager alias definitions with alteration date more than 1 month old IC52603 Amqrmppa thread calls mqback instead of xa_rollback in an XA environment IC52619 Executing stop connection leads to an access violation in the execution controller and the queue manager crashes.

Thanks. Copyright © 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. IC53540 Queue manager fails to start up and FDC with probe ID XY338011 is generated after amqzmgr.exe is terminated. IY90460 Amqrmppa process will not release threads causing high resource utilization.

IZ12795 Inquirechannel PCF command with channeltype parameter does not return complete channel details, only the channel description. Logon & Logoff trigger would mislead me as they never log off for days and there will be a huge SQL*Net message from client value for these sessions. There are some days I get both. IC81525 WebSphere MQ ping channel command fails with error AMQ9640 if sslpeer is specified on channel IC81583 WebSphere MQ cluster queues become invisible to other queue managers where multiple clusters are

IC69892 WebSphere MQ V6 queue manager fails to start with AMQ7880 error code 71 starting queue manager WMQ service. IC52632 Inquire queue status PCF command incomplete response IC52674 Error AMQ7017 occurs when trying to start a queue manager and anfdc is generated with probe ID ZX000001 IC52684 Channel compression from IZ09419 Improve AMQ9565 error message IZ09519 Improving queue manager's robustness when application is using non-unique groupid/msgseqnumber/offset/report-type combinations IZ09591 Endmqlsr fails with 'no WebSphere MQ listeners for queue manager' if listener launched IZ85895 In WebSphere MQ if there are multiple threads trying to locate a non-existent message on a large queue delays can occur.

sometimes we can sometimes we cannot but that is the goal that is what we are attempting to do.