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error-stop failed scstat Archibald, Louisiana

In particular, the Resource_dependencies property specifies something on which the resource is dependent. The cluster show command displays the cluster configuration in a nicely-formatted report. Each cluster needs at least two separate private networks. (Supported hardware, such as ce and bge may use tagged VLANs to run private and public networks on the same physical connection.) Now you can switch the resource group to the ONLINE state.

SMF services can be integrated into the cluster, and all framework daemons are defined as SMF services PCI and SBus based systems cannot be mixed in the same cluster. Disk quorum devices must be specified using the DID names. Seguir estos Articulos por email Paises Visitantes Unico Blog de Solaris en Español recomendado por Oracle Comunidad Tecnológica de Oracle en Latinoamérica Oracle ACES From the OTN Systems Community Seguidores Archivo Failover resource groups allow groups of services to be started on a node together if the active node fails.

Problem here was that the monitor-process was still running on "node-1" To find and kill it: # pmfadm -L Prevent it from Go to Solution 1 Comment LVL 6 Overall: The r_properties man page contains a list of resource properties and their meanings. How to Clear the STOP_FAILED Error Flag on Resources To complete this procedure, you must supply the following information: The name of the node where the resource is STOP_FAILED The name See the r_properties(5) man page for a description of the resource properties.

I will close this question due to no answers. clrg set -p property-name rgname: Set a property. clrg show -v rgname: Show resource group information. NetApp filers and systems running the scqsd daemon may also be selected as quorum devices.

The claccess deny-all command may be used to deny all other nodes access to the cluster. The clsetup "Device Groups" menu contains items to register a VxVM disk group, unregister a device group, or synchronize volume information for a disk group. clrg restart rgname clrs disable resource-name: Disable a resource and its fault monitor. Is it possible?

Resource groups may either be failover or scalable resource groups. Later in this section, we will discuss ways of circumventing this protection. In that case, boot one of the other nodes to single-user mode, identify the quorum device, and: For SCSI 2 disk reservations, the relevant command is pgre, which is located in It should now be OFFLINE or ONLINE. # scstat -g If the resource group remains in the ERROR_STOP_FAILED state, as shown by scstat -g, take the resource group offline on those

All is default option) [node] [node:all] [node:/dev/dis/rdsk/d-] -u (unmonitor a disk path. A quorum device may be a cluster node, a specified external server running quorum software, or a disk or NAS device. Where possible, it is best to use full rather than sparse zones. They should be spread across controllers and disks to the degree possible.

The "faulted" in scstat -g will go away next time I switch. clrt unregister resource-type: Unregister a resource type. The clsetup command also has menu options to guide you through the private network setup process. To specify a non-global zone as a node, use the form nodename:zonename or specify -n nodename -z zonename Additional Reading Solaris Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning Home Page Sun Cluster Command Cheat

clrs status -g rgname Data Services A data service agent is a set of components that allow a data service to be monitored and fail over within the cluster. Perform this procedure from any cluster node. Quorum Sun Cluster uses a quorum voting system to prevent split-brain and cluster amnesia. Creating a new shared diskset involves the following steps: (Create an empty diskset.) metaset -s set-name -a -h node1-name node2-name (Create a mediator.) metaset -s set-name -a -m node1-name node2-name (Add

If exactly 50% of the replicas are available, the diskset will continue to operate, but will not be able to be enabled or switched on another node. Quorum devices can be manipulated through the following commands: clq add did-device-name clq remove did-device-name: (Only removes the device from the quorum configuration. These will always be added to slice 7, where they need to remain. Join our community for more solutions or to ask questions.

Featured Post How your wiki can always stay up-to-date Promoted by Quip, Inc Quip doubles as a “living” wiki and a project management tool that evolves with your organization. Each vxio number in /etc/name_to_major must also be the same on each node. We can also re-synchronize with the cldg sync dgname command. Sacar estado STOP_FAILED ( sun cluster 3.0 ) Solaris Volume Manager Mirror boot con Solaris Volume Manager IPC en Solaris 10 Agregar Raw Devices al Sun Cluster 3.2 con Oracle ...

Cambio IP Solaris 10 Procesos que consumen mas Memoria Configurar Syslog remoto Habilitar X en Suse Agrandar un fs con SVM que esta dentro de un Disk ... Doing this may lead to a locked-up cluster due to data fencing. Alternatively, run a mount -o global... Install and configure Sun Cluster.

No vfstab entries are required, since that information is contained in the zpools. In order to add nodes to a 2-node cluster, it may be necessary to change the default fencing with scdidadm -G prefer3 or cluster set -p global_fencing=prefer3, create a SCSI-3 quorum The resource that failed to stop had a dependency on other resources in the resource group. A global device is physically accessed by just one node at a time, but all other nodes may access the device by communicating across the global transport network.

Regards 0 Write Comment First Name Please enter a first name Last Name Please enter a last name Email We will never share this with anyone. Some useful options for scdidadm are: scdidadm -l: Show local DIDs scdidadm -L: Show all cluster DIDs scdidadm -r: Rebuild DIDs We should also clean up unused links from time to Tight integration with zones.