failed set connection error code sms 2003 Gibsland Louisiana

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failed set connection error code sms 2003 Gibsland, Louisiana

These PC' s were able to connect to the SMS 2.0 Admin Console, but can not connect to the 2003 console. The reason of failure was [ERR]. Do you still with to use this SiteServer (the console will populate correctly when connectivity isestablished)?" with a Yes or No choice.If I select Yes, I eventually end up back at For more information, please visit

Database connection failure Problem SEP sesam cannot connect to the database. Network : \\DECHSMS1\root\sms [1098][Tue 01/10/2006 09:21:23]:Error(ConnectServer): Possible UI connection error code is -2147024891 [0x80070005] I am sure that I have missed something on these PC' s. This error occurs when one or more writers required for backup are missing or not available. The entry for the computer in sm java.policy is missing.

Type your templates manually. No outgoing route found. VMware vStorage API Version and previous Single item restore of migrated save sets does not work with version Problem Single item restore of migrated save sets does not work It may have been deleted, because previous part was not accepted.

errorcode: -2147217394The SMS server is running on Windows Server 2003 SP1, the SQL 2000server is running Windows 2000 SP4.Thanks in advance for the help! Thank you very much...this was quite odd, I doubled checked the other PC' s and of course that was checked off. Pattern: sbc_vadp -D -a username=,password=,url=https:///sdk,ignorecert=ignorecert "/VMware vSphere:" For example: sbc_vadp -D -a username=Administrator,password=mypassword,url=https://ws2008x64/sdk,ignorecert=ignorecert "/VMware vSphere:" It should then be listed in the configured VMware Data Center. Message: '[MSG]' 3531INFO_USER_SQL_SELECT_MESSAGESFOUNDOutgoing message found in database (database id: [DBID]). [MSG] 3532INFO_USER_SQL_UPDATEMessage [EVENT].

Listening on URL: [URL] 3410INFO_DRIVER_HTTPSERVER_MESSAGESAVEDTOOUTBOXMessage [MSGID] saved to outbox file [FILENAME]. 3500INFO_USER_BASE 3501INFO_USER_CONNECTEDUser enabled. 3502INFO_USER_DISCONNECTEDUser disabled. 3510INFO_USER_MESSAGE_INCOMINGIncoming message for user '[USER]'. [ENVSTR] 3511INFO_USER_MESSAGE_SENDINGMessage accepted for delivery from user '[USER]'. [ENVSTR] 3512INFO_USER_MESSAGE_SENTMessage When the same save_set_id is found, SEP sesam returns duplicate key error. ⇒ Solution When running sbttest, make sure that the backup_file_name argument is set to a different value for each Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange backup fails with VSS API error due to missing Microsoft Exchange VSS writer Problem When backing up Exchange, the backup fails because the Microsoft Exchange VSS writer See for further information. "Error: VM Exception: [HostCommunication]." Problem A VADP backup ends with the error message "Error: VM Exception: [HostCommunication].".

Graphical User Interface (GUI) problems GUI Server not accessible Problem SEP sesam cannot access the GUI Server. Message 0XFFFEFFCC) "Could not write an object to NDS or write to a stream", or (0XFFFEFFB1) "Connection to remote host is lost. This hotfix may receive additional testing. Response was: [RESPONSE] 1418ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_CANNOTREADMODEMLISTCannot read list of modems. [MSG] 1419ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_USSD_NOTSUPPORTEDCannot initiate USSD request.

During the backup, the following warning appears for several or all Notes databases: sbc-2076: Warning: Item [D:\notus03data\mailboxes\mail1\cruoff.nsf] is not logged. Check if this is correct or not. The GetObject function parses the Uiconnections.ini file, logs the error in the Adminui.log file, and then tries to reconnect to the SMS 2.0 site server. To remove file system features: [email protected]#: debugfs -w /dev/sda2 debugfs: features -resize_inode -ext_attr -dir_index -large_file -needs_recovery -sparse_super Filesystem features: has_journal filetype quit After removing the options, the system should boot correctly.

To enable Microsoft Exchange VSS writer, on the Exchange server open and edit the registry with the following key value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem\ "Disable Exchange Writer" DWORD=0 If the key already exists with Diagnose and correct additional errors, and retry the operation.] DB Module: [DB-Library: File 'sesam_db_log' cannot be restored to 'c:/temp/sesam_log.ldf'. The refresh is explicitely allowed in sm_java.policy with entry permission "getPolicy";. VIX_E_FILE Problem You receive one of the following warnings: VIX_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND: VIX_E_FILE_ACCESS_ERROR: You do not have access rights to this file: Thin/TBZ/Sparse disks cannot be opened in multi writer mode.

Check the connection with the corresponding SEP sesam access program (CTRL/SSH). Incorrect login or password Problem During backup, the message "Login incorrect. If a VSS writer is missing, all backups that use that writer to perform VSS snapshots will fail. Before contacting support Before contacting SEP sesam support, make sure that you have exhausted any options that might enable you to solve the problem by yourself.

It is not necessary to restart the GUI Server after making changes to the sm_java.policy. Sesam Error: Client returns no data Problem Th following error message appears in /var/log/messages on OES Linux client: nds_nss_GetGroupsbyMember: failed to init socket, status = 0 nds_nss_GetPwdbyName: init sock returned 0 RegLoadKey()..." during System_State backup mean? No response received from SMSC while sending message [MSG].

Changing the inode size is only possible by reformatting the devices. Possible causes The /etc/fstab file was configured with the root file system as UUID. ⇒ Solution Specify the root file system device name in conventional device names if you are using Sources - \Microsoft Exchange Writer] sbc-3052: Info: Items processed correctly: [0]. For example, this happens during the restore of SLES8 based systems which use an inode size of 128k. ⇒ Solution This can only be solved by formatting the devices manually from

Under the Options from the Verbose level drop-down list, select the desired log level for your restore. The RMAN file name is too long Problem You receive the warning: ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name="full_COMP1_1953897796_55938_1.bck", parms="" Possible causes The file name of the backup set created by Network problems Network check Problem Network connection is not working. ⇒ Solution Perform the network check. TRANSIENT or PERMANENT NEGATIVE reply: 553 STOR Failed. 1037: Writing data block on tape failed (23): Data error (cyclic redundancy check). 1039: Writing of Saveset Trailer failed.

Typically, only local group administrators have permission to read or write an object's SACL, which is controlled by the privilege or user right (SeSecurityPrivilege). ⇒ Solution Assign the user to the Go through the Common problems you can solve by yourself checklist above. Upgrade to SEP sesam version ≥ 4.4.2 to be able to restore vSphere 6. On these 2 it was not - I do not know why this would have changed unless one of the MS " fixes" decided to turn this off.

Reason: [MSG] 1540ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_REQUEST_INSUFFICIENT_CREDITSCannot reserve credits: Insufficient credits '[BALANCE]' but needed '[NEEDED]'. [ENVSTR] 1541ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_UPDATE_INSUFFICIENT_CREDITSCannot start operation: Insufficient credits ([BALANCE]). [ENVSTR] 1542ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDAccount for user '[USER]' not found. [ENVSTR] 1543ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_TRANSACTION_ADDCannot save transaction to file: Possible causes There is no browser installed on the system. Reason: '[REASON]' 1043ERROR_CONFIG_CANNOTREAD_FILECannot read configuration files. It does not start with a + sign.

Error: At least one snapshot exists before CBT was enabled, which is not possible Problem You receive the warning: "Error: At least one snapshot exists before CBT was enabled, which is If you cannot find a solution to your problem, report it to SEP sesam support. Microsoft SQL Server backup failure Problem Backup fails with the message "The server principal "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" is not able to access the database "" under the current security context." Possible causes Unknown user '[USERNAME]'. [LINENO] 1212ERROR_ROUTER_ROUTENAMENOTUNIQUECannot add route.

This problem affects SEP sesam as well as other backup tools, such as NTBackup. ⇒ Solution The following Microsoft article explains approaches for different versions of Microsoft Windows: During a restore STPD receives the data from the SMS Server and sends it to the client, which then restores the data to the target system. How to interpret SEP sesam's backup module's error messages? Do you have any other idea?

This makes it possible to copy the file to the Notes data directory structure. As a consequence, the count of characters of that string will increase. You have to connect to the service manually by clicking on the connect link. 2304WARN_DRIVER_SUBMITTING_EMPTYMESSAGEThe messagedata of the envelope is empty. 2310WARN_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_NOTCONFIGUREDSome mandatory parameters are empty on the configuration form. Some articles that I went through.

The device does not have a corresponding BIOS drive Problem During the restore, the following error occurs: /dev/sda1 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive Possible causes Check the file /boot/grub/ Show the file system features with debugfs: [email protected]#: debugfs -w /dev/sda2 debugfs 1.41.1 (01-Sep-2008) debugfs: features Filesystem features: has_journal ext_attr resize_inode dir_index filetype needs_recovery sparse_super large_file quit Replace /dev/sda2 with the errorcode: -2147217394The SMS server is running on Windows Server 2003 SP1, the SQL 2000 server isrunning Windows 2000 SP4.Thanks in advance for the help!