event viewer application error records Carville Louisiana

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event viewer application error records Carville, Louisiana

The Event Viewer has been a part of the Windows OS since the early days of Windows NT. Interestingly Event viewer is it’s not directly meant nor designed for Exchange server, its designed for Windows OS environment. Glenn April 7, 2011 9:53 AM Oh yea.... Leo July 2, 2004 2:36 PM It's *almost* impossible to tell.

Did redial but number withheld of course! However he told me he was a Certified Microsoft Technician, working for Microsoft USA, and that I should allow him access to my computer by typing in www.logmein.com. I get an INTERFACE IS UNKNOWN error. I just got the same scam call.

I cannot see an SNMP Trap Service. Such a terrible scammer and I hope he reads this and learns some English. I also asked him some info, he said his name was " Victor" and also can contact him at 19055811797 windows service center in Toronto. Thank you.

MSExchangeMU Events that are related to the metabase update service, a component that reads information from Active Directory and transposes it to the local IIS metabase. Using Event ID is just one way. Cynthia November 3, 2011 8:51 AM Today, I got a call from a female (with accent) stating that they were receiving errors from my computer and would like to help me By the way I had not been on the computer in about 5 days or so.

Send the log (.txt or .jpg) to us Windows Vista: Control Panel > Administrative tools > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application > Click the "Error" type event > Monitor these logs closely to track the types of transactions being conducted on your Exchange servers. In fact, a properly operating system might show error entries in the event logs. It's a relief.

EventID is a rich database of logged events. I figured it would connect to some malicious site so i didnt. You should periodically archive the logs or use automatic rollover to avoid running out of space. The numbers used are specific to the application that posted the event ...

Therefore, make sure that you review event logs daily. Handed me over to his boss who called himself Kevin when I asked, at the end of the day he wanted me to pay £99 a year for one computer or Sign In Not a member yet? Enter the Event ID number and the Source and the site’s search engine filters out the possible resolutions for the particular event.

carl November 23, 2007 10:23 PM The event log shows action 6006 (log off?) when I was out. Could they possibly be hidden or something. thanks expose13 May 30, 2011 5:04 PM ha, I just had a call from a similar (if not the same) person. Please try the request again.

tayo August 31, 2011 8:58 AM I had some indian sounding guy call me not too long ago, told me my system has been sending them some kind of alarming messages Had me look into my event viewer and count the numbers of errors and warnings I had. The chap got quite belligerent when I said that I did not want to give him access and because he would not stop keeping on I put the phone down on I.e: same story - same scam.

I would really have liked to tell him it was a Linux machine, just to get his reation (but I was actually using XP at the time). I have googled this for hours without finding anything. And in the 'event viewer' there are three events I can see, Application Security System But when I click on them I get the error I mention. They have been calling for weeks but I finally picked up today when I saw the number.

Is my ISP calling me to clear up my problems with Windows? 18-Feb-2011 Janine March 3, 2011 4:20 AM I had the same call (in Australia), 2 of them on consectutive Leo June 2, 2004 4:51 PM DO you mean nothing in the left hand or right hand pane? Someone else suggested it was Symantec's updater, and once I eliminated everything that smelled of Symantec on my system that log entry went away. This is where I hung up.

Asked me to scroll through one of the pages and tell her if there were any red or yellow icons with warning beside them. Non members can search using basic search. Just opened the event viewer and they obviously know the number I connect to the internet with. Make sure that the startup type is set to "Automatic".

Thanks Leo! In the Category list, select a specific set of events or, to view all events for the SMTP service, leave the default setting at All.