fatal opc connection error Latonia Kentucky

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fatal opc connection error Latonia, Kentucky

PLEASE HELP! Then try to establish communication again. The OPC server can be accessible and started only if some user is interactively logged on to computer with OPC server. The protocol supports the configuration of tab Destination of I/O tag.

Description: Fatal error - the OPC group did not managed to create by calling the AddGroup function of the OPC interface IOPCServer. IndexRecent TopicsSearch Welcome, Guest Username: Password: Remember me Forgot your password? OPC HDA functions not to be activate use empty text. - OPC HDA: Max. Either one will work.

This function is provided through the DCOM server OPCENUM on the server computer.

Access the server-specific settings for opcenum Verify: Authentication level = none Select the Identity tab Here, you will One, Called "SCADA", which has several working OPC servers on it, and the other computer called "Develop" on the same Local area network as "SCADA". Webdesign: Agionet Plzen. You can rebuild the KnownServers table by doing the following: Run \pipc\PISDK\AboutPI-SDK.exe.

DCOM Logging Before adjusting DCOM settings, you may want to turn on DCOM debugging to get specific information on the exact DCOM error that is occurring. This could be because either the remote object does not exist or the remote object did not respond. See the OPC interface manual for more details. Proceed as follows: Copy the OPC server (from the computer where has been installed) into an auxiliary directory on the client side (computer).

Find the required user and if is not in the list, add him/her into.. If the value of OPC item is of Array type, the communication protocol copies the values of array from the item ArrayIndex into column of structured variable. David Perotti Attachments: SCADAOvert...ture.JPG (71KB) Last Edit: 17 Jun 2013 20:00 by davejp21. sec 120 Reconnect/reinitialization delay Timeout, which delays the repeat of failed operation:

creation of AddGroup, creation of AddItems (see the parameter of SA protocol), repeated connection to OPC Server after it

YES/NO NO Prefer Synchronous Write Allows to write data into OPC Server only by synchronous interface IOPCSyncIO2. OPC FOUNDATION, OPC Common Definitions and Interfaces, Version 1.0, October 27, 1998. Default value of this parameter is 0.0. Restart the DCOM program, and then examine the System log and the Application log for DCOM errors (Event Viewer).  The error messages in the Windows event log contain information that you

Error: AddItems - FAILED (Group not connected), Item : 'OPCItemID' ! So to review. Note the names of all the connected servers. Connection problems solved?

OPC Server: Name (ProgID) of the OPC server (maximum string: 50 characters). This has all been verified to be true and correct as I have explained it here. It is recommended to use only in detection of the problems and debugging. Description: Fatal error - SetEnable function call of the OPC interface IOPCAsyncIO2 failed.

Email: 3114OSI8 - Getting Error: 80070005 (Access is denied) Product: PI OPC DA HDA Server / PI Interface for OPC DA Version(s): N/A Platform: Windows Issue Getting Error "80070005 (Access Check the PC with installed OPC server (if it is running and is correctly connected to the local network). s r. Many thanks The administrator has disabled public write access.

Right-click the Ole value, point to New, and then click DWORD Value. 4. None, FA,FB,FC,FD,FE,FF, FG,FH,FI,FJ,FK,FL, FM,FN,FO,FP None I/O tag configuration Possible I/O tag types: Ai, Ao, Ci, Co, Di, Qi, Dout, TiA, ToA, TiR, ToR, TxtI, TxtO. Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-780-784-4444 Sign in Home About About OPCTI OPC Technology Partners OPC Foundation Careers Training Training Schedule Course Abstracts COP Designation On-Site Training Webinar Schedule Resource Center OPC COM/OPC error reports The error report described in the section Errors and problems are generated on a high level of OPC client.

It is transferred as parameter pRequestedUpdateRate of SetState call of OPC interface IOPCGroupStateMgt. None, FA,FB,FC,FD,FE,FF, FG,FH,FI,FJ,FK,FL, FM,FN,FO,FP None Map SensorCal as flag Mapping the OPC DA flag of quality Sensor Cal into the attributes of I/O tag value. Select Edit > Add Server. With OPC, often these errors are related to permissions problems.

OPCTI is an active member and a strong supporter of the OPC Foundation. If you need any assistance, you can either email, or call us at one of our office locations. Different domains: if the Client computer and Server computer are located on different domains, you can you can follow the instructions below for "non-authenticated users" or, preferably, create "authenticated users" across See KB article 4164-615 for more information on the port/firewall configuration requirements.

What I am trying to establish is if there is a different between the clients, or not. So I went back to the remote computer. Watch logs in the Event Viewer. Hopefully your OPC Server connection issues have been resolved. Don't forget about our free OPC Test Tool and other Exele Software products.